Wednesday, November 30


is on my playlist right now.  I'm running more these days... a new running partner, Max, is my motivation. 

So tell me... who's on your playlist?

Monday, November 28

And the winner is...

So happy to say...

the winner of the Winnie the Pooh DVD/Blu-ray combo pack is the lovely and talented Ana. Her blog is filled with heart felt pictures and is definitely one of my favorites.

Congrats Ana!

(have I told you how much we enjoy singing along to the soundtrack?!?!?)


Thanksgiving was yummy. I worked the night before so slept most of the day, but woke up just in time to enjoy family and amigos over a lovely Thanksgiving dinner.

We ate Salvadoran style turkey, one of my favorite dishes to look forward to during the holidays, it brings memories of being home with my mother and sisters, smelling roasted spices and watching my mom pour fresh tomato sauce over the turkey. 

(those are the memories I am most thankful for, memories like these I hope, I am giving my children to remember)

We ate inside my uncles tiny and cozy home, they had taken all their living room furniture outside and set up beautifully decorated dining tables. Perfect really. 

We went around the table and each of us talked and shared what we were grateful for. There were tears and laughs, and those special moments that can only happen in a room filled with people you love. 

After dinner while we folded tables we danced to merengue and cumbias and sipped champagne and when we were finally tired, furniture was brought back in, leftovers packed up for each to take home and memories stored to remember. 

Pumpkin pancakes the next morning, spent the day together as a family, watched movies and ate leftovers. 

(refused to do any shopping this weekend)

Monday, November 21

Meet Max

We got him from a rescue... keep asking ourselves why anyone would give up such a good dog (friend) yet keep answering ourselves... so he could join our family. 

meeting him at rescue
He is great with the kids. My new running partner. My sleeping buddy after a night at work. A good house alarm and very good at giving nuggles (almost as good as Audrey). 

After bringing him home, all of us laying on the sofa watching a movie together, Max laying by our side, Jeremiah says, "our family is complete". 

playing in the backyard
He is seriously the sweetest. And is keeping me busy chasing fur with the vacuum and mopping up muddy paw prints all over the house. ( :

Friday, November 11

a girl and her honey

Winnie the Pooh is one of Audrey's top movie picks to watch right now.  Such a sweet and darling film.
Kip makes a special treat for Audrey while she watches, toast with a little butter and honey on top. She loves this.

We were sent a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack for review and I have to say that my favorite part is the Sing-Along option, because I really really love the soundtrack and I can pretend to be Zooey Deschanel while I sing along. ( : I also love that the runtime is sixty three minutes which is the perfect length for a toddler (and her mom).

If you are thinking about what to get a small loved one for Christmas this would make an excellent gift!

The Giveaway
I have one DVD/Blu-ray combo pack + some extra goodies (a tigger and pooh mask, notepad and magnet) to giveaway to one of you! Yay! All you have to do to enter is leave any topic related comment. I will pick a winner on November 22 at 11:59pm and email you if you win. Make sure you leave your email (if not already on your profile) so I can contact you. US only. Good luck!

Here is a fun link for you....

Download Printable Coloring Pages!
Some fun coloring pages for you to print out!

So, tell me, who is your favorite Winnie the Pooh character? How do you like your honey?

Thursday, November 10

exhausted yet happy

daddy brushing hair while watching the football game ( :

(I have been gone for so long it seems, sorry)

I worked 3 nights in a row this week and am exhausted even after sleeping in bed last night.

Today, Audrey and I spent our day in pajamas. Showers didn't happen until after 4pm... and only because we have plans for this evening...

I made sweet potato soup for dinner and Audrey took one spoon and immediatly wanted to spit it out. She started to cry when I asked her not to spit it out in her bowl but to walk to the sink. She refused, so I said the next best option would be to swallow it. She did... and then pretended to choke.
(I thought the soup was good)

I cleaned out Audrey's sock drawer today. There were still infant socks in there. As I took each sock out, some without the pair I tried to picture in my mind and in my heart how my baby girl's foot looked at that time and it was hard and that makes me sad.

Jeremiah is at football practice tonight. His team is going to go watch the high school football rival game post practice and Kip, Audrey and I will be coming along also.

It was super cold here today (and yes I know in some places it's snowing), I'm a sucker for the cold and only came out of the house for school drop off and pick up. I'm scared of how cold it will be at the game tonight.

No school tomorrow and I'm off from work. Yay. I'm thinking a museum trip or a trip to the bowling alley.

We have been stalking the German Shepherd rescue website the past couple of weeks and I think we have finally found the right one. Our plans are to pick him up Saturday. I think our family is finally ready for a dog again and happy thoughts have filled each one of us thinking we will be bringing him home.

Tuesday, November 1

trick or treat (2011)

Audrey was a 
"butterfly princess fairy". 

Friends came over and we set out trick or treating as soon as the sun started to set. The kids ran from house to house for treats and we adults ran from house to house after the kids. 

Hearing Audrey say "Happy Halloween!" was seriously the cutest thing ever. Cute enough to get her second helpings of candy at every house .( :

Jeremiah was really undecided about what his costume should be. I suggested a "cool vampire" where he could wear his regular clothes and just do vampire teeth and makeup but he immediatly rejected me saying I was trying to get him to dress up as "Edward".  Then I suggested I could bring home kurlex wrap from work and make him into a mummy...but somehow that wasn't what he had in mind either. 

He finally decided on the grim reaper. Uh...scary. 
He enjoyed having neighbors guess who was inside that dark mask and somehow... he managed to hold on to his treats with his big claws. 

When we got home and it was time to get ready for bed Audrey refused to take her costume off. 
We came to an agreement...costume over jammies

Today, the girl is obsessed with her treat bag. I had cut up fruit and veggies with dip set out all day to keep her (and me) away from the candy.

real time: I just heard her ask Kip... "can we go Halloween now?"... 

"not till next year" ( :

*photo credit: Audrey's daddy 


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