Thursday, April 28

Jelly Beans (our Easter celebration)

On nights leading to Easter, I had been reading Here Comes Easter! to Audrey.  It's about a little girl who has an egg hunt in her home, she then finds a jelly bean trail that ends with a sweet surprise. 

I thought an egg hunt around the home would be perfect for the kids on Easter morning instead of an Easter basket.  I hid 6 small eggs for each and a large one filled with a surprise.  They had so much fun on their hunt. 

Audrey finds the eggs... and then says to me... "where the jelly beans?"

I seriously didn't even think about making a jelly bean trail...but from the story this was definitely part of Easter morning.  Right?

I didn't have jelly beans.  And she asked about them all day!  Kip says to me "why didn't you get jelly beans?"(it was obvious to everyone except me I guess).
We went out to buy some because she just couldn't do without jelly beans for Easter. 

She finally followed a trail to a big surprise (grandmas Easter basket).  
And then it was definitely Easter!

We went to mass early morning and then had lunch with friends and family.  My garden is beautiful right now, filled with Spring, so we set up picnic tables outside and had a most non traditional Easter meal... pinchos (skewers), wild rice, green salad, and a yummy tomato and mozzarella salad, champagne, wine (sparkling cider for the kids) and ofcoarse ...
torrejas for dessert. 
(which are my jelly beans... you can't do Easter without)

The kids (and adults) enjoyed Cascarones (confetti filled eggs)...
and I still have trails of confetti in my backyard. ( :

What's your jelly beans?

Tuesday, April 26

LéaLA book fair

This week is filled with fun for me.  

I will run a 10K. 

Join friends for a river clean up....

and take the kids to the first Spanish Book Fair in LA.

LéaLA will take part this weekend April 29, 30 and May 1st. 

A chance to get my little ones closer to the Spanish language, through books...

It will be a gathering of highly acclaimed authors, including Isabel Allende, whom I adore, I think I can call her my abuela's favorite author, and if abuela was visiting from El Salvador right now, I know we would stand in line (like right now) to make sure she got a chance to meet her!

(I will try my hardest to get a book autographed for her).

There will be books to buy. Celebrities participating in activities, including reading stories to kids in the kids' zone. Seminars and workshops for kids and adults about popular trends, current events and Latino culture will be part of the daily programs.

Admission is free.  Event hours are: 10am to 7pm at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

You can visit the LéaLA website at for programs and details. 

Let me know if you will be there!

*I was not given monetary compensation for sharing but will be included in a random drawing to win a gift card for the event. (I really hope I win!  Our library is in need of spanish children books!). 

Wednesday, April 20

las sandalias de ana

Audrey's 3rd birthday will be here soon.  I'm thinking a handmade doll would be a special gift.  She doesn't have many...a couple plastic babies that have been gifted.  She tends to prefer soft little ones to hold or push in her stroller or stuff in secret hiding spots. Usually her brothers old stuffed friends. Like a tiger, a wolf, or a bear.
Yet...I think something like this she would really fall in love with. 

little red riding hood

berta y su amigo bichin

ballerina con tutu
Ana lives in Spain where she makes the most beautiful dolls and truly I really can't make up my mind which one is more special.  You can see more lovelies on her shop Las Sandalias de Ana.

Does your baby girl play with dolls? Did you play with muñecas when you were a tiny one?

Wednesday, April 13

She Runs LA

I am so excited about sharing this post with you today!  And excitement is just what I need in my life right now!

I just signed up for a 10K!

She Runs LA: Powered by Nike+ will have the first ever digital, all women's race on April 27th. Women are invited to run a 10k within 24 hours and sync their run to using a Nike+ device.

There is no specific location so you can run by yourself or with friends anywhere you want. I will most likely be running with my jogger and Audrey!

Afterwards, Nike is throwing a party at the Nokia theatre in downtown LA to celebrate all the participants. There will be a red carpet, live musical performances and celebrity and Nike athlete appearances.

And the best part... a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Students Run LA, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to increase access to the sport of running for underserved youth across LA Unified School District.


Register for She Runs LA at  Registration fees are $35 for high school and college ID holders and $40 for the general public.

Run a 10k (6.2miles) and sync on between 4pm on 4/27 and 4pm on 4/28.  The celebration event follows on 4/28 at 7pm in downtown LA.

A Giveaway!

Nike wants my readers to run too! For free!  Leave a comment with your email address on this post or email me
marcelabeatty (at) mac (dot) com and I will send you a registration code and details to run this race for free + get an awesome race t shirt and join the party in Downtown where Mike Posner will perform!

You can walk or run at your own pace, have 24 hours to sync and get to help local kids out!!!

You can start joining the fun now on their Facebook event page.

Isn't this awesome?

*My registration fee is being waived by Nike and a T shirt is being sent to me for participating.  I was not required or given monetary compensation for sharing this with you. 

**I have registration codes for the first 50 people who respond by email or leave a comment on this post. 

Monday, April 11

spring break

It's spring break here in these parts.

I dedicated the morning to cleaning the house and supposedly potty training.  

It went okay actually.  I vacuumed and mopped and did two loads of laundry. 

Audrey didn't go in her diapers. 

She pooped in her brothers room instead. ( :

"mom! Audrey pooped on my floor!"

We met friends for a picnic at the park.  Audrey insisted on taking her rain boots and Jeremiah has the biggest afro ever (brushing it does nothing) ...and refuses to cut it.  

Audrey fed her sandwich to the birds and then made it very clear she only wanted chips for lunch.

And my best friend and I, talked and talked, and I let go of feelings that really needed to come out.  

We ate sliced watermelon and cucumbers con limon

The kids are dirty now, Kip and I joke that they are a shade darker.  

I can smell fries in the oven.  Chicken burgers and fries for dinner tonight. 

And I think my body and my brain deserve a run this evening...

Thursday, April 7

somewhere far from here....

Iv'e been full of feelings, and emotions.  Highs and lows.

Struggling to keep it together, I find a way to pretend.

Everything felt so right. Then, as quick as everything good was inside me, it went away and I feel lost.

I'm trying to find a way to come to peace with it all.

Last night I went out to dinner.  Leaving my thoughts closed up I focused on enjoying conversations and friends.  For that little bit, I realized how life is always meant to move on, no matter what your going through right now.

As I drove home I thanked God for giving me strength.

When I got home everyone was tucked in bed asleep.

Audrey popped out from under the covers, "mama?".

"Si, es mama linda". 

Kip put his arm around me.

And everything really isn't so bad.


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