Thursday, October 28

Madres by Alejandra Oseguera

These beautiful breastfeeding and babywearing pieces are by Alejandra Oseguera, a very talented Latina artist.   I fell in love as soon as I saw them.  

You can visit Alejandra's website or Etsy shop to see more beautiful Latina inspired art. 

Her Day of the Dead paintings are perfect.

Wednesday, October 27

A headband for your workouts (Giveaway)

I'm playing with Audrey and she says to me... waswruyufacemami

So used to having her repeat a lot of things she says

I say what?



Now she is pointing at my left cheek

Oh, I say, thanks for noticing...that sweetie is called a pimple. 
You will get some one day, it might feel like it, but it really isn't the end of the world. 

See me trying to hide it by leaning to the side?  Not working (:

The one thing I have going for me today... this cute headband!

It's been my staple the last couple of workouts.  
Like this morning: Audrey in the stroller, mom for a visit and a walk, and coffee cups in our hands while we stroll the neighborhood.

It keeps hair out of the way during exercise.  Helps keep your hair from getting all wet with sweat. Is very good at hiding hair that forgot to get brushed.  Comes in cute colors.  Is handmade and homemade. And comes from a very lovely seller.

Paula from Petite Things by Paula wants you to have one too.  In celebration of running... and pimples!

Visit Paula's Etsy shop and leave a comment telling me what other item you like or any  topic related comment. 

I will pick a winner on Nov. 5, 2010 midnight.

*US only.  Was not given any monetary compensation...just a cute headband to make me look good while working out ( :

Tuesday, October 26

Ruby Slippers

She's been wearing them all day.

She says the word pretty, cat, princess and sooo butiful, all the time.

She dresses up.  Just like Jeremiah did when he was her age ... 200 days of the year (seriously)  (for 3 years in a row).

He wore his spiderman costume to visit friends and families, shopping, to the park...and to go to sleep.

I think I was able to wash it a couple times here and there ( :

It's time for make believe.

Do your little ones dress up?  Any day of the year?

Monday, October 25

when life get's in the way

Life has been busy lately.  Sometimes too busy to blog. 

Chasing after a toddler, cheering for Jeremiah at football games, trying to get rid of the ants invading my kitchen counter...
spending time with family. 
And dedicating time to myself. 

I ran for the first time this week after running my marathon. My knee is still bothering me, and I think I need to stick to walking for a couple more days. 

We had takeout last night...even though there was plenty to make in the fridge.  Don't you just love these nights? 
And Kip and I caught up on Dexter and Boardwalk Empire (two GREAT shows). 

Today,  I let Audrey stay in the bath till her little toes wrinkled up.   Laundry is piled high.  Our favorite music plays on the iPod.   Jeremiah gets out of school early.  And homemade pizza for dinner.

Life is good.

What are you up to today?

*photo credit: @kipb/Kip Beatty

Tuesday, October 19

More Marathon Inspiration

These photos from the Nike Women's Marathon make me love being a woman.

Runners have raised $105.5 Million over the last 7 years for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Can you believe how awesome that is?!?!

Leah Thorvilson crossing the finish line @ 2:46:42.  This woman is amazing!

A race through Union Square, along the San Francisco Bay with views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.....

is making my legs feel less sore.  I just might sign up for this next year. ( :

*photo credits:  Nike/Susan Goldman
*no monetary compensation was given for this post. 

My first Marathon

So, originally I was signed up to run the Nike Womens Marathon in San Francisco (courtesy of Nike, I <3 them), I was super,super excited....the views, the benefiting Leukemia,the chocolate mile, and that special Tiffany's necklace you get when you finish.

But then life and family got in the way.  Jeremiah had a football game the day before, and there was no way to get my family there in time to see me finish.  So, I thought....chocolate and necklace ...or family support...  

my little ones won in the end ( :

But Nike will forever be my favorite sports brand for being so supportive of mom runners/athletes.  And there is always next year...although with the pain I am in right now.... ( :

Luckily I was able to find that the Long Beach Marathon was still open...

Here I am, at 4:30 in the morning, ready scared and nervous to run a marathon in just 3 hours and tired on the little sleep (tossing and turning all night) I had the night before.  Maybe that big meal of mashed potatoes, pasta, chicken and salad was the culprit of the little sleep. ( :

A juice smoothie for breakfast, outfit ready and shoes tied (courtesy of Nike) and iPod ready I headed out to Long Beach. 
No traffic all the way... and then I get there and it takes me 1 hour to just find parking. 

My advice:  If you are ever participating in a huge event like this, get there EARLY.   By the time I got to the starting line the first wave of runners were off, luckily with my slow pace I wasn't due to start my run until the sixth wave of runners. 

I joined my cliff bar pacer team at the starting line.  I highly recommend joining a pacer team if you decide to run a marathon.  I couldn't have done it without them.  We all introduced each other and supported each other the whole way.  It was amazing. 
Every time we would get to our next mile, our pacer leader would dedicate that mile to special people...
"let's dedicate this next mile to kids with Autism, we will run this mile for them!"
"let's dedicate mile 10 to parents who are running with strollers" (yes, there were marathoners running with strollers....can you believe that?!?!?!)
We would find runners along the way that needed an extra push...
"let's run this mile for ...what's you name?...Dan, we are running alongside Dan, this mile is for him!"

We encountered special people all the way.  A husband pushing his wife in a wheelchair, a mom running for her two children she lost to cancer, people with disabilities.  It was so awesome, and so inspirational.
I felt good right till about mile 15, tired trough 18, and then if not for the support from other runners and all those amazing spectators I think I could have easily given up.  Mile 18 has to be the hardest, I think it's the hardest mile for most runners.  This is around the time your body switches from using glycogen stores and starts using fat as fuel. 

The Long Beach community was there all the way... giving out orange and banana slices, jolly ranchers, necklaces and water.  Kids cheering us, posters, high fives, it was so special. 
And the Long Beach Marathon was awesome about having water and powerade stations throughout the run.

I have no complaints. 

Those last 8 miles were super hard.  Every step I used everything I had in me.  With the help of my pacer team I somehow got to mile 22...and I knew...I am going to finish this.   Exhausted, and emotional, all I could do was keep going.  I was so close.

I was at mile 25.  At that point I left my pacer team behind letting them know I was going to go a little faster and finish before my goal pace. I have no idea where it came from.  I just HAD to finish,  I wanted to be at that finish line.  That feeling is like nothing I have ever felt.  It feels good and so hard to describe.


Then I saw my family.  Kip taking pictures.  The kids yelling for me.  I saw my mom and sister waving.  And suddenly I got this energy boost.  

Feet and legs heavy, I saw that finish line.  

Those yards felt so long.  

I could feel that finish line. 

I could see Jeremiah jumping up and down and yelling.

Later I asked what he was saying...."that's my mom, that's my mom!"

I know this was a super long post ( :  Just couldn't make it any smaller!

I did it!

I ran a marathon!!!

BTW: I didn't realize this until just now that I am writing this post (which is great!) clothing was completely dry when I got to the finish line.  Nike's Dry Fit line rocks!

* No monetary compensation was given for this post.  Nike provided race fees and a cute outfit and shoes for me to run in.  I have always been a Nike brand user, but now with how much they love mom runners... I will use them even more.  

Thursday, October 14

Pre and Post run training routine

One of the best ways to prevent injuries during long distance running is warming up before your run and strength exercises after.

Here are two routines by Coach Jay Johnson (an awesome running coach).  You can find more videos and training tips on his blog and on Nike+.  I highly recommend his tips if you are looking into long distance running.  I use these before and after most of my runs.

The pre run warm up is the total opposite of what I first was doing.  I was stretching my muscles way too much.   The goal is not to stretch your muscles but get them warm.

Stretching should be done after a run.

The post run routine looks easy, but after a run I find it to be very challenging.

And even if you are not a runner both are great exercise routines!

I love his take on how important it is to strengthen muscles and do cardio if you want to be a better runner.

Hope you enjoy these and they help you as much as they have helped me!

Tuesday, October 12

How do I carry my iPhone during runs?

I think I have told you before...I am addicted to my iPhone.
I won't get into all the why's but I specially love all the cool exercise apps available, including being able to have Nike+ on it.   It's almost perfect for a runner....

except one do I carry it with me?

Lately, with my long runs.... I have been in total runner look with my little pack on my back.  I use the Nathan Speed 2 ...yes, that's my booty you see here  ( :
Nathan Speed 2 waist pack

I love that I can bring plenty of water, a snack and my iPhone.
This has been the best for long runs.  It might be too much for the average short run though...

For short runs, these are my recommendations:

Tuneband for iPhone

The Tuneband has gotten great reviews on Amazon.  Any armband takes a little getting used to but from what I can tell this is definitely a favorite for runners. 

Gracie's A line Tank

I recently discovered Gracie's tanks!   Aren't they awesome?   I can't tell you how much I appreciate a pocket on running/workout clothes.  Keys, snacks, a couple bucks, phone! Whatever you need with you...there it is.  I am in love!

More on Gracie's tops on posts to come....with a giveaway for one of you in celebration of my upcoming marathon!

So, what do you think?  Do you use an armband, pack, cool top to carry your iPod or phone?  Would love to hear what you are using!

Sunday, October 10

Marathon girl ready

I would usually be the first person to say that for running all you need is a pair of shorts and some good running shoes....but lately, I have found that comfort and style makes a run so much better.  Marathon girl ready

Marathon girl ready 

Here are some of my favorite picks.

Including this really cute Pink Race Tee by Lucy.

The more I run I find out how important it is to have adequate running bottoms (more on this post's to come) there is nothing worse than  sweaty  wet pants (around the crotch area) and heavy fabric during a long run.  I am in love with this Runaround Skirt.

I recently started running in these Nike dry fit socks.  They aren't the cheapest at $12 bucks a pair but definitely worth it for the dryness and the extremely nice fit.  I will be ordering more.

I am currently running in the Nike free's (closest to barefoot running) during short runs and breaking in my Pegasus for long runs... but these Nike Vomeros have been favorites for years.   I ran my first half marathon in these and never had any pain.

These headbands look perfect for keeping hair in the right place and out of my face.  I love the colors!

*These are all personal picks.  I have not been asked or compensated for mentioning any of these products. 
All opinions are mine ( :

Saturday, October 9

The babywearing daddy

I have tried most carriers... except for the wrap.  Somehow this one has always been a little intimidating.  Don't get me wrong,  I hear great things about it, babies look so comfy all wrapped up, and a good friend of mine swears by it, but somehow all the wrapping kept me away.

I have to admit...this daddy is making it look really easy today ( :

Thursday, October 7

Babywearing in Honduras

Babywearing Culture.

Beautiful isn't it?

Potter fans?

Jeremiah has just a couple pages to read to finish book 5.  It's his first big (literally ....800 page books) series.

He is so into it(just as much as Kip and I were when we read them).  

There is nothing like having your kid ask you "can I read some more before bed?".  I highly recommend it for your kids... Jeremiah started reading the series in 4th grade (it might be a little dark for someone younger).

Of coarse we will watch the new film!  Perfect way to celebrate such great reading.

What are your kids reading these days?

Are you Potter fans?

Wednesday, October 6

How to train for a race ....

Sometimes being mom gets in the way of exercise.  Sometimes a lot.

Time has definitely been the hardest obstacle during my marathon training.  During long run days I am away for hours at a time.  Sometimes I feel guilty, yet I know that this is the best thing for me right now.   As hard as it is for a mom to take care of herself first before her is sometimes the best thing we can do.

I have found that running is not only good for my health, my mind is completely different lately.  I feel clear after my run's, it seems to melt (or sweat) away all those toxins floating around my brain and makes me feel new.  I am less grumpy and ironically less tired.  I feel positive, and that is a good thing when being mom.

So how do I fit all these long runs in?

I have a running schedule.
I run four times a week.  Two short runs, one medium run, and one long run.  I also have a mom's circuit training class twice a week which has helped me immensely.

Saturday is my long run day.  I run early morning,  kiddos still in bed or pajamas, and hubby at home to tackle breakfast and love giving.   The earlier I leave, the earlier I get home, and the less family time I miss.  When I first started training, long runs where 5 mile runs, I gradually increased by 1 mile every 2 weeks.  Intervals are extremely helpful.  I do 5 minutes of running then 1 minute walking.  This is so doable, and not so stressful on your body.  I somehow made it from 5  to 21.83....and soon a 26 mile run.
It's easier than it sounds.

My long run day is followed by a short run day.  Short runs are 2-5 fast mile runs.  I use these to work on my speed, which is my biggest problem.  Most of my short runs are with a jogging stroller and Audrey in tow.

Mid week I run a medium run, usually a 5-10 mile run.  This run I use to focus on keeping at pace (usually jogging stroller along as well).  Audrey loves these runs for napping.  And I love having the stroller to fill up with small snacks for each of us and lot's of water.  If Audrey is awake we take a little break at the park to play before returning home.

Towards the end of the week and heading into my long run day I run one more short run.  This run is always my most efficient.

The motivation to go out for a run or even get into work out clothes is something I still struggle with.  Having a marathon to run for is a big motivator and I recommend always having a race you are running for if you are a procrastinator like I am ( :

Hearing audiobooks has to be one of my favorite things to look forward to as well.  Over the last two months I have listened to four audiobooks ( the Stieg Larsson Trilogy is amazing) and feel great to not only be able to run but catch up on good books as well.

More running to come soon....

Tuesday, October 5

Running in the rain

This morning I let Audrey jump in rain puddles.   It's been raining here.  It makes for good sleep weather.

still in pajamas after dropping Jeremiah off at school
But not so good when training for a marathon.  I'm procrastinating today's run...and thinking of warm tea and reading blogs instead ( :

Jeremiah started band practice today... drumsticks ready in hand this morning

Audrey doesn't think anything too big are her favorite words lately.  The cup is too big, the shoes are too big, the book is too big.  Everything is too big.

So here I am finding the right size for her tastes.  And running in the rain.

Monday, October 4

My longest run before.....Marathon day

Last Sunday I ran 21.83 miles.  This was my longest run so far, and longest run before my marathon  two weeks from now.
Did I just say two weeks?

I had a great start, and kept to goal pace during most of the first half.

Then I got to mile 17 and was SO ready to give up.  It was super hot.  HOT HOT HOT, I tell you!  I was tired.  Exhausted actually.  I kept at it and then at mile 19....I was so done.  I couldn't anymore...and had to walk the rest.  Not that walking made the last couple miles any easier. 

I was really disappointed in myself.  It turned out to be such a lousy run.

I know everyone has these runs, but this was such a let down, specially with the marathon being so close.  My finish time was 5 hours and 30 minutes (which is actually my marathon race finish goal).

So... now I am on a mission to psych myself up before marathon day.  Not sure quite how I will fit 4+ miles in that time...but that is my GOAL ( :

Audrey post 5 mile  jogging/stroller  run @ Seal Beach

I'm kind of past that disappointing run now, kind of.  Months ago I couldn't even finish half of that.  I keep trying to look at it this way.  And remind myself that all of us have bad day's....or in my case bad run days ( :

I took lot's of Ibuprofen and ate well that evening.  And rested.

Today, although now tapering down for the race, was my long run again.  It was good.  I was pretty consistent with keeping to my run 5 minutes -walk 1 minute intervals and keeping at my goal pace.  My timing was better... but I still need to focus and work on this over the next two weeks.

I am in no means a fast runner, but if I want to reach my goal, I definitely need to increase my speed.

Over the next two weeks I plan on sharing a lot of what I have learned during my training, from training schedules, to what to eat, to what to wear.....

Stay tuned....

Any questions??? Would love to answer!  I had so many when I first started...I am by no means an expert... just learning as I go...

Sunday, October 3

In sling...

I keep her close to me.  She is safe.

I can't think of a safer place for her to be.  She is with me. This is why I babywear.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has lot's to say against slings and babywearing.

Mamás, we need to educate... when done the right way babywearing is safe and beneficial for mom and baby.

Join in!

Link your favorite  babywearing photos and stories to Steph's call to action, and on the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) Facebook page.

Saturday, October 2

Breastfeeding Toddler

Audrey is now 2 years and 3 months old.  I still breastfeed.   

I do because it's what feels right, it's our time together, when we are both at peace, together.
Sometimes I don't think very much milk at all comes out.  Other times I feel so fortunate I can offer my daughter this great drink.  

Some days, I really don't feel like it, I wish I didn't have her pulling on my shirt or TELLING me how she HAS TO HAVE IT...NOW.

Breastfeeding @ the San Diego Zoo
And somedays I think I look forward to this time just as much as she does.

Breastfeeding a toddler gets lot's of attention sometimes.

"when are you going to stop?", "what about your husband?", "what about your breasts?", "you must be doing it for birth control?"
"don't you think she's a little too old for it?"

Sometimes these comments make me MAD, sometimes I worry what others might think.
This passes, because people will always have matter what.   I am doing what's best for our family.

I also have found that a smart reply helps too....

"I do what's best for our family, what feels natural to us, and not what others tell us to do".


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