Monday, May 31

Tag number eight.

Being tagged by lovely Madeline from Barefoot Childhood, makes any day special. 

The rules.....

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Now tell your story....

Kip sent this photo to me via his iPhone.  It's dated July 16, 2008.  
Audrey bear was 13 days old.  I can smell her in my arms, and imagine holding her tiny body. 
Kip and Miah had a special day for just the two of them.  I stayed home with baby while they went to the show. 

I can't believe Jeremiah has grown so much in the last two years.  

I can totally picture myself when he sent this to me, baby on my lap, resting, feeding her and with a big smile on my face, maybe even a laugh after receiving this. 

Thanks for the tag Madeline, brought some special memories. 

I am tagging.....

Dariela from Mami Talks

and Krista from Musings of Mommy Dearest

Sunday, May 30

Que Rica Vida in Miami. Part 1.

Many thoughts on my trip come to mind when writing this post.  It's not everyday, actually it's the first time, that a company like General Mills sponsors a group of Latina bloggers to fly out to an event of this style. 
Maybe now, we will start seeing that trend... many different colored faces where we sometimes are used to seeing mostly one at company sponsored blogger events.  
Speaking of color, what color are Latinas anyway? ( : I saw a whole lot of color in Miami!

Yoli and I on the shuttle heading towards our Hotel.

We stayed at the Hyatt, and everything was lovely.  I saw FRIENDS everywhere I turned (faces I had only read).  Funny, the connection bloggers have.  I felt like I knew all of these ladies, and the more I think about it, I guess I did already know them.  I talked in english with some, spanish with some, and our favorite, spanglish a whole lot of the time too.  They made me feel welcome and loved, and that meant everything.

Yoli and I shared rooms. We could of had our own, but like, who was going to help me with my outfits?

The more I write, I think this post will definitely have to be seperated into two.  Our two days there.....k?

We had a party the first night, with mariachi music (hello?! Latina!), drank mojitos, ate yummy food and took pictures and gave big Latina hugs all night. 

We heard all about the re-lauch of the new Que Rica Vida.  My favorite part, Baby Center en Español will be joining them to share tips and articles on parenting. I love that Baby Center en Español supports all parenting styles, yet still seems to lean towards natural parenting.

with Marta and Carrie and  Lisa 

After the event we all hung out in the hotel lobby and chatted.  Some of us party girls went out for a walk in downtown to find a hangout where we could chat and get to know each other more.

Our first stop was a total dive bar.   It had a certain smell, a mixture of old, greasy chicken wings and beer that turned us away instantly.

Our next stop, down the street, was a very trendy spot.  A band on stage with a sexy dancer in a flowy mini skirt, young people and liquor everywhere.  It had MIAMI all over it.

Catalina, Sandrini, Yoli and I

We left and walked back up the street, to find something right in the middle of the two, and perfect.  A sushi bar, that pulled tables together for us and brought out  yummy rolls and drinks.  I had a pomegranate champagne drink.  We talked about the event, and blogging.  Our thoughts and feelings. 

Everyone has a different story.  As I'm sure you do too.  So special this thing we call, mamí blogging.

*more links and thoughts to come in part 2. The trip was sponsored by General Mills. All thoughts are my own. 

Wednesday, May 26

Our garden.

Jeremiah and I planted strawberries, tomatoes, and peppers.

We are happy.  We did this together.

Our strawberries and cherry tomatoes are sweet.

There is nothing like that feeling, helping something grow.

(you can see the mint and lavender in the back)

Hope you are having a lovely day!

Tuesday, May 25

Veggie Miso Soup

I have to share the recipe Audrey and I had for lunch today.

It's really easy to make, healthy, vegan (if you get vegan miso paste mix) , and just plain yummy!


1 1/2 cup firm tofu
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1/2 cup diced celery
1-2 cups baby spinach leaves
1/2 cup thinly sliced onion
1 cup wild mushrooms
1 cup cabbage
4 cups water
2 packets of instant miso soup
( I get mine from Trader Joes, but you can pick it up at pretty much any grocery store, atleast here in LA you can)

To prepare:

Mix all ingredients in small stockpot.  Add 4 cups of water.  Bring to a boil. Add instant miso soup packets. Stir. Pepper and salt to taste (if needed).

You can change ingredients to pretty much any veggies you have in the fridge, add more or less of any ingredient.


Monday, May 24

Toddler on my back.

I was so busy cleaning up the kitchen, thinking I was finishing but really starting again the laundry, that I couldn't see the picture of Audrey and I at that moment.  She was chasing me around the house, while I too busy to ask her what she needed kept about my afternoon.

We were in the laundry room, and she kept saying mama, mama.  She pointed up to our coat rack. 

Where the carriers hang. 

I quickly stopped, held her close, and apologized. 

I sat her on the washer as we got her comfy on my back. 

Not the best picture, but definitely an everyday one.  

She still loves to be carried. 

Sunday, May 23

Here I am.

Sipping on my morning coffee, reading my favorite blogs, pancake mess cleanup waiting for me in the kitchen and still in my pajamas. 

 I am definitely home. 

I tried to get my cafecito to taste like the café con leche from Versailles I had before boarding. No luck, but still yummy. 

I know what would make it even yummier! One of those dulce de leche or guava In Style Cupcakes Carrie introduced us to.  Maybe that's what I should have brought home from Miami!

I <3 Kip, specially because I came home to a clean casita. 

Audrey asked for boobie chita as soon as we arrived from the airport.  My left breast was so full and ready for her.  I didn't pump during the trip and had really big boobs to prove it. 

Jeremiah immediately fell in love with the flip cam (a gift from General Mills), I think I will have lot's of Jeremiah videos to load. 

I have lot's to share from my trip.  I met some great friends. Had way too much to eat ( : Had too many mojitos ( :

and fell in love with Miami.  Que Rica Vida la pase. The food, the people, la cultura.
We were greeted by our beautiful spanish language at every turn. 
So many Latin American's proud of their culture.

I will share more soon. 

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. 

*the trip to Miami was an all expense paid trip from General Mills.  The flip cam was a gift from General Mills.  The cupcakes a gift from In Style Cupcakes.  I was not asked, required, or given monitary compensation to tell you anything I said on this post.  These were 100% my thoughts. 

Wednesday, May 19

Blogging on the plane.

Last night was filled with lots of thought and little sleep.  

Nerves, excitement and thinking about everything I was going to leave undone.

Audrey woke up during the night to feed.  I held her close, embracing her little body.  She said to me "chita, nap".  Okay mama, I said,  chichita y nap, as I put her to my breast. 

Yesterday, I ran around.  Shopping, cleaning, cooking and folding laundry.  Silvia said it perfectly while we talked on the phone, "I feel like I'm nesting"

That is exactly how I felt.  
Just with no baby on the way.  I think

Speaking of babies.  My best friend had her baby yesterday. Congrats mama!  I <3 you and your babies!

Today is a busy day.  We caught a 6am flight, meaning we had to wake up at 3:30am.  I don't look pretty at 3 in the morning ( :  There are a whole bunch (maybe 10)  Latina bloggers on the plane.  All headed from LA to Miami.  

I am sure General Mills and Que Rica Vida will have no idea what to do so many bloggers together in Miami ( :

Audrey started to cry when I got out of the car at the airport.  It broke me, I even got the milk let down feeling when I saw her (which doesn't happen much now that she is a toddler), but I know her dad, so I know Audrey and Miah will be just fine. 

Thanks for all your very supportive comments on my last post.  Your comments mean everything to this little blog. 

My luggage, second hand boutique. Shoes, Urban Outfitters

Sunday, May 16


Nervous and anxious.
I keep telling myself Audrey will be fine without me for two days.
And then I think about how she is still nursing, will she still want to nurse when I get back, will she be able to fall asleep with her babysitter during the day?
Am I doing the right thing?  It's only two days.

My trip to Miami for the unleashing of Que Rica Vida.

I wonder if I should take her.  She can still sit on my lap on the plane.  I can take the Ergo.
And then I realize, she will immediately want out, and want to run.
With no freedom, long days, and a schedule to follow, my schedule.
Is that the right thing to do?  Take her with me?

I already miss my family.

Kip is very supportive, as always. <3
I am so thankful for him.

And I'm excited to get away, and see friends, and meet new ones.
And at the same time, I am scared.

*How do you handle trips away from family? How do you feel about blog conferences and blog trips? 

Thursday, May 13

passing along some great info

Cancer patients are the best patients.  

This I always say. 

My first job as a new nurse was in a women's oncology unit.  I met some great women.  Fighters.  Appreciating every single drop of life.

Most of these women, with surprise diagnoses.  A diagnosis takes so much away.  

One of the things I was always told by these women, in one way or another, was  get checked

Please, get checked.  

I was sent some info to pass on to you LA and OC ladies.  As a nurse there is no way I can say no to passing info like this along. 

Free health fairs in your area.  Visit for more info. 

AltaMed Hosts Series of Free Women’s Health Fairs 
in LA and Orange Counties
WHAT: The health fairs are designed to address women’s unique health issues and increase awareness of the programs available to women of all ages. Participants will have access to health screenings, pregnancy tests, help with scheduling wellness appointments and assistance with enrolling in free health insurance. Attendees will also be entered to win a raffle prize.
WHEN: Multiple dates. All events are from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
WHERE: Tuesday, May 11, AltaMed Medical Group – Pico Rivera
9436 E. Slauson Ave., Pico Rivera

Wednesday, May 12, AltaMed Medical & Dental Group – Bell
6901 Atlantic Ave., Bell

Thursday, May 13, AltaMed Medical & Dental Group – East Los Angeles
3945 Whittier Blvd., East Los Angeles 
Friday, May 14, AltaMed Medical & Dental Group – East Los Angeles
5427 Whittier Blvd., East Los Angeles

Monday, May 17, AltaMed Medical Group – Orange
4010 E. Chapman Ave., Orange

Tuesday, May 18, AltaMed Medical Group – Huntington Beach Community Clinic
8041 Newman Ave., Huntington Beach
Wednesday, May 19 – AltaMed Medical Group – Santa Ana
1400 N. Main St., Santa Ana
Wednesday, May 19 – AltaMed Medical Group – Santa Ana 
1227 W. 17th St., Santa Ana

Thursday, May 20 – AltaMed Medical Group – Santa Ana Central 
1155 W. Central Ave., Suite 104 – 106, Santa Ana
Friday, May 21 – AltaMed Medical Group – Anaheim 
1814 W. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim

Friday, May 21 – AltaMed Medical Group – Garden Grove
12751 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove 

CONTACT: For more information on the Women’s Health Fairs, please call 1-877-462-2582 or visit    

I hope you are having a beautiful week. <3


*I was not given any compensation to write this.  Just passing the word along.

Wednesday, May 12

For all you baby led weaners...

A beautiful breastfeeding video made in Puerto Rico. Just watch. You will love it.
Thank you Yara for sending this to me!

Monday, May 10

I rock!

My mother's day coffee cup.  Isn't is perfect?  It says you rock.  I love that my son thinks I rock.

I can't ever wash it.  He made it with permanent marker.  But it wipes off when wet ) :

I think I will make it into a planter and put a pretty plant inside.

Any other suggestions?

I hope you had a  lovely mother's day.
I did.

Saturday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day!

I love Mothers Day ( :

There is nothing quite like motherhood.  It transforms us, from the day we find out that little miracle is in our belly.

I admire you for being a mother and I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day.  I hope you get lot's of xxx's and oooo's from your little ones.

If you are still looking for something special to give, here is something green, courtesy of got milk? that is easy to make, and I am sure any mother would enjoy.

You can write the recipe down on pretty paper, combine all dry ingredients in a little sachet and tie it to a potted gardenia plant.  <3

Mother's Day Milk Bath Recipe

3 cups whole milk
1 capsule vitamin E
1/3 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup of oatmeal
gardenia petals

Combine dry ingredients together. 
Break open vitamin E capsule, add to dry ingredients. 
Place desired amount of dry mixture in facecloth, tie to faucet allowing warm water to run over bag. 
Add milk under running water at the same time.
Sprinkle gardenia petals over bath water. 


*I was not asked or given any compensation for posting this recipe.  

Wednesday, May 5

Life's been happening

and it's been good.

Sometimes a little too busy to blog.

Jeremiah turned his California Mission project in this week.  It looked awesome, we all worked hard, specially Jeremiah.

Work for me has been draining, emotionally, at times.  And I can't say I love when my shift is over enough times.

It hasn't only been work, that has kept me from being online.  There's also been play.  Because all work and no play is no fun.

Our Saturday morning in the Palisades, watching Jeremiah's lacrosse game, left me wanting a beach cruiser (hint, hint, maybe hubby will read the blog) for riding down the beach while taking in the sun and  the ocean.

We caught up with family and friends over the weekend, which is always special.

Yesterday, Audrey and I hung out at our favorite coffee shop all morning.

We came home to play in the backyard with her water table.  She had so much fun, and so needed a bath when we came inside.

I met two of my favorite gal pals in the afternoon and we chatted while we munched on pita bread and hummus.  We admired a beautiful engagement ring, and laughed about the possibility of a new baby arriving over lunch.

It turned out not to be my best friend's baby coming, but her lunch not setting well. ( :

After lunch we came home for Audrey's nap, as I caught up on favorite blogs, Kip surprised me with an iChat invite for dinner.

It was perfect, and yummy.  The kids hung out with grandma while Kip and I caught up on us over a beer and a pomegranate martini.

I had the martini.

I rocked black tights and heels.

Today, while I blog, Audrey is rocking my heels.  Seriously, there is nothing cuter than a toddler walking around the house in heels.


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