Monday, February 28

we just hung around

Audrey and I just got home from the park.  Lot's of hide and seek.

We were in desperate need of some sun and cool breeze.

We've been in the house all day.  Jeremiah home from school with a stomach bug (the same bug that had Audrey down for the weekend).  I think this kind of threw us all off.  We just hung around not doing much at all.

I seriously didn't get anything productive done till after one in the afternoon, that is, if you call doing two loads of laundry a productive day.
Laundry from kids throwing up all over the house.   I am serious when I say... all over the house.

Audrey has been extra needy, she's been on my breasts for what seems all weekend long.  And I have to admit my boobies are tired.

She is in no hurry to wean.  And as often as I think that she's had enough, iv'e had enough.... this weekend put lots into perspective...

The only thing she was able keep in her belly while being sick was breastmilk.  Everything else upset her stomach.

This says a lot.  I think.

Saturday, February 26

A Winner!

Congratulations Alba!  You are the random winner of the Pieces of April giveaway!  
I can't wait to hear what lovely's you will pick!

(Audrey playing on the Disney Cruise)

Thursday, February 24

Peruvian for dinner tonight?

I have another recipe to share from my Peruvian dinner outing

This is perfect for dinner this weekend. 

Organic Chicken Breast with Honey Blue Cheese Sauce

For the chicken breasts:
4 whole organic chicken breasts 
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
Touch of olive oil 
Salt and pepper (to taste)

For the saikio miso sauce:
2 cups honey
2 cups apple vinegar
8 tbs aji amarillo paste
3 cups saikio miso paste
1/2 cup olive oil 

For the honey blue cheese sauce:
1 cup honey 
1 lb blue cheese
1 1/4 cup apple vinegar 

For the vegetables:
Root vegetables (fresh veggies of the day such as baby carrots, potatoes, etc)
5 tbs olive oil
Salt and pepper (to taste)
2 tbs pure honey (for glaze)
2 tbs butter (for glaze)

Chicken Breasts:Marinate the chicken breasts with salt, pepper, chopped garlic and touch of olive oil. Grill them until cooked and golden brown. 

Saikio Miso Sauce:In a pot, mix the honey, apple vinegar, aji amarillo paste, saikio miso paste and olive oil until sauce boils. Cool down.

Honey Blue Cheese Sauce:Blend the blue cheese, apple vinegar and honey in a blender. Season the root vegetables with salt, pepper and olive oil. Roast them in the oven at 300°F for 20-35 minutes. Glaze with honey and butter. The smaller the vegetables or vegetable pieces, the faster they will cook.

To Serve:Top each chicken breast with one tablespoon of honey blue cheese sauce then place on the roasted vegetables. Final touch, add the saikio miso sauce to the chicken.

Serve with Quinoa. 

Serves 4.  Que Rico!
*Aji Amarillo paste is a yellow Peruvian chili paste available in Latin supermarkets. You may also use any chili paste of your choice.

*recipe given to me by The National Honey Board.  No compensation given for sharing ( :

Monday, February 21

got breastmilk?

The got milk? people have signed a licensing agreement giving La Leche League International permission to use the slogan got breastmilk?.

I really really love this.

From CMPB Steve James:

 “GOT MILK? and La Leche League care for the health and wellbeing of moms and babies alike.  Both organizations believe that breastfeeding is the most natural and effective way of satisfying the needs of the baby."

(smart man)

I can't wait to get Audrey a got breastmilk? toddler shirt and I am most definitely getting myself a travel mug to take to work ( :

*photo credit  La Leche League International

Sunday, February 20


We lunched at a  french cafe.  She sat in her chair, had veggie soup and french bread with lots of butter. 

We found every single Dandelion and blew wishes near and far.  
She stops to smell the roses.  Something I need to learn from her. 

We shop for groceries.  Say the name to every single fruit, in spanish.  And buy cucumbers, lemons, oranges, black beans, a pomegranate and gummy bears to share. 

The fountain is the best part, she thinks.  Every adult walks right past it. 

 A simple outing.  Yet, memories made and stored away inside me.

We get back in the car... seconds pass... she sleeps.
I put on my audiobook.  And I drive away.
Good thoughts inside me.

Friday, February 18


I might have a little Disney addiction left from the cruise.

Bambi was Jeremiah's favorite movie.  We owned it on VHS years ago. ( : He absolutely loved Thumper.

 So excited about it coming out on Blu-ray and getting to watch it with the kids again.

Since it's Valentines week...thought you would enjoy this clip.

*I was sent a review copy of Bambi on Blu-ray.  Was not required or given any compensation for sharing this with you. 

*Edited 2/28/11 Here is a $10 off coupon to buy it on Blu-ray 

Wednesday, February 16

street cart vendor

(on our recent trip Cabo)

We filled our baggies up with nuts, lime and chile.

Monday, February 14

Dinner at Mo-Chica and a Recipe (Peruvian Ceviche)

I was recently invited by The National Honey Board to a Valentines Day dinner at Mo-Chica in downtown LA.  A Peruvian restaurant.  We were fortunate to have Peruvian Chef Ricardo Zárate cook our lovely meal.

 I love learning about cultures through food! And tasting a tiny bit of Peru was amazing.  Chef Zárate  aims to use locally sourced, seasonal and organic ingredients.  This I love.  And will definitely be returning.

My favorite was the ceviche.  I have the recipe to share along with a couple more in upcoming posts and know you will enjoy all the dishes as much I did.  I would have loved to share my own pictures...but ofcoarse...I remembered my camera and forgot the batteries!

with Chef Zárate and Catalina 

This would make a very lovely start to any romantic dinner!

Sea Bass Ceviche

For the ceviche sause:
1/3 cup honey
4 garlic cloves
1/4 red onion
4 stalks of celery
1/8 lb fresh sea bass
1 cup lime juice
1/2 cup coconut juice
1 tbs aji amarillo paste

For the ceviche:
1 lb fresh sea bass, diced
1/2 red onion, sliced
1 tbs chopped cilantro
Red serrano chili (to taste)
salt & pepper (to taste)

In a blender, blend all the ceviche sauce ingredients together.
Mix the ceviche sauce with all the ingredients of the ceviche and them marinate for 15 minutes before serving.
Note: Aji Amarillo paste is a yellow Peruvian chili paste available in Latin supermarkets. You may also use any chili paste of your choice. You can substitute the serrano chili for jalapeño or habanero chili. 

And a drink to enjoy your ceviche with:

Bee's Knees Cocktail
this tastes lovely ( :

1 tablespoon Honey
1/2 shot (2oz) gin
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon fresh orange juice

Combine all ingredients and ice and shake vigorously. 
To avoid the honey from clumping.  Add a tad bit of hot water until the honey is dissolved then continue with recipe (this makes 1 serving).


Happy Valentines Day!

*no compensation was given for sharing.  I was invited to Mo-Chica for a lovely dinner and want to share the recipes.  (they are yummy).  
photo credit: The National Honey Board

It's Valentines Day!! (A Giveaway from Pieces Of April)

Dia del Amor y la Amistad.

I hope all of you are having a lovely morning.  
Kip, the kids and I had a special evening last night filled with enchiladas, movies and chocolate lava cakes.   
I got up early this morning to make Jeremiah homemade waffles, strawberries, and generous amounts of whip cream on top.  He loved every bite!  I am sure his teacher will love me for loading him up with all that sugar before school. 

I have a special treat for you today.  A giveaway from a most lovely shop that I am so very excited to share with you. 

I fell in love with April's pieces as soon as I saw them.  Every single one speaks amor and amistad. 
April is a fellow Latina, a 3rd generation Texan, from Mexican descent.  A fellow dog lover, who is raising her new puppy to be bilingual. ( :  She not only makes beautiful things, she tweets, gets on facebook and blogs too.

Bird is the word note card set
April has spanish note cards (love) to say hello, send a get well message, or let someone know how much you love them.
Peacoat Navy Blue Flower Bouquet Ring
Mediano Chrysanthemum Ring 
 Her jewelry is delicate, sexy, stylish and beautiful.  Her rings keep calling out to me.
Mediano Duo Bobbies

I love these bobby pins to wear with a ponytail, jeans and a cute top.  

Gray Skies Bobby Pins & Earring Set

One of my favorite things about her shop...she custom makes her tags.  Just let her know what words you want...and she will happily print for you.  A personalized gift is always special. 

Hola Bonita  

Don't you just love?
April has a special promotion going on right now, enter coupon code AMOR15 to get 15% off  your order in celebration of Love day.

Giveaway: April is giving one of you a $40 gift credit to anything you like from her shop!  Super! I know!  Leave a comment by 12pm  Friday February 25th.  I will randomly pick one of you and let you know if you win.  
To win, do any one of these:

Visit Pieces of April and tell me what you would get if you win

Tell me what you would write on your personalized tag

Tell me how you will be celebrating Valentines Day

....or leave any message you want! ( :

Happy Day friends!

*no monetary compensation was given for this post.  I am absolutely in love with April and her shop and wanted to share with you.  April is letting me choose one piece from her shop as a gift for showcasing her. 

*entries now closed.  Congrats to the winner!

Sunday, February 13

"A Eme O"

For my little Valentines:

Andrea Echeverri

Perfect song to listen to while making love you cards with my two "little loves" here at home. 

Acai Seeds

This bracelet has been part of my daily wardrobe since returning from our Disney Cruise.  Lovely to wear on dress up or my most often casual days.

I got it on one of our sans kids outing (a comedy show) while on the cruise.

My drink for that night:

a most yummy Eco-tini

VeeV Acai liqueor, triple sec, agave nectar, ginger, and freshly squeezed lime juice (served with a souvenir Acai bracelet).

So, I'm in love with Acai jewelry right now.

Like Tania's darling Peruvian inspired Acai Chocolate Raspberry earrings.

I'm thinking perfect Valentines gift.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry right now...what are you wearing?

Friday, February 11

Breastfeeding, Facebook, and some very awesome mamas

Facebook recently closed Chilean Leslie Power's account for posting a beautiful picture of her breastfeeding her baby.  You can read more here.

A great group of attachment parenting mamás have gotten together to hold a virtual nurse-in.  Upload a breastfeeding picture to your account ( I am!!) and join this great group of women.

The nurse-in is tomorrow!!! Hurry mamas!!

Wednesday, February 9

I'm back.....

It seems so long.  Since my last post.  Iv'e missed writing.  Most of all reading all of your lovely blogs.

We just returned from a family vacation.  Disney Cruise... to the Mexican Riviera.  It was worth every hard earned penny we spent.  The kids had SO much fun.
I spent my week media free.
Enjoyed my family.  Food.  Mexico.  And seeing Mickey Mouse ofcoarse. ( :

Life is back to normal now.  Clothes are washing.  Jeremiah is supposed to be doing homework in his room.  Audrey out for a run in the jogger with dad.

And frozen lasagna from Trader Joes in the oven.

Tonight will be my first night back to work.  Iv'e been loving all the sleeping at night, and really need to pull myself together to get through tonight.

I'm still working on cleaning my life out.  And have a guest post I would love for you to read.

Hope everyone out there has their hearts filled with love today ( :

*Lot's to tell from our cruise.  Leave me a comment, or send me an email if you have questions about cruising.  I learned so much, I wish I would have known before leaving.  
*More posts to come soon, now that my life seems a little cleaner ( :


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