Tuesday, October 30

good thoughts

Reading about storm Sandy and seeing footage on the news is really scary. Hoping anyone affected is safe, warm, and with family and friends close by.

good thoughts,

Monday, October 29

monday breakfast (Giveaway)

Did you know today is National Oatmeal Day? Audrey and I had some for breakfast. I made small pot yesterday then divided it in portions for Audrey and I to eat over the next couple of days. We'll just add different toppings each day to change things up a bit. Here's some other fun oatmeal finds around the web...

Emily perfume is made with almonds, honey, coconut and oatmeal

These  Sperry Top-Sider baby boat shoes in linen oat color are adorable, I'll have to get some for baby Frank.

Have you tried overnight oats ... smart!

In El Salvador Agua de Avena is a staple drink for post partum and breastfeeding women

I think I need an oatmeal bath, right now

Beautiful healthy skin with oatmeal

In honor of this Oat holiday, I have two oat-themed bundles from Aveeno® featuring ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat products to giveaway to two readers that will help keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy throughout the winter. It contains a Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Daily Moisturizing Body Wash, Skin Relief Lotion and Skin Relief Body Wash. To enter leave any topic related comment. I will pick two winners on November 6th at 11:59pm by random and email you if you win. US only.


Happy Oatmeal Day!

*no compensation of any kind was given for this post. I am a Aveeno® blog Ambassador

Friday, October 26

Brooklyn Castle

A fellow parent from Jeremiah's school recently sent an email recommending this documentary to all the middle school families. Kip says it's gotten great reviews from critics.

It's definitely one I want to see. I think Kip is planning on going to the show with Jeremiah for this one.

Have you heard about Brooklyn Castle?

Thursday, October 25

something to think about

 It's so easy to forget all the nasty chemicals and poor practices involved with food production when visiting the grocery store. The kids and I get sucked in by the fancy packaging and wording all the time.

This is a smart reminder to think twice about the things we are buying, to shop local, and to visit our farmer's markets regularly. We've been part of a local farm organic produce home delivery service for some time now, Audrey and I love opening the box and finding what's inside on delivery days. It also makes me feel better about not having the time to visit the farmers market on a weekly basis.

How often do you visit farmer's markets? Have you heard about local organic produce delivery services?

 Lately...eggs have been on my mind...all the false wording on their packaging and the way the hens are's really sad. I have no idea how to take care of hens in the backyard, but it's been on my mind, do you have any experience with this?

Monday, October 22

Dia de los Muertos Cultural Festival at Rose Hills

Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary is celebrating it's 3rd annual Dia de los Muertos Cultural Festival this weekend. 

Audrey and I went last year and had such a good time...we plan to go again this year! They have an art exhibit, arts and crafts activities for kids, face painting, yummy food, local vendor area and music/dance entertainment. 

It's such a fun way to learn about the culture and heritage of Dia de los Muertos. 

The event will be Sunday October 28th from 11-5:30pm and admission is free.

If you are looking for fun ways to celebrate this holiday at home check out this awesome post featuring all things Dia de los Muertos at Spanglish Baby.

Thursday, October 11

Doc McStuffins Halloween episode

It seems a lot of our kids are Doc McStuffins and Halloween fans... so I thought I'd share the time and date of the new Halloween episode. 

It airs tomorrow October 12th at 10:00 a.m ET/PT. Audrey is super excited to watch and has plans to wear her costume and set up "her toys" to watch along with her.  xoxo


"I love you more than all the unicorns", I overheard her say to Kip, while I folded laundry and he tucked her into bed. 

And although it's such an Audrey thing to say...I know she meant every word. 

She gives the biggest snuggles (Kip and I fight over them all the time) and kisses baby and dog every time she passes by. 

She tells me her secrets...and tells me not to tell no one, not even brother. I keep them. And hope she'll always find someone to confide in, in me.

There are those times, sometimes it seems like all the time, when I know I'm being tested....
when I just can't stand one more minute, when I'm about to breakdown, when time outs are given and privileges taken away... when seconds later I want to hold her in my arms and tell her that I love her. 

She has given me so much...has shown me that it's things like jumping over puddles that I will remember most...

The other day, Kip was off from work and volunteered to take care of  baby Frank so Audrey and I could spend some time together. We decided on the zoo, we shared lunch as soon as we got there, I asked her what animals she wanted to see and she said, "a unicorn or a narwhal". I had to google narwhal because I had no idea what it was and of coarse she did. 

I told her we weren't going to find either one at the zoo. She was sure we would. And sure enough we found a unicorn. I told her she deserved two rides on the carousel and cotton candy since she had found a unicorn. 

Today, we are home, it's a rainy day in LA and 
this is how our conversation went when she saw the rain...

"mom!, you ruined the day!"
how? I say. 
"you let there be a thunder storm!" as she marches off...

Monday, October 8

eat, drink & be scary

Aren't these Halloween plates fun? They would make a great hostess gift this month... or a fun birthday gift for someone who has a birthday near Halloween. You can make your own plates and customize as you like. My aunt's birthday is on Halloween...she would love these!

Vein-illa is a nurse's favorite ice cream flavor too, using this riddle on my co workers ( : 

Happy Monday!

*images via Shutterfly

Monday, October 1

Bibbidi Bobbidi Blu!

Last week I attended a special screening of Disney's Cinderella at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank to celebrate it's October 2nd Diamond Edition release to Blu-ray.  I brought my mom, sister and Audrey along and we all had a lot of fun enjoying and falling in love again with this classic. 

The screening was hosted by Mexican actress Ana De La Reguera (remember the nun in Nacho Libre?) and she is as beautiful, elegant and graceful in person as in her films . She was super sweet when meeting and taking pictures with us. Princesses were given shiny crowns to wear and lot's of little girls in attendance were dressed up as little Cinderella's. 

It was great to have a girls night ...first time I was away from baby Frank for more than 2 hours... and of coarse he did fantastic (kids usually act up with me : ). Kip says he chugged his bottle down and he was sound asleep in his bassinet by the time Audrey and I got home. 

Disney's Cinderella Diamond Edition will be released tomorrow October 2nd to Blu-ray, which includes a Spanish version of the film (Audrey loves that Princesses speak Spanish!).... a perfect gift for any princess. 



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