Tuesday, March 13

taken over

Just ten more minutes in bed....
 before I need to get up and pick Jeremiah from school, get Audrey from the sitter, get milk from the store...
In the car Jeremiah tells me about how there was a fire drill, and how they missed math because of it, how missing math was cool, and what the prettiest girl at school said. 

We pick up Audrey. 

And I remember I have a doctors appointment in about 45 minutes. I let the kids know the they are coming with me.

Jeremiah moans.

Audrey wants to know who is sick???. And I let her know that no one is sick and that we need to go check on baby. 

I stop at the store to get milk and dinner from the deli. 
Jeremiah moans.

I shut both kids up with chicken strips. We get back in the car and I put music on. And now we are late for our appointment. 

We all sit in the waiting room, with chicken on our fingers. The nurse calls me in and the kids want to stay in the waiting room, the tv is on, they can eat there (I think), and there is a whole lot of toys for Audrey to play with. Toys touched by millions of little fingers before us. 

I'm sitting in the patient room waiting for doctor. Kip and I text each other back and forth. 

I'm at the doctors. I left the kids in the waiting room. A little worried about what they'll do out there.

 Don't worry I'm sure they've take over by now (:

The doctor comes in and I tell her about how Kip thinks the kids have taken over the waiting room. 

She laughs (but she's probably really worried). 

I hear the baby's heartbeat. Take a moment to just take this in. It's the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. 

I rush on out, thank and apologize to the receptionist for any havoc we might have caused. 
She tells me the kids were fine, no trouble at all. 

Audrey runs to me "where's the baby, did you get the baby?"

We walk towards the elevator and Jeremiah says, "the lady at the desk lied, we ran around and threw a party in there!" with a huge grin on his face. 

Somehow, I believe him

Monday, March 5

fried yucca

I am feeling a whole lot better. I still get a couple nausea episodes during the day... like when I leave work in the mornings and walk into the parking lot.  I'm not sure if it's a smell or that it's morning ... whatever it first couple minutes after getting in the car are usually spent gagging. 

I'm definitely starting to show (belly pictures soon) but not enough to wear maternity clothes so everything is feeling snug these days. 

We took the kids to Disneyland and California Adventure recently and had so much fun together. We all played hookie one day from work and school and spent the day getting on rides eating yummy pickles...Disneyland has the BEST pickles!

Iv'e been on this Salvadoran childhood food crave over the last month. I'm not sure why but all the foods I didn't pay much attention to as a child are exactly what make me feel good these days. 
I've raided the Latino markets lately and had a list of foods for my mom to bring back from her recent trip to El Salvador. 
Beans and rice, plantains, yucca...oh, fried yucca...hibiscus tea, vegetable and bean soups...fruits like mangos and guavas...

Excuse my food's that obvious I guess...that I'm pregnant!( :
What foods comforted you during pregnancy? Were they foods that mom made or you ate as a child?


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