Monday, May 28

Shabby Apple South Pacific Dress Giveaway

I hope all of you had a beautiful weekend filled with loved ones. 

I have a super giveaway to start the summer. A women's dress from Shabby Apple, a fancy online boutique of women's dresses. 

I am in love with the South Pacific collection...

All their styles are so unique, sophisticated, and sexy. 

Shabby Apple wants one of you to wear one of these fancy dresses.
If you win you get to pick from Shabby Apple's Kanani , the Bali Ha'i, Pineapple Princess, or the Waimea Dress. US only. I will pick one winner on June 9th at 12pm. 

To enter :
2. Tell me which Shabby Apple dress is your favorite you have any special party this summer...what dress would you wear?

updated: Comiendo in LA is the winner of this giveaway. Giveaway now closed. 

Sunday, May 27

26 weeks

At bedtime Audrey and I take turns massaging my big belly with belly rub oils. 
Sometimes I rub her belly too. We compare our baby to fruits and veggies. And wait for baby to kick one more time...again. 

How lucky am I??? .... I have a baby inside...we are soon a party of 5

Friday, May 25

a happy weekend to you

Kip texted me yesterday afternoon telling me to call our sitter and ask her to watch Audrey today so the two of us could spend some time together. Alone...just us two. ( :
We dropped of the kids... then went to the show and caught the first movie playing. 
We shared popcorn and he placed his hand on my thigh... and even though the day went by super fast it was so nice to spend that time together. 
He is so good about asking grandma or our sitter to watch the kids for time alone with me. 
I'm so grateful because I know I can be a really poor planner sometimes. 

How often do you go on dates with your spouse? Do you take time out to be alone? How important is this in your relationship?

I know in ours, it freshens us up a bit... and the routine of life with kids is a little bit easier after spending time with each other to just be us. 

Here are some Instagram photos of our week....

I will be working all weekend so nothing fancy for us, just some relaxation here at home, probably lot's of take out and hopefully lot's and lot's of sleep. 

Do you have special plans this holiday weekend?

Enjoy your time off. Enjoy your families. 

xoxo Marcela

Wednesday, May 23

cat fancy

Today I'm fancying Ana's doll... Minena.  I really need to get one of these pretties for Audrey. So feminine, petite and just plain wonderful.

(Iv'e shared more of Ana's dolls)

Monday, May 21

cola in a bag

During my visits to El Salvador I have always thought drinking from a bag is fun...

(gracias a mami for sharing with me the video this morning)

Sunday, May 20


Although babies don't need much more than feeding, diapering and lot's and lot's of's always a fun part of pregnancy to find new products....or baby necessities.

I recently saw the Cariboo folding bassinet in person, and have fallen in love. It's made from sustainable New Zealand wood and 100% cotton. It's simple yet perfect.

We only used the crib with Audrey for a few months before she eventually jumped in the bed with us, so we are thinking a bassinet next to our bed would be perfect for baby number three.

What did you use for baby...a bassinet, crib or did baby get in bed with you from day one?

Sunday, May 13

Mother's Day 2012

I came home from work this morning to find everyone ready to greet me at the door. Hugs and kisses, and love filled the room. 

I am so grateful to have this life. To be able to love Audrey, Jeremiah and this little person growing inside me. 

I think the pregnancy has me on a high of emotions. The love inside me...helping to create life. 

I hope you are on this mother high also. Being a mother is a beautiful gift. 

Happy Mothers Day!


PS. Wishing all single moms an extra special day. Thank you mom for all your love, patience,and always understanding...I love you. 

Thursday, May 10

Time magazine on attachment parenting

I'd have to argue with Time magazine that breastfeeding your three and a half year old is extreme parenting.... and the whole "are you mom enough?" is just plain silly (we are all mom enough to love our children whichever way we parent) yet I applaud  the moms that shared their stories and photographs for taking another step towards normalizing attachment parenting.

Most of you know that I loved baby-wearing Audrey, breastfed her till she was 3 and that she still shares a bed with Kip and I.

I breastfed Jeremiah till he was 2, co slept till he was 6, and really wish I would have known more about baby-wearing then...

It's what feels right for our family. For us, there was never a need to read the benefits of doing this from a book and we definitely wouldn't call Dr. Bill Sears our guru (I don't even think Kip knows who this is). This type of parenting just happened for us. We respect any parenting choice and know that love is really the most important.

When baby arrives we plan to breastfeed, baby-wear and co sleep as well.

What are your thoughts on the cover/article? Personally... I can't wait to pick up a copy.

Wouldn't it be awesome if they would have included a Latina or black mother in their pictures!?

There is a whole series of articles on breastfeeding and attachment parenting on Time magazine ATM....would love to hear your thoughts/comments....

Tuesday, May 8

para mama

for mom

for mom by marcelabeatty featuring a crochet shawl

I recently tried this Dwell Studio diaper bag in store...loved. Josie Maran Argan oil...good stuff. A new scarf can really make an outfit. Fun pens....always love a new pen (must be the nurse in me)...specially one you can play puppets with! New nail polish makes me feel pretty. A Sakura Bloom sling can make any baby wearing mama felíz. (:

What would you love for Mothers Day?

Monday, May 7

Our weekend

...was filled with all kinds of fun. 
Much deserved after spending most of the day Friday cleaning up our spare room (Audrey's room) ...which really has been a catch all since she was born. She still co sleeps... and putting up money on a nursery was never a priority. I figured she would eventually make the room hers...and that seems to be slowly taking place...
(Kip referred to this cleaning as me taking part in some nesting)

Friday night... an Under the Sea inspired birthday party which included a jicama, pineapple and watermelon salad ....and tamales for mom. 

Saturday... we dropped Audrey off at grandmas. Kip, Jeremiah and I headed out to the show (a second time for the boys). After the movie the three of us went out for Mexican food. We came home to relax and somehow a little relaxation turned into a 3 hour nap for me! I woke up with just enough time to do some grocery shopping and watch Wayne's World with Kip and Jeremiah. 

Kip and I hadn't watched in years, it was Jeremiah's first time... watching inspired by rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to grandmas.  

Sunday... the boys headed out to watch the LA Kings hockey game. Audrey and I picked up some friends and went to Pregnancy Awareness Month's Celebrate Moms event here in LA. 

Lots of fun products, lots of learning, pampering, including massages, henna tattoos, natural makeup and fun crafts for Audrey. 

And her second face painting of the weekend....something she loves!

We ended our weekend going out for Lebanese food and enjoyed our very lovely dates for the day....

both Audrey and I came home tired and ready to cuddle in bed with daddy... a most perfect way to end a busy and fun weekend. 

What fun did you take part in this weekend?

Thursday, May 3

The Avengers

Oh.... the boys here are super excited to see The Avengers this weekend. It's been quite the talk on car rides to school... are your boys feeling the I can't wait's also?

Confession: I might be feeling it a little too...two super hero lovers will do that to you...

Kip and Jeremiah have a date after school tomorrow to watch while Audrey and I head out to a 1st birthday party.

Then on Saturday they plan on taking mommy to see it too. ( : I think they just want to see it a second time. ( :


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