Friday, March 29

Aveeno is throwing a twitter party...and you're invited

I always have fun at these...and hope you can come and hang out with us as we chat all things beauty and skincare.  I along with some most fabulous ladies will be hosting the twitter party and introducing you (if you aren't in love already) to their Aveeno Active Naturals skin care line. 

I've gotten a chance to try all these products myself and can't wait to share my thoughts and answer any questions while we talk all things Aveeno.

Some of my favorites:

I wear this daily. It blends away my imperfections and protects my skin from the sun.  It's a must if you live in sunny weather. I'm pretty happy with being able to moisturize, add a little color and protect my skin from the sun all at the same time. It's a time saver...something that is always appreciated. 

Call me lazy but I love me some cleansing pads. I really dislike the clean my makeup off wash my face dry my face routine... I usually leave that for the shower. These pads are soap-free, oil-free and hypoallergenic, they are good at removing the oil, dirt and makeup after a night at work or a day running around after the kids yet still sensitive enough for my skin. Another time saver!!

This oatmeal based lotion always leaves my skin soft. Audrey and I both suffer from eczema (mine gets really bad when I'm stressed) and this really helps with the itchiness and dryness. I also love using it at work after all the frequent hand washing I do. 

Are you using Aveeno? We would love to hear about your experience!

Make sure to follow the hosts @chicanol @clubdelasdiosas @mamaholistica @mejoramihogar @mom2miahaudrey and @naturalmentmama along with moderators @LBConnect and @laflowers

Three winners will win a $150 prize pack filled with Aveeno products and a gift card!

Can't wait to see you at #AveenoActiveNaturals twitter party,  
Marcela xoxoxo

on three

It's been awhile. Sorry friends. It seems loving on three hasn't left me with a lot of extra time.

Baby Frank is seven months old. I am absolutely in love with him. His smile. His laugh. His big stretches in the morning when I unwrap him from his swaddle. I feel so needed and loved by him.

He has recently discovered how to clap his hands. It's my favorite.
And has also discovered that he really dislikes being left alone to play or not being carried.

I might as well call Jeremiah a teenager because it's just a few more months before he turns thirteen. He sure is acting like one. (: He sleeps more and eats more and is taller than I am. He is still trying to find his balance between friendships, social life, school work and responsibilities and I'm still finding the best way I can be there for him through all of this, give him the privacy he needs and still shower him with love. He is kind, so helpful and I am so proud to call him my son. 

Audrey started preschool this year. She loves all the friends she's made. Loves the projects, and the art and everything she is learning. She's become quite the dictionary and is excited to tell us about the new word of the day she has learned at school. She's also learned all the continents and makes sure she lets everyone know. 
She enjoys dressing herself and picking out her outfits and if I let her will pick out the frilliest, most pink, and glittery outfit she can find every time. 
She's good at driving me crazy. She's a go get it, won't take no for an answer type of person... I love it and dislike it all at the same time. As divalicious as she is sometimes she is perfect. A sweet and darling friend. My favorite lunch date and shopping partner. 

Juggling three is tough. They are all in such different stages of their lives and most days I'm not very good at finding the time, energy and patience each of them needs. I'm a work in progress...all I can promise to be good at is love them no matter what. 


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