Sunday, March 28

On our trip...

My laptop died while on my trip.  And I lost some pictures. And it hurts inside to think about.
Do you backup?  Please do. I don't back up like I should, and right about now really wish I had.

I took Mac into the Apple store for repair.  Crossing my fingers we could afford it.  Those Apple guys and gals, they are the best.  Aren't they?  Mac looks new, with new hardware and keypad.  It's a couple years old and out of warranty, but still, they took care of it, free of charge.  I heart them.  I do.

While Mac was away getting a makeover, we toured the plaza, ate at the classic cup.

Shopped the cutest little boutique for butterfly's.

We painted toddler toes and mama hands.

Got waxed.
Made the yummiest whatever's in the fridge omelet with cherry tomatoes, spinach leaves, feta cheese, and barley.

Had some of uncle Mark's yummy barbecue.

and gave lot's of hugs and kisses  xoxo

More pics and tales to come....

Friday, March 26

in Kansas City...

Audrey and I are visiting family in Kansas City, Missouri.  We are enjoying our trip, and seriously watching these two cousins together is priceless. 

Laine & Audrey dance! from mom2miah&audrey on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 25

A mother.

As I pulled into the hospital parking lot at work the other night, an image caught my eye.
I have probably seen an image like this one thousand times.  But for some reason, I was left with so many  thoughts inside.

She was a mother.  A handbag over one shoulder and a reusable bag over the other.  Filled with food? Clothes? Belongings?

She carried her toddler in her arms.  Maybe 3 or 4 years old? He slept peacefully as she managed to carry everything.

She walked in a hurry.  I could almost feel her arms aching.

I wondered where she was headed.  Was she a single mom?  Was her toddler sick?  Was she going to the hospital?

I saw her.  And realized, the meaning of motherhood.  I felt so powerful.

We all have our own stories and different places we are heading to.  But mothers are alike.  We love our babies, and will carry them till they peacefully fall asleep no matter how much are arms ache from carrying a heavy load.

Tuesday, March 23

A family is...

Have you heard of the HBO documentary A family is a family is a family: A Rosie O'Donnell Celebration?
I just finished watching and think it's truly beautiful.
Kids give their insights and thoughts on what it is to be a family.  The things they say are so special, enlightening and some of the funniest explanations I have ever heard.

According to one of the kids, this is how babies are made: "The sperm races to the egg, and the first one there gets to make the baby.  I think it's a science thing, basically."

Some of the kids have a mommy and a daddy and some two mommies or two daddies.  One family is three kids, their mommy and their grandma.  One girl talks about how she was adopted from China.

All cultures and races are included.  There's music by Ziggy Marley, Doris Day, Sweet Honey In The Rock, and we even get to hear a mariachi number by a Latino family with lot's of brothers and sisters...ofcoarse ( :

See the Trailer here.

Truly recommend it.

Sunday, March 21


Iv'e been frequenting Asian restaurants lately.

Usually Thai food is our favorite, but here we are again, this time celebrating with a birthday girl, enjoying Japanese.  Yum.

Here are my kiddies, chopsticks make great drumsticks (with supervision of coarse).

Funny faces.

Boys will boys.  I really tried, to get them to smile.

and dads will run after little girls all evening so mama can sip on wine with friends.

Saturday, March 20

Oh, the tutu

Gaby, sister.... how about these beautiful dresses for your Quinceañera?

Monique Martinez  from Ouma is the creator.  And the tutus are just calling out to me. 


Gaby, you would look amazing....

pictures by Steph De Saga, Galaxie Andrews, and Andrew Coppola

Thursday, March 18

the brown leather couch

His house smells like vanilla.  I see a champagne bottle over ice.  I sit on the brown leather couch.  It's nice and firm, and looks like new.  He pours me a drink.  We are celebrating his dad's birthday, he is very sick, in the hospital, with cancer.  Kip want's to to something special, for his dad.
These size 4 jeans look good on me.  I love these boots.
He comes over, and holds my hand, he takes out a little black box.  It's the shiniest ring I have ever seen.

The couch is now mine too.  It's soft, and looks like lot's of people have sat on it. I nurse Audrey on it while we all watch a movie.  The couch has dog scratches and traces of spilled milk and juice. I don't even want to think about what's underneath the cushions.

This is a 3 minute writing exercise from:   Adventures in Babywearing: Couches
You can participate too!

I wrote it on our local pupuseria's take out menu.   3 minutes goes by fast, I still have lot's to say!

Monday, March 15

Antonia & Isabella

I just found Mrs Talbott's shop.  She makes some very lovely handmade dolls.  

Meet Antonia

Aren't they the cutest Latina inspired dolls?  Perfect if you are looking for a doll that looks just like your mamacita. 

The long dark favorite!

(I was not asked to write or given any compensation for this post.  I found, liked and shared)

Sunday, March 14

Barbecue & Friends.

Friday night was just what I needed.  A night out with my favorite gals. 
We chatted, laughed and gossiped through LA traffic, finally getting to Tahoe Galbi on Wilshire. 

We grilled Korean barbecue, and ate way too much Banchan and rice paper. 

Spending time with friends is special isn't it?  Sometimes you feel so far away from them, in life.  Then you all get together, and it feels so good.  You might of not talked for days or weeks, but they have been there for you all along. I'm a lucky girl. 

Audrey slurped her noodles, then finished dinner with breastmilk for dessert. 

Special birthday girls this month. 
We were so stuffed, and happy ( :  And seriously considered taking a nap there before heading back home from KoreaTown. 

Audrey did. 

Thursday, March 11

There's been talk

about baby slings not being safe.  The slings they are talking about are the "bag like" slings, and carrying baby in the "c like" position where mom carries baby near her belly, in this position baby's chin may rest on chest, obstructing baby's face.  Don't use these slings.

Babywearing, when done the right way, is beneficial for mama and baby.  Educate yourself.  Babywearing (the right way) is so special.

Here are some links to learn how to wear baby the right way.

Babywearing Resources

Babywearing Safety

Wednesday, March 10

Para El Raton.

Perfect for kids where el ratoncito (the little mouse) comes for their tooth.

and I'm sure the toothfairy would love it too.

Tuesday, March 9

Have I ever told you?

I love Matt Damon. 

I fell in love after seeing him as Jason Bourne.  And got the whole set of Bourne movies for Christmas from Kip one year.  Jason Bourne is way cooler than Batman, IMHO. 

I love how he is married to Argentinian born,  Luciana .  How she was a single Latina mami before he met her, and how that didn't stop him from falling in love. 

Seriously though,  why did she wear this dress to the awards?

She looks pregnant, no?  

I tend to like flowy tops and dresses myself.  But, on more that one occasion, have been asked, when are you due?  Sometimes, like at award shows, it's not worth the risk. 

More Oscar thoughts....

I was so crossing my fingers for the Hurt Locker and director Kathryn Bigelow.   I almost yelled (I was in a patients room watching) when it won. 

I think Meryl Streep  (who btw, looked so hot)  was the best actress. But I won't get into it. 

Friday, March 5


What do you think?

It's my new home.  I'm still cleaning up, and moving things around.  But my heart is here, and I'm at home. 

I destroyed my iPhone a couple of weeks ago (again).  I sent it away, hoping they could fix it and bring it back to life.  

In the mean time (with no iPhone to keep me busy) Iv'e had a little free time.  I have to admit, it's almost been liberating.  I'm usually the kind of person to say, I can't live without my phone.  
But, I'm alive. 

If feels kind of good.  A little more playtime with the kids.  A little more sleep.  A little more time to work on this new blog, and time for saying good bye to the old one. 

I played with Wordpress, typepad, Tumblr, and Blogger.  This was the easiest, for me.  Very similar to what I was working with on iWeb but with a little more freedom. 

Which is why I came over.  A little more freedom, to change my look around and add cool stuff to my posts. 

I don't have any big plans or changes.  Just calling a new place home.  Leaving my old name behind was hard, but I no longer have an 8 year old, and as you can see my baby girl is not a baby.  The name feels right, perfect for me to explore my culture, the culture of being a mamá. 



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