Sunday, June 30

easy summer

It was a really good weekend. Saturday we had a party here at home to celebrate Audrey's 5th birthday, she had such a great time... first thing she said to me this morning "that was the best birthday party ever!" (pictures soon).

This morning we stayed in pajamas till late, cleaned up after yesterday's party and checked out all the fun presents she received.

We spent the hot afternoon visiting friends, grilling goodies and splashing in their pool. All of us in the mood of summer. We each brought food and drinks to share and I think this is my favorite part of summer.

Something so simple as getting together in the backyard,  spending time with family, sharing a drink with friends and eating all the simple yet delicious foods of summer can remind you how thankful you are for being here, and having the chance to live another summer.

I love how easy it is to feel satisfied with a dish of fresh salads and fruits... add a chicken breast or hot dog on the grill and it makes a dish extra special.

Fresh & Easy sent us a gift card to help us enjoy the freshness of food this summer.  It's one of my favorite places to shop because of how easy it is to grab something good for my family to eat.  Their ready made dishes and ingredients are always fresh and it's always nice not having to worry about artificial colors or flavors. Iv'e bragged about Fresh & Easy to you before....not only do they make weeknight dinners a whole lot easier...they make summer grilling a lot of fun.

We packed our bag high with fruit, lemonade, a yummy salad, chips and everything we needed to grill with friends.  For dessert we chose ice cream, they have the yummiest ice cream!

I hope your weekend was as much fun as ours!!!

I have a Fresh & Easy coupon to share with you (expires July 7th), it will make your summer grilling extra yummy!

PS. There are no plans to close any portion of Fresh & Easy, not sure who the knew owner will be...but it's definitely staying open!  This makes me really happy!

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  I sit with feet swinging in the water, watching Audrey splash water in all directions, baby Frank sits on my lap sucking on a soggy potato chip. 
The kids don't have school tomorrow, no summer camp, no playdate or anything at all planned.  They might watch a little too much TV or eat too many popsicles. 
And I feel free. 
It's summer. 


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