Wednesday, March 23

Pampers Milagros LA mural

Remember the Pampers Milagros event I attended?

The Every Little Miracle campaign provides Latina mothers with support and resources for raising happy healthy niños.

Today, as part of their campaign they unveiled a mural in a LA neighborhood, a gift to a local LA school....

I think it's a beautiful gift to our Latino community!

Painting Motherhood

As soon as I saw these, I was filled with love inside.  Katie M. Berggren paints the most intimate motherhood moments. 

I'm not quite sure which is my favorite.  I seriously love them all.

Wrap 2

Golden Moment

Visit her site to see more of her beautiful work and read about what inspires her on her blog

Friday, March 18

Thursday, March 17

wine tasting with fresh & easy

The house was quiet (grandma had just picked up the kids).  I almost thought of telling Kip, let's just stay home, order take out, watch a movie and maybe....

It's not often we have the house to ourselves. ( :

Instead... we talked our way through traffic to the smog shoppe for a Fresh and Easy wine tasting event.  I really liked having Kip join me.  He usually has baby duty when I get invites like this but spending that time with him was really nice. 

Some of you already know, I am a big fan of fresh and easy.  Food is good, fresh and the stores are just the right size... and the best thing... they always have samples for my kiddies and I

Fresh and Easy just introduced 27 new wines. All from California. We got a chance to taste, and have to say that all are great tasting and very affordable.  These selections are perfect whether having guests over for a nice dinner or lounging and chatting with girlfriends. 

I usually tend to go for white wine, but lately red has been my preferred choice.  So much richer and satisfying. The Open Field Pinot Noir was my favorite of the night, a Santa Barbara wine, which makes me realize how soon Kip and I have to plan a trip to Santa Barbara.  I'm dreaming bike rides, the beach, a picnic and a good bottle of red wine. 
California Wine Launch Event – Smog Shoppe
via fresh & easy

with Sandrini and Monique

There was so much great food, all prepared by Latina Chef Cynthia Perez.  Her flavor is always perfect. I also have her to thank for the awesome silpat mat she introduced me to.  I'm not quite sure how I baked without it.

Fresh and Easy always throws the best events. Great PR, great food, great drinks, great goodie bags.

And great company by a most great hubby ( :

What is your favorite red or white?  Have you been bike riding recently?

Monday, March 14

Kung Fu Panda 2 and Puss in Boots Preview

Friday was fun.

I got to hang out with friends at the Dreamworks preview event for their new 2011 animation movies.

Kung Fu Panda 2 and Puss in Boots.

Jack Black was there and the fact that I got a chance to see him in person makes my 10 year old very jealous and think I am so cool (which obviously I am ( : ).

Jack showed us his Kung Fu moves, he is as funny in person as he is on screen.
 We got a sneak peek at the movie and I love Po (Jack's character) even more now because he is all about finding his inner peace in the movie...something I have been working on lately.

Antonio Banderas was there also.   I loved how real he is and how proud he is of his Latino (as Boots) role.

I seriously would have gotten pictures with them... but Wolfgang Puck catered breakfast and lunch and I ran to the buffet a couple of times (because my style) instead of Antonio and Jack. ( :

When eating was done...I did run into Director Guillermo Del Toro. I couldn't go home without a picture.  We are big fans of his work.

with Del Toro and Dariela

Jeremiah as Hellboy a couple of years ago

Puss in Boots looks like it will be just as fun as Panda.  The kitty dances flamenco, sips on milk, carries a sword and knows español.

Here is the trailer.....

Could you seriously think of a song more perfect for boots?

Sunday, March 6

The Virgin Rose

As I look through Madeline's shop, The Virgin Rose, I think of my patients and their families in the ICU.  I think of the small altars they place in the rooms, with pictures, crosses, saints, and unlit candles.  

I think about how powerful a small token can be during times of grief  and times of joy and can't help but admire, be inspired, and fall in love with the beautiful artwork that accompanies. 

Vintage Our Lady of Guadalupe on blue cross

Madeline's shop is full of unique Mexican inspired pieces. Every single one says so much... about death and ritual, life, expressing one self, Mexico and culture. 

I am so happy to show her off to you... and know you will fall in love with her and every single one of her pieces as much as I have. 

Sacred heart on wooden cross

About the artist:

  Madeline is a New Zealander living in Mexico City.  I can't help but fall in love with her story on how she got there because it's proof again that love has no boundaries. 

She met her partner at a Festival in Cannes, France, followed her heart across the world to Mexico to be with him and  has been there now for the last two years. 

                                             "a big culture change as you can imagine"

Frida Kahlo Box shrine or altar piece for the wall

About The Virgin Rose:

"I haven't been working since I arrived so I decided to use my creative side to keep me stimulated during my day's here and The Virgin Rose was born! I love the bright colors of Mexico and they have such beautiful arts and crafts here that I was so inspired to make some for myself. I then decided to set up shop on Etsy which was the best decision! What a fantastic community of artists and art lovers!"

Mexican silver tin mirror with sacred heart

About her art:
"I love producing all my pieces which are inspired by Mexican themes-Day of the Dead, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Frida Kahlo, Sacred Heart, Loteria, and I have many Mexican materials such as the tin nichos and tin sacred hearts which are a huge delight to paint and decorate! 
I'm constantly on the search for new materials and new inspiration, hence the large range of pieces I have in my store. I make every single piece of art with love and attention to detail and my customers are wonderful people looking for a little piece of Mexican art or just a lovely addition."

Turquoise blue and pink Mexican tin nicho

ceramic trinket boxes

Isn't all of this just perfect?  Madeline's expression of Mexico is special and shows how amazing it is to respect and love other cultures. Her love for Mexican culture is obvious.  You can read more about her inspirations on her blog.

Madeline has something special for you!

A giveaway!

She has made it specially for one of's a surprise... just a small trinket to display in your home or make a beautiful gift for your amiga.

Leave a comment telling me your favorite piece or what you like about her art by March 18th 12pm. I will randomly pick one of you. And let you know if you win!

Good luck and always,  always be inspired!!!

*giveaway now closed:  Lisa is the winner!

Friday, March 4

Es el momento

*This is a sponsored post. 

Audrey and I pick Jeremiah up from school.  I ask him "what did you get on your test?"

"B+" he says.  

"cool!" I say
and leave it at that. 

We get home.  Toddler ready for nap.  Mom ready for nap...but really with so much to do, like finish laundry, and make dinner ...and put toddler down for a nap

I empty the dishwasher as Jeremiah comes to me to show me his progress note from the week before (bless his teacher, she sends an update every Monday on how the previous week went at school). 

I read... "it's the second week Jeremiah has failed to turn in all homework assignments"

Dios Mio.  No lo puedo creer.

What happened?  Jeremiah is a good student. I just talked to him last Monday about this. And asked him daily if his homework was done. And took is iTouch away.  And canceled his playdate with his friend last week. 

I am like super crazy upset now.  And all kinds of punishments.  And all kinds of rules.  And all kinds of limits are being set. 

I iChat with Kip  who is still at work and tell him about how he did.  And how upset I am.  And how even Audrey is scared of me at the moment (she usually runs the household). 

So calm, he puts lot's into perspective.  

I think about my reactions.  How different my reaction is from a B+ to missing homework for two weeks.  A cool! ... to minutes and minutes and minutes and what probably feels like years to Jeremiah of me lecturing and giving punishments. 

I think about the reason that he needs me.  And this is one.  Did I think I would never in our parent-child relationship have to face missing homework? Is this the best way to handle this? Punishment after punishment?

I later apologize. We do the homework together, for now. And double check every piece.  

And tell him how proud he makes me. And how much I admire him and how smart he is.  And how I understand how hard it is sometimes for all of us to go to school or work or take care of our responsibilities. Yet, I reinforce why we have to, and how proud of ourselves we should be. 

I picked him up this Monday and his teacher had nothing but great comments about him and wrote excellent! under homework and an A+ on his test. 

He picked out something he wanted us to do together to celebrate... sushi!... he says.  

This sounds perfect. 

I decided to share this struggle between us (although now that Jeremiah is older I share a lot less about him on this blog) to share how powerful yet how difficult at times positive parent involvement can be.  It seems the times when our children need us the most are the most difficult to face as parents.

This post was inspired by Latism, their support for Latinos and their support of the new "Es el momento" campaign.  An initiative aimed at improving academic achievement among K-12 Latino students.  Our Latino community was in need of something big like this and I am so happy to be able to share this with you. 

Visit their site, you can find tons of information and support on how to be a role model and the importance of active involvement in your children's future. 

Here is a video of Sandra Cisneros sharing who her role model was growing up....

Wednesday, March 2

The Mickey Ship (and a giveaway)

On Disney Cruise

Today, I got one of those ... "what your infant/toddler/preschooler is doing" emails.  I am still thinking about it because the subject line on the email said...

"...preschooler, 32 months"

What?  And when did this happen?  She is in her thirties? And they refer to her as a preschooler!

The other morning after dropping Jeremiah off at school.  She and I (still in pajamas), see a plane flying overhead as we get home.  She yells... the mickey ship, the mickey ship 
(remembering our Disney Cruise)

Somehow planes are ships and ships are planes.  

We later see pictures of big ships and planes and I explain one is in the water and one in the sky.  Remember when we rode on an airplane? I say.

(I think it's still a Mickey ship) 

I have a special giveaway for you.  We were sent over a copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie's Masquerade on DVD.  She loves it! And will randomly call out Oh Toodles! when she is playing.   The episodes are short, about or less than half hour I believe, which is perfect media time for a toddler.  The episodes include counting, shapes and letters and really work on making learning fun.  

We both say hot diggity dog and dance to the song together....

The DVD comes along side Disney's Mickey Mote which makes for interactive and hands on learning.  She is still a little too young for this, pressing any button at any time but I'm sure preschoolers would love this. ( :

I have one DVD set to send to one of you.  Leave a comment telling me your favorite Disney character, or any comment you like by Sunday 3/6/11 12pm to enter.  I will randomly pick one of you and email you if you win.

Hoping your day is lovely friends....

*I was given a copy of this DVD.  No further compensation was given. 


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