Sunday, April 22

Happy Earth Day!

I'm feeling really good this morning.

I made myself a yummy omelette with cherry tomatoes (Audrey picked first tomatoes from our garden yesterday), green onions and zucchini... watermelon on the side... and to drink, water with some mint leaves tossed inside.

Today, I'm thinking.... clean the veggie boxes outside. Take Audrey for a bike ride and buy something yummy to barbecue for dinner tonight.

What are your plans?

Have you gotten a chance to meet Oscar yet?

The kids, Kip and I were invited to a special screening of Disneynature's Chimpanzee last week. We all fell in love with Oscar! A very special story about a little chimp, a beautiful mother and son relationship, the obstacles he has to overcome after loosing her and the lovely change of events that take place.

I'm still in awe from thinking about the tremendous amount of work for the film crew and photographers out in the wild!

If you are looking for something to do with the family this weekend, go see Chimpanzee. If you see the movie this week Disneynature will contribute $.20 per ticket sold to the Jane Goodall Institute and the Disneynature Tchimpounga Nature Reserve Project to help save chimpanzees. 

Sending good thoughts to all of you for a beautiful Sunday!
<3 Marcela

Thursday, April 12

Easter 2012

Easter was beautiful. Jelly bean trails. Easter baskets. Family. Good food. And about a dozen egg hunts. Audrey kept wanting to look for eggs!We all took turns hiding eggs for her and when everyone finally got tired of hiding the eggs she started hiding her own eggs to find. ( :

Audrey was a little wired from all the treats. It took us awhile to get her to finally calm down and go to sleep!

Salmon, roasted veggies, brown rice, fruit, salad and a yummy fruit tart for dessert.

Hoping your Easter was as lovely as ours...


photos taken by Kip Beatty (aka dad)

Tuesday, April 10

canciones de las princesas (a giveaway)

Miss Audrey and I have been listening (a whole lot lately) to the newly Disney released album Canciones de las Princesas which features the best songs from all our favorite princess films in Español.  Disney sent us a copy along with a copy of Canta y Cuenta: La Sirenita  (Songs and Story: The Little Mermaid) and a princess party kit (pictures soon).  

I seriously can't tell you how much I adore Disney for their huge effort in making all their films and music available in Spanish. I have to admit I get a little lazy or forget to work with her on her Spanish and having popular films and music for her is fabulous and so helpful.  Learning Spanish is whole lot funner of Audrey knowing her favorite princess sings in Spanish too! All the songs are perfectly sung by popular and well known Latin artists. 

Lyrics are included with the album, so I have been memorizing the songs to make sure we get all the words right. Singing these songs is the best isn't it?

The Canta y Cuenta (Songs and Story) cd's are great also. They include songs and the full narrated story. Listening to audiobooks on long car journeys is something I need to do more of with the kids. Riding in the car is a great time to take advantage of audiobooks and stories.

The Giveaway
I was sent one copy of Canciones de la Princesas to giveaway to one of you! Leave me a comment telling me your favorite princess or anything you'd like. I'll pick one of you (US only) by random on April 17 at midnight...and then contact you (please make sure your email is included if not in your profile) to send this awesome cd so you can sing along with your princesa too!

Saturday, April 7

20 weeks

Belly shots!

Getting ready to have sister in law and nephew (baby Noah) over to help us dye Easter eggs.....Yay!

update: Thank you for all the sweet comments. The dress is from Liz Lange Maternity for Target

Thursday, April 5


Everything is moving along around here. Including baby. 

I feel baby move ...and sometimes feel pressure at the base of my tummy. 
I try and explain this feeling to Kip and the kids but it's something I guess I just can't. 
It's a feeling only a mom can feel. So I take this time to share it between me and baby. 

Jeremiah is on spring break this week. We went hiking a couple times during the week. The kids and dog have so much fun. It's cheap. We get lot's of exercise plus time to enjoy the outdoors. 

After hiking everyone is exhausted and we do lunch...or ice cream. (:

The kids argue like all the time about what sex the baby will be. 

Audrey says she will be a big sister. 
Jeremiah says he is going to have a little brother. 

Sometimes Audrey settles the argument by just saying 

"fine! mommy has two babies in her belly ...a boy and a girl!"

(I only have one)

Baby's sex is a surprise...

I'm feeling a whole lot better lately. I still get morning sickness, but thank goodness it's only in the morning and not all day like it was for like forever

We are having family over for Easter. Audrey is dying to color Easter eggs... so that's on our list of to do's this weekend. 

So, the other day, I wake up ready to go to work...

Kip says to me...

"you know sweetie...I really want you to consider getting a minivan"

And there you have it....I might be my worst nightmare...
I might soon be a minivan mom....


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