Monday, July 17


I'm not sure what inspired me today, but I felt like writing here.  Maybe because it's been so long.
Maybe because I have just slightly more time on my hands these days. Maybe because I missed it.

So, we live in Colorado beautiful LA...will always be casa but new experiences and new opportunities, it's not right to say no to.

Jeremiah will be starting his senior year of high school, he still likes chocolate milk.
And gaming.  Someone tell me how to reduce the gaming and increase the schoolwork!?!?!

He's a good kid. That does pretty well in all he does.  He won't ever admit it....but he has a pretty cool mom, bringing up a kid as cool as he is :)

And he handled our transition from California to Colorado. He misses how colorful LA is, with all the cultures, and swag :) of coarse (I miss it too),  but he's made good friends here, and I'm proud of how well he has done.

Audrey has a big part of her hair missing on the back of her head.  It's noticeable and it's Franks fault. He put slime in her hair. And I tried everything. Soap, water baby oil. The scissors finally did the trick.
She has her best cousin close by to play with.  She loves her school.  She reminds me of California sometimes, "mom, remember when we used to...... in California". I do.

Frank had sports class today. It's his second class and cried twice and has been shy, and has refused to participate. Which is weird, because he is not shy at all at home. And he loves the ball.
But, he's Frank. A tiny little bit antisocial, takes him a bit to warm up.  Just like it took him a bit to warm up to school here.  But I know he can do it.  I'm the mom on the sideline with my boy attached to my leg because he's too shy to go out there. Advice? Both Audrey and Jeremiah have never been shy about participating in group activities, which is proof again, that every one of our babies is different. And that we love them just the way they are.

As for me, I'm here. I have found some pretty yummy restaurants out here. But no taco truck:/ And no pupusas:/ Kip and I have been drinking a little bit of beer, because Colorado has so many breweries. It's only right. 

I need a pedicure, and my hair done.  And can now say I have driven in a snow storm. In my minivan.
I sent a picture of a dress I was thinking of buying, which is pretty sexy (maybe too much) to my best friend back home the other day. I asked her if it was too revealing for me to wear.

She answered.  "You are never going to be this young again, buy the dress!"
I did.


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