Sunday, September 26

Just like friends

I watched her, as she filled with new things learned and new adventures.   Our recent trip with friends to The Arboretum

Ducks, Peacocks, Koi fish, and Turtles.   

And a house made out of tree. 

I want all of her.  Every little bit of her fills me with happiness. 

Today, Kip and Jeremiah went to the show, us girls stayed behind.  We shared a strawberry smoothie as we sat on the sofa together watching Babies.  When she saw babies breastfeed, she breastfed too.

After the movie.  I painted my toes, and painted her little toes too.  Purple.

We folded laundry as we sang to our favorite songs. 

We laughed, we talked, we shared. Just like friends do. 

Saturday, September 25

Papel Picado

These papel picado decorations from Ay Mujer make me feel like throwing one last bbq in the backyard before the end of summer.  It brings family and friends, color, and fun to mind. 

(via Ay Mujer)

I am also thinking a Day of the Dead celebration?
Ay Mujer has style

Wednesday, September 22

Working Mother/Babywearer Licia Ronzulli

Italy's Member of the European Parliament Licia Ronzulli takes part with her baby in a voting session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg September22, 2010. REUTERS/Vincent Kessler (FRANCE - Tags: POLITICS IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Italiana MEP Licia Ronzulli wearing her newborn at an EU Parliament vote. 

How beautiful is it that she can take baby to work?!?!

Not only is she big on environment, health and food safety issues....she also worked as a nurse before her start in politics. 

I <3 her. 

Tuesday, September 21

the new nike+ app for iPhone

On Saturday... I did a 20 mile run.  Yes, I did
I almost cried on mile 18, and almost stopped someone with a phone on mile 19 (so that I could call home for Kip to pick me up).  I am not joking.  I was that serious.  And that much in pain. 

I finally managed to finish.  And surprisingly felt so good.  And really hungry. 

My time is not the best but it's improving with every run.  I was able to finish this last run in 4 1/2 hours, that's including three quick stops for a bathroom break and to fill up on water. 

My goal for my marathon (October 17th) is to finish in 5 1/2 hours.  From my time so far it seems like I will be able to do it...but those last miles are SO hard.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  Over the past few weeks I have realized just how much of it is mentally

I have been using Nike+ to train and keep up with my runs/times.  
It is such a great training tool for long distance running, not only to track your progress but to take part in the challenges too.   

I recently found out about the new "runners app" ...designed for newer generation iPhones. 

It's great for everyday running if you don't own an iPod, traveling, or when your like me and can't find your sensor anywhere. 

I like that it uses GPS and an accelerometer to keep track of your indoor and outdoor runs. And that it syncs to Nike+ automatically (no need to plug in to your computer).  Also, no need to buy a sensor for your shoe...or Nike shoes for that matter (although I'm a Nike kicks kind a chick). 

You can set goals, challenges with your friends and have cool congrats messages from athletes like Lance Armstrong ( : 
They used to have Tiger Woods...but I won't get into that right now ( :

Have you tried it?  Are you on Nike+? Now you can be! Friend me

*No compensation was given for this post.  Just passing along some great stuff. 

Monday, September 20

County Nurse

Electra & Elise Avellan as Nurses

Didn't ya know?  This is what County nurses look like.

And yes. 

Just like in Machete we fight for our people and stand up for la Raza too!

I watched the movie, and although I covered my eyes through some very violent scenes (not a movie to take your kid to) I enjoyed watching Latinas/Latinos do their thing. 

Saturday, September 18

My fifth grader...

This week, he started fifth grade.  This photo is via Dad's iPhone.  I worked the night before and wasn't able to get out of work on time to be there.

One of the thing's that breaks a working mom's heart...missing occasions like this.

I made sure to call and say good luck, and Kip made sure to take a photo so I could see.

I slept.  And then woke up, got in my car...and was there when he got out.

He had a million things to say.

I a million times in love.

Wednesday, September 15

Birds, Beach, Summer

We packed the car with towels, fruit and sand toys and headed out to Seal Beach. 
Our last day of summer before the start of school. 

Audrey ran towards the sand and to the water as soon as we got there.  She touched, then ran directly back to me, "is cold mama cold". 

She played with sand while Jeremiah ran from the waves.  Quick, but not too quick for the waves that wanted to play and get him wet. 

Audrey dropped our bag of chips (a very Audrey thing to do)
And sooner than I had realized what happened we had 30 seagulls over our heads.  We tried to wave them away.  They wouldn't move.  They had their eyes fixed on me the chips. 
I won't lie, I was scared!  It was a scene from something in between The Birds and Nemo (if you can picture that at all).  
I wrapped my towel around Audrey while Jeremiah (very bravely) yelled and jumped at the birds to leave. 

When the chips were gone, the birds left.  

It's kind of crazy, but right after being attacked by birds we got to see Dolphins!  They were swimming close (maybe migrating???) and would pop out from the 
water !

We finished our trip with pizza at a local diner. 

Came home to baths, and found sand in places sand probably shouldn't be ( :

We prepared for school. 

And just like that.  Summer is leaving and fall is almost here. 

Friday, September 10

Bien Hecho

This past weekend Kip and I had a date night with friends.  Kids free and a much needed adult conversation throughout dinner.  It was lovely. 

I came home feeling inspired by our friend, who shared with us her recent journey on becoming a big sister through the Big Brother Big Sister program.
Although she is not leading this big non profit organization or donating all kinds of money or taking a whole year to help in another country....she is doing so much for this little girl. 

The chats, help with homework, compliments, words of encouragement and being there for her... it made me think about how small acts of giving, like this, mean so much.  Small acts of kindness mean so much in our community.

I'm inspired to do more little things to help someone. 
Sometimes it's the little things that matter most.  And need to be acknowledged. 

I recently found out about the Scott Brand Bien Hecho Awards and their search for "unsung heroes", regular people who have performed outstanding actions in or for the Latino community.  

I got really excited about this one, specially because each winner will receive $2,000 and another $5,000 donated in their name to a non-profit of their choice.

The "unsung heroes" of our Latino community are in much need of acknowledgment and admiration. Do you know someone who is always there to help in the Latino community?  You can nominate them. 
*no compensation was given for writing this post. 

Thursday, September 9


translation: Peace
pronounced: pahs

a noun  (and a feeling)

¿Será posible la paz mundial algún día?
Translation: Will world peace be possible someday?

I subscribe to Braser's spanish word a day via RSS feed.
Today's word is one of my very very favorites. 

During our recent trip to the San Diego zoo, Audrey noticed right away what this mama was doing with her babies...


*I was not asked to write or given compensation for this post.

Wednesday, September 8

El Vestido

What better way to show off our culture....than with dress?

I'm in LOVE with these Mexican dresses right now!

via Made in Technicolor

Angelica and Paco's (via Mexico City) Etsy shop Made in Technicolor is a lovely collection of beautiful hand embroidered vestidos tipicos.

Their Mexican bohemian/hippie/warrior chic pieces are on my I want list.

via Made in Technicolor


Tuesday, September 7

"kissing hand"

Audrey loves us to read to her before nap and bedtime. 
 Today, as I was digging trough Jeremiah's books for possible books to read to her, I came across 
The Kissing Hand.  It's a special book for Jeremiah and I, a book I always read to him during back to school.  

It is the perfect book for a child who is starting school, and also for a mom who has to learn to let her little one go to school as well. 

I recommend it, every morning that I drop Jeremiah off to school we say good bye with a kissing hand

*I bought it this book with my dinero.   

Sunday, September 5

A special kind of Quinceañera (here at home)

I can remember holding my baby sister as a newborn.  I was a teenager then.  I remember her little baby toes, that I would paint, to match whatever color polish I was wearing at the time.

She just turned 15.  We hosted a party here at home. A Quinceañera.  It wasn't fancy.  No ballroom, ball gowns, or limousines...but it was special.

Gaby is beautiful.  And looked even more beautiful in her pretty pink dress and heels.

Our family all worked hard to get all the little details just right. 

Like yummy food.
A beautiful cake (made by our cousin Xenia, the chef). 
A candy bar!

Audrey wore a pretty dress also.

Most quinceañeras would skip the piñata.  To feel all grown up.  But not Gaby, she is her own person...and wanted a piñata.  

She is the youngest of all the girls.  We all love her.  And sometimes still think she is our baby, the baby we all carried in our arms. 

Jeremiah looks up to her.  To him, she is the coolest teenager.

Happy Birthday Gaby!  
You are loved!

Thursday, September 2

Back to School Shopping/and tips

Jeremiah start's school in two weeks.
Fifth did you happen so fast?

This time of year is exciting.
Friends, a new teacher, being a fifth grader!

As for back to school shopping... it has never been one of his biggies.  He thinks shopping for new uniforms, or shopping in general is torture.  Seriously?
(side note:  Uniforms are easy. No one looks better, has better clothes, or has brand names. It's something more public schools should do).

So...anyways...because it's back to school... I'm inspired to share some of my back to school tips...

Jeremiah will be using his same backpack.  We bought it when he was in third grade, and it's still in good, ready for 5th grade condition, it's camo pattern, and all the kids know it's his. 
I think he likes this.  
I don't believe in the yearly backpack, specially when he has a good one at home.  I am lucky, because the backpack is not a big deal to him.  My tip: Invest in a good quality backpack...and it will last more than a few years, pick a simple pattern or plain color and don't pick something that will most likely go out of style the next year. 

Before you go out school supply shopping, take inventory of what you have.

Prepare a desk or work study area, cleaning it out (I SO need to do this with Jeremiah).  Less is no clutter (:

Invest in a good sharpener.  Sit down with your kids, sharpen all your pencils and color pencils.  They will look pretty, and the need for new ones every year won't seem so important.

I keep Jeremiah's loose markers crayons in pouches or Ziploc bags. 

Buy a small storage container to hold all your supplies in.  When it's time to do homework or a project you bring it out, and then put everything away when kids are done, this way nothing gets lost or misplaced.

 You don't need fancy school supplies.  Remember: minimal and quality.

Shop at a office/school supply store instead of a carry all type department store.  This will prevent over spending in other a new top, or scarf, or cookies, ....etc... ( :

Staples is the closest to me.  They were also very nice (because of this blog) to send Jeremiah new school supplies.  This means a lot, and Jeremiah's happy face when opening the package was enough to convince me.  That and a PR company that actually took time to read through my blog ( :

They have shopping list's by grade that can help you organize your things at home in order to find out what you need for your shopping trip.  Very helpful.

Hang a calendar up for your kids, teaching them to keep track of projects, events, and homework, or show them how to keep a planner or calendar on their computer.  Daily tracking will help them and you stay organized.

Set up a small basket or box to keep papers sent from school.  You can have them use the backs for scratch paper for mathwork.  Cheaper and greener than using a new sheet of paper during homework.

I think that's it for now, maybe a lot?  
I hope some of these are helpful for the new year ( :

Where do you shop for back to school supplies?  Do you have tips to share?

*I was not required or given compensation to write this post.  I did receive a gift of back to school supplies from Staples.  I am thankful for them.  I do shop at Staples (have for years), again, mainly because it's the closest, but always find great deals and products there. 


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