Tuesday, August 30

Culture Kitchen

this is a cooking class... so wish I lived closer.... Immigrant women teaching how to cook authentic dishes. good stuff.

Sunday, August 28

2008 and so in love...

with having a baby in the house again, I decided to start blogging and share all the changes (so naturally happening in our family) with friends and loved ones.

A couple of real life friends were blogging at the time and I was already stalking popular family/lifestyle blogs and thought the whole blogging thing was just really cool.

At the same time the hunger for culture, teaching the kids Spanish, and the need and wanting to find other mothers looking for the same was growing. 

I quickly found that I really liked sharing my stories 
(even if I didn't have anyone stalking my blog : )

and reading other's stories.

Right now, at this moment, I can honestly say I still feel the same way. 

I still like to share. 
and still like reading your blogs. 

It's never brought any real income...definitely not the one million followers needed for me to leave nursing and make that kind of income...and that's ok... because that's never been my purpose.

This blogging thing for me is a passion, a way to express myself, who I am and who I want to be... and sometimes... an excuse to avoid cleaning this messy house.

Because seriously, if you saw my house right'd rather blog too. Seriously.

Blogalicious 2011 is in October.  That's really soon isn't it?

Although I haven't even mentioned it to Kip yet... I really want to go.

BlogHer11 was awesome yet left me with some need to feed on more women bloggers like myself. women of color, who as Americanized as we are, still go crazy for every picture, piece of clothing or slice of flan that yells Latina.

Isn't this what conferences do best? Join us together... to learn, to share, to have a good time. I want to hang out with my hermanas, learn how we can support each other, inspire each other, grow this beautiful blogger community and how not to ever let this color thing hold us back from succeding in anything we set our minds to.
This is the next level.

Dreaming Blogalicious ... and....

crossing my fingers that I win this conference pass... and...

off to clean the kitchen now. ( :

*this post enters me in a random drawing to win a conference pass to Blogalicious 2011. 

Friday, August 26

Under the Sea

It's still summer here (we aren't ready to let go quite yet). Jeremiah doesn't start school until early September, so we have been enjoying the last couple of weeks of hanging out, exploring and spending time together. 

The Aquarium of the Pacific invited the kids and I to visit this week, it was such a beautiful morning filled with sights we usually only get to imagine through story books.  

We Jeremiah got to feel sting rays and baby sharks. 
We fed birds, got a chance to be up close with coral reefs, fell very much in love with the sea lion and otters during their feeding and 
Audrey found Nemo!

 The kids had so much fun outside in the water splash play area .... um about 20 feet away from their huge shark lagoon....!!
making friends

As we headed back home (Audrey knocked out asleep during the drive) Jeremiah and I talked about all the cool things under the sea and about everything we had learned. 

(these talks between Jeremiah and I make trips like these oh so worth it)

We are already planning our next visit during their Baja Splash Cultural Festival in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month. Dancing, food and culture from Mexico, Central and South America...
we are so there. ( :

Have you ever been? Do you have an Aquarium near by? 

*Disclosure: The Aquarium of the Pacific invited us to a morning of fun. I was not required or compensated to share. ( we had a lot of fun... that's why I'm sharing). 

Friday, August 19

in concert

I heard Aterciopelados was playing locally and I had to go.

A band from Colombia, I've mentioned before, with a female lead (drummer is also a female!) who not only plays the guitar but  is also a mother, has written songs about breastfeeding, loves nature, speaks out for women's rights and taking care of our earth and is all about la páz (peace).

The show was at The Conga Room  and I had such an amazing time!

Las Cafeteras opened the show. A local LA band who plays a modern type of son jarocho, a traditional music style from Veracruz, Mexico. The Zapateado dancing that accompanied their awesome sounds has caused me to stalk their Facebook page looking for the next place they will play.
(If you are local you have to check them out!)

My beautiful date (my mom) who made the night extra special and in many ways understands the need for peace so much more than I do, after living as a young woman in El Salvador during El Salvador's civil war.

    (and thank you Kip....who took care of the kids, an my moms dogs... so I could have some fun :)

*disclosure: The Conga Room provided me with two free tickets to the concert, thanks to my lovely friend Monique who was able to connect me with The Conga Room!!!

his style

 Outside, with guitar and music book in hand. On our way to lessons. 

Sometimes Audrey and I fight over who's Jeremiah he is...

"he's my Jeremiah"
"no, he's my Jeremiah"

She always wins.

completely his style....

shirt : Macys (we got all three)
skinny pants: zumies
shoes: Vans

a little late to Thursdays link up but still having so much fun with small style

Monday, August 15

Tea's Modern Mexico

Tea Collection has some seriously cute clothes right now. Have you seen?

Llena de cultura (full of culture).  Modern Mexico, appropriately named and inspired from their Mexico travels.

I love the colors, and at this moment feel like shopping at an outdoor market and having something yummy to eat from a street vendor. 

Secret Garden top
I have to admit I have never shopped at Tea before... but their love for other cultures and their obvious sense of style might change that...pronto.

Mercado Dress

Courtyard Tile dress

Dia de Mercado dress
I have only lightly started shopping for Jeremiah's back to school wardrobe. I'm really trying to hold on to lots of his current wear (because it still fits) so just want to freshen it up with a couple of cool tees and hoodies to start the new school year.  

Mucha Lucha Libre hoodie

Señor Azul tee
Jeremiah thinks lucha libre is awesome... I think all boys do. 
mariachis en barco tee

What clothing line are you loving right now? 

*no compensation of any kind was given for this post, just really loving Tea atm and thought I should share

Friday, August 12

Announcing the Pampers and Todo Bebé Baby Shower

Y’know how I fell in love with Pampers, their Little Miracles campaign and all the great things they are doing for the Latino community...
Not sure if it’s possible but I think I might just love them so much more right now!
Iv’e been working on a fun project through their Little Miracles campaign and am so excited to share this news with you. 
As part of it’s commitment to the Latino community, and their message that every baby is a miracle that should be celebrated, supported and protected, Pampers has partnered with Todo Bebe, to give one expectant Latina mother a baby shower to celebrate her little miracle!
How it works:
Pampers has teamed up with Jennifer, Rory, Migdalia and myself to help find one lucky mother for this great opportunity. 
One mother will be nominated by each one of the partnering blogs. 
Once the nominees have been identified, the partnering bloggers will meet via conference call to select a winner based on program parameters. 
The mother who best represents the Pampers spirit will be given the grand prize of a memorable baby shower! To add to the excitement the lucky mother will have her baby shower featured on Todo Bebe’s Spanish language baby care show that airs on the Univision network. Pampers is also willing to fly up to two family members to surprise the expectant mother!
In addition to giving away one baby shower, Pampers will also give $500 to the nominated expectant mother from each of the partnering blogs. 
Here’s what you need to qualify and how you can apply: 
  • be a fluent or conversational, Spanish-speaking mother (first time or experienced mother) who is over 18 years old
  • willing to share your little miracle story with Todo Bebe and other reporters
  • open to media/message training
  • able to attend a baby shower celebration at a disclosed event, in October (slated baby shower time frame); prefer a mother who is not due for delivery until fall/early winter (Nov./Dec.)
  • open to sharing family and friends contact information for baby shower
  • willing to have photos posted on Facebook Pampers Latino or other Pampers media channels
Leave a comment here explaining why you or someone you know should be chosen. Tell us why  your baby is a little miracle. The winner should offer a warm, inspirational message that embodies the Pampers spirit*
*Comments/applications will be accepted through midnight (PST) on Thursday September 8th. Make sure you leave your email so I can contact you. If you don’t feel right leaving this in the comments, you can contact me via email. 

*Disclosure: Compensation is being given for taking part in this program. I chose to be a part of this because I love what Pampers is doing for the Latina community. 

Wednesday, August 10

for back to school I need...

With all things BlogHer on my mind the last couple of weeks, It seems I can't for the life of me remember to pick up some face lotion... Iv'e been surviving on samples I find around the house the last week...

am I the only one that does this?

Now that back to school shopping is unavoidable (how did summer go by so fast?) face lotion will go to the top of the list of "school supplies". I need to take care of me as much as I need to take care of Jeremiah. 

Neutrogena is usually what I buy for cleansing and moisturizing. Iv'e been buying it for years, I think the ease of finding it at most grocery stores or Target (the only places I go out to :), the descent price and how well my face does with it....
or maybe it's their good advertising of the 90's...

I can still remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt would wash her face with it in the commercials...right around the time when I used to watch Party of Five...

Yes, I think that was the time....when I got hooked on Neutrogena. 

Neutrogena and their Wave for Change campaign are doing good things during the back to school season. For every Neutrogena product you purchase and register online, Neutrogena will give one dollar to Global Giving.

This is my first time visiting the Global Giving site, but already I love everything I see there. I love when brands help organizations like this, it makes me feel good about buying their products (even more of a reason for me to go out and get some moisturizer).
It also helps to remind me how easy it is for each of us to make a change towards something good. Whether it's registering a product online knowing that at the same time you are helping someone out, donating directly, helping a friend or neighbor out, taking the time to educate our children on what exactly good is, or doing something special for a loved one.

I have to admit that I struggle with this at times, I get so wrapped up in myself and my family's life and helping seems harder than it really is.

I need to take more steps, towards doing something out of the ordinary for someone. I think that alone would do wonders for my face....

My moisturizer has got me thinking...who knew?

it's the little things right?

Are you in need of a new facial product?
Neutrogena has back to school savings right now. They have a whole new Acne Stress Control line which seems perfect if you have a teenager in your life... I think Jeremiah is getting really close to the age where pimples seem like a stressful event (: I remember those days.

Have you tried Neutrogena products? What do you like/dislike about them?

 *I am participating in a blogging program from Neutrogena Wave and Latina Bloggers Connect, and this post makes me eligible to win a compensation. All thoughts are my own, I do truly use Neutrogena at home and when I saw this blogging compensated opportunity I thought it was a great fit for me. 

Monday, August 8

BlogHer 11

I'm home, with mi familia.
Attempting to get off this BlogHer high, I think It will be days (and nights) before I recover.
with Cristina, Dariela and Ana @ the cheeseburgher party

The trip was amazing yet exhausting. Somehow I managed to run a 5K, hug women all weekend long, watch a movie, attend a yoga class, party, dance, eat (like all the time) and fill my bags with way too much "stuff".
with Cristina

The car ride to and from San Diego was definitely one of my highlights...

Dodge was awesome for lending us a car (a Dodge Caravan) for the ride....

Not only did we fill that car up with shoes (why is it that a girl always has to pack so many shoes?), most of the time it was also filled with friends, so many laughs memories and of coarse tweets. ( :

with Eva, Dariela, Rachel, and Catalina @ the ocbloggerbash
I know you hear about how many brands and opportunities are at these sort of things (and I guess they are) but the reality is that the people that read you, and the people you read are there. These are are the true connections that are made. This is why I blog. And when I get to sleep in the same bed, act silly for what seems an eternity trying to get out of the parking lot, walk with them barefoot down the street at night ( ; ... or hear them speak at a session on how passionate they are.... it becomes obvious why exactly I attended

with Liz

and most obvious why I enjoy blogging so much.

Ok, off now to get me some Audrey, Jeremiah and Kip...I missed them...

*Dodge provided a Dodge Caravan for the ride to San Diego including a gift card for gas, parking and  snacks. 

Thursday, August 4

World Breastfeeding Week

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week... 

breastfeeding Art.

Last night (before bed) Audrey asked me for milk in her cup.  When we got in bed we held each other close, she fell asleep never asking to breastfeed. 

This morning I awoke with Audrey asking to breastfeed.  I pulled her in close and closed my eyes, just like she did. 

(sometimes we breastfeed, other days we don't)

We have been breastfeeding for 3 years and one month.

more baby led weaning

*pictures by Katie M. Berggren, you can visit her blog, and buy her art

Monday, August 1

One Million Story Times

Have you read the story book Corduroy? It's the sweetest book about a teddy bear and a little girl and one of Audrey's favorite at the moment. 
It was passed along and shared with us... and we love that. 

KinderCare launched it's Read. Share. Give. program with a goal of 
"one million story times" this summer. 

I love what it's about...reading, family, friends, sharing and giving. 

How it works: 

Pick a book to read with your family

Visit to download and print out a book label, enter the book's code and start following your books journey!
(so cool)

Place the label into the inside front cover of the book and pass it on to family and friends to do the same

The more books that are read and passed along the more KinderCare will donate to early childhood reading programs. 

Audrey wants to share Corduroy with you...

(the giveaway)

It's not new, and has been read by us, but I think having a book passed on by friends makes it even more special....

Don't be shy...leave any topic related comment... like what book you will pick to share and who you will share a book with?
Audrey and I will pick one of you at random on August 15th and put the book in the mail to share with you...
in return we hope after reading you will share with someone too!

Pass the love of books friends!!!

*kindercare shared this book with us, no compensation of any kind was given, we just want to pass the love and share with you


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