Friday, August 31

our first weeks with baby

Breastfeeding is a lot easier this week. 
The first week I was in complete agony. My breasts were engorged and nipples sore and cracked. Frank refused to feed from one of my breast,  it was SO painfully engorged, making it difficult for him to latch on no matter what we tried. I pumped...only able to express the smallest amount yet feeling like it was about to explode inside. No advice seemed to help. 
I walked around the house with breasts exposed... alternating between Motrin, gel pads and nipple cream. 
Oh, it was awful. Yet, I survived. 
And this week is so much easier and it seems Frank and I are finally learning to breastfeed. 

We have spent most of our first days together resting and feeding. I stare at him a lot, hold him close, look at his eyes, his toes, the facial expressions he makes...

A family of 5 has lots more going on than a family of 4... specially with a newborn. I'm so thankful for Kip, he has been mom and dad most days, preparing meals, shopping trips, running errands and taking care of me (bringing me my vitamins, water, making sure I have enough pillows when I breastfeed).  Audrey has been super helpful and loves to love on Frank whenever she gets a chance. Jeremiah is much more cool about having a newborn at home...yet is pretty quick to make sure everything is ok whenever he hears baby cry. 

The first two weeks have been a lot easier with visits from grandma stopping by to fill our crockpot with meats and veggies for us to have warm dinners in the evenings and friends who have dropped off salads, muffins, and dinners.  I seriously think a nights dinner is the best gift to give a family with a new baby at home. 

Today we are going out for lunch. Kip asked if I wanted to try....I think we'll be just fine...

Here's to a weekend filled with love and family....

Friday, August 24

Mamás para Huggies Campaign

We are back to many diaper changes...a newborn at home...oh my. With all these diaper changes it seems perfect for me to take part in Huggies new campaign Mamás para Huggies, twenty mom bloggers who will share via a series of posts a little bit about Huggies newest spokesparents, their new Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers and Huggies Natural Care Wipes, put these diapers and wipes to the test (on baby Frank :) and personally share some of our parenting challenges.

To start off the campaign we were invited to a live teleconference with Huggies Spokesparent and popular Mexican TV personality Poncho de Anda. He is super sweet! We got a chance to ask him questions and he was just real with his answers.  He shared how his family stays up a little later on Friday nights, how chocolate is sometimes the best way to reward his daughter, and how he reads a children's bible to his kids at night. I can definitely tell he is a hands on dad...and I really love that. 

Poncho and his wife Lina have created a series of webisodes sharing some of their messy moments and real life tips. Here is a fun webisode (in Spanish) starring Poncho and his beautiful family. You can see more of Poncho's webisodes and learn more about Huggies on the Huggies Latino Facebook page.


So very happy to be taking part in this campaign....more to come soon....

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Huggies.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

lunchbox ideas (Giveaway)

Jeremiah starts school again in just one short week.  I really meant to get all my back to school shopping done before baby's arrival...but baby Frank had other plans...and thats all good too... (:

It seems aside from all the shopping, and making sure the kids are prepared the next big challenge is making sure they eat a healthy meal at school...would you agree?

We are pretty lucky to have a great lunch program at Jeremiah's charter school but I'll be home from work for the rest of the year so I can give baby and kids lots of snuggles... and this means we will definitely be on a budget. 

Walmart recently contacted me asking me if I could share some healthy lunchbox ideas with you. They sent me a gift card to shop their assortment of healthier food options in order to create healthy lunchbox's what I came up with...

chicken salad: shredded chicken, a little mayo, seasoning and a can of veggies ( I have to thank grandma for this quick, easy and yummy recipe) served with Tostada pieces. 
mashed sweet potatoes
and a sweet and salty trail mix

whole wheat tortilla rolls up's: cream cheese, avocado and deli meat of your choice rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla and cut up in rolls
berries, melon and grapes

Salmon burger: canned salmon mixed with a little mayo, lime juice, seasoning, leaf lettuce, all in a bun
graham crackers

All very easy to make. 


To celebrate back to school, Walmart wants to send one of you a $25 gift card to help you make a healthier lunchbox for your kiddos. 

Leave me a comment telling me your best tip for making a healthy lunchbox or tell me a challenge you face. I will randomly pick a winner on September 4th at 11:59pm. US only. Make sure you include your email address if not already on your profile. 

*Walmart sent me a gift card to shop for this post and share with you my lunchbox ideas. All thoughts are my own. They also sent one for a giveaway. No other compensation was given. 

Friday, August 17


Frank William Beatty was born yesterday. I am in love. Baby is doing well. I am sore, hungry and a bit tired but also can say this is one of happiest moments in my life.

Tuesday, August 14

Big Big Dinosaur Week on PBS

Saturday morning all of us got in the Odyssey (oh yes, I did get a minivan :) and headed to LA's Natural History Museum. We had a great time walking around and checking out all the exhibits and staying cool and out of the heat (it's been SO hot here!). This baby inside has been cooking a little extra...

Audrey got a chance to meet Buddy from Dinosaur Train there! We were invited to meet Buddy and check out all the cool Dino stuff in celebration of "Big Big Dinosaur Week", a week of all new Dinosaur Train episodes on PBS kids that will be airing all this week (August 13th-17th). 
(Audrey loves this show)

SO happy we all got to hang out together, and enjoy a museum...something I need to do more of with kids!

Make sure you check out all the new episodes! 

xoxo Marcela

*no compensation of any kind was given for this post, we were invited to LA's Natural History Museum to visit Buddy. All thoughts are my own. 

Thursday, August 9

Aveeno Be An Active Natural (Giveaway)

So very awesome to share this with you...

Aveeno has just announced it's third Be An Active Natural Fund winner, Rachelle Roper. Rachelle's passion for gardening and producing her own food inspired her to share her insight with her community so  Feed the Need Garden was born. Through Feed the Need Rachelle organizes local seminars at "the teaching garden" (a plot of land she donated) and teaches others how to grow and preserve their own food.  Aveeno is awarding Rachelle with a $10,000 grant to help grow her project. 

Happy to support her and share her story with see other winners, vote or enter the BANN Fund  visit them on Facebook

The Giveaway celebration of the beautiful things Rachelle is doing Aveeno wants one of you to be an Active Natural and win a special garden-starter kit including seeds to plant a select few of the coveted Aveeno Active Naturals in your own backyard!

To enter the giveaway leave any topic related comment. Anything you use Aveeno? Do you garden? Have you thought about starting your own garden? I will pick a winner at random on August 20th at 12pm. US only. Make sure you leave your email address if not already on your profile. 

Suerte! ( :

*no compensation of any kind was given for posting this giveaway. I am an Aveeno Brand Ambassador and am happy to host this giveaway. 

Wednesday, August 8

News to share, Aveeno Gold Medal Giveaway

Happy to share some good news...Iv'e been selected to be an Aveeno Active Natural Brand Ambassador. Looking forward to working with this brand. It's a brand Iv'e used for years...on myself and my family. Aveeno has sent us some of their newest products to try and throughout the year I will be sharing my favorites with you...

Like their Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30 which is my favorite beauty product this summer! It's my first time trying a tinted's fabulous. Perfect for covering up blemishes and sun spots and super easy to use, Iv'e been able to skip the makeup and powder. It gives me a natural look and having the SPF 30 during the summer has been great during trips out with the kids. 

I'm not the only one in love with this product, here is a video of US Olympic Synchronized swim team Mariya Koroleva and Mary Killman sharing why they love Aveeno's Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 as well!

        Who else is totally wrapped up in the London Summer Games?
   It's been amazing to watch all these athletes give it their all!


In celebration of the summer games one of you will win Aveeno's gold medal worthy beauty solutions giveaway... the winning package will include Aveeno's....

·         Pure Renewal 2in1: sulfate-free, easy, one-step shampoo & conditioner that gently cleanses hair for softness and manageability

·         Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes: gentle, soft wipes that remove dirt, oil, makeup and even stubborn mascara

·         Positively Nourishing Body Wash: enhanced with anti-oxidants and a fresh, light fragrance transforming your shower into an at-home spa

·         Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30: hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic with UVA/UVB protection that evens tone and texture while providing light coverage 

To enter leave any topic related comment...tell me your favorite Olympic sport, your favorite athlete or favorite Aveeno product...anything goes....
I will pick a winner at random on August 19th at 12pm. US only. Make sure you include your email address if not already on your profile. 

For additional entries (leave a comment for each):
Like Aveeno on Facebook
Like Culture Mami on Facebook
Be a Friend on Google Friend Connect


*No monetary compensation was given for this post. I am a Aveeno Brand Ambassador and have received all these products for review purposes. Happy to host a giveaway of some of Aveeno's newest products. 

Friday, August 3

Fisher Price Room To Bloom (a giveaway)

A couple months ago I was invited to a yummy brunch hosted by Fisher Price and Sherwin Williams to learn all about Room To Bloom a very cool interactive tool to help expectant moms visualize and create affordable, fashionable nursery designs.

I brought Audrey and a friend along. We had a great time chatting among moms, eating yummy food and eating way too much from the candy bar. Audrey got a chance to play with new toys and I got to see all the new nursery collections from Fisher Price and all the beautiful new colors from Sherwin-Williams. 

And thanks to my darling friend Liz came home with the whole Snugabunny nursery collection. So very thankful. The item I'm most looking forward to using with new baby is the Snugabunny Rock n' Play Sleeper. It think it will be perfect to have baby with me around the house and even as a co sleeper during our first weeks at home. 

I can't believe in just a few short weeks we will have a baby in the house! To celebrate baby's arrival later this month I have a giveaway from Fisher Price and Sherwin-Williams!

A Snugabunny Rock n' Play Sleeper and a $15 Sherwin-Williams gift card. If you are expecting a baby or know a mother who is visit Room To Bloom and then leave any topic related comment...
What's your favorite color, or collection or product...anything goes...
I will pick a winner on August 17th at 12pm. US only.

For additional entries:

Leave a comment for each additional entry letting me know you did. 

Good luck mama!

*no compensation of any kind was given for this post and was not required to post giveaway. I was invited to a brunch hosted by Fisher Price where I ate a lot...had way too many cupcakes and was given a gift for attending. 

UPDATE: happy to announce mail4rosey as the winner! ( :


We were recently sent a copy of The Lorax on Blu-ray combo pack for review. Everyone here loved it. Audrey got a kick out of having one of the main characters named..."just like me". I don't think she knew other people or characters might have her name too. It's a super sweet movie based on the 1971 Dr. Seuss children classic that helps remind us (in a very comedic way) how important it is for us to take care of the environment and how there is always something we can do to help. 

The songs are catchy and they have been sung around the house often post movie.  It's funny and colorful and a movie that you can enjoy no matter what age. Blu-ray Combo packs and DVD will be available August 7th for purchase.

Definitely makes our family movie night list.....

Have you watched? Did you like? 

Thursday, August 2

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Very very soon I'll be breastfeeding again. I can feel my breasts getting ready. They are rounder and fuller...preparing for baby. 

Aren't these muñecas from MamAmor perfection? Every single doll (breastfeeding, babywearing, baby birthing....) so sweet and beautiful. 

A sweet week to you!


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