Friday, September 30

Barbie Princess Charm School Giveaway

I have a fun giveaway for you....

Audrey has been playing Barbie here at home.  She's We've watched Barbie Princess Charm School several times now and the dolls have been dressed, undressed, hair brushed and have had a whole lot of fun being played with by a certain 3 year old I know.

noodles, pearls and Barbie 

Barbie Princess Charm School stars Blair Willow, a girl with  a big heart who gets chosen to go to Princess Charm School where she learns to drink tea, proper posture and of coarse dance. ( :

Good manners are emphasized and also a special message that every girl is a princess.
 Blair is a whole lot of fun and Audrey has fallen in love with her and all the characters.

It makes a perfect gift for a young girl. You can buy the dolls and DVD in stores and online now.

I have a Blair doll, her friend Delancy and DVD set to giveaway to one of you!

Just leave any topic related comment.
Does your little one have a Barbie? Does she like to play princess? Did you play with Barbies?
I will pick a winner on October 7th at 11:59 PT. Make sure you leave your email if it's not already on your profile. US only.

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Here is a fun bloopers video that Audrey thought was hilarious after watching the movie....

Ok, princess... have a beautiful weekend ( :

Thursday, September 29

Hola friends....

this is SO overdue....

I wanted to share with you that our friend HolaMom is the winner of the Pampers $500 giveaway to help with her little miracle expenses.

It was so hard to choose because all were such perfect entries.

Her entry....

"Marcela and Pampers thanks for this giveaway! My baby is a miracle baby for many reasons, here is our story: After a year of trying to get pregnant I had given up hope on having another child. I assumed that if it wasn’t happening naturally, I wasn’t going to force it (meaning going to fertility treatments etc) I thought there was a reason why I shouldn’t have more kids and I was at peace with the idea of having only one child.
We got pregnant unexpectedly and were so excited!! I knew this baby was supposed to teach us something and it didn’t take us long to find out what. Financial trouble got only worse, my husband and I work on contract basis with a couple of entities (county based) in LA and of course budget cuts affected us tremendously! A big contract that was potentially going to help us stay afloat didn't happened and as up to date we’re pretty much done for the year with our other contracts without any hopes of renewing any of them. This little life inside of me is giving me the strength to face every day with hope of a brighter future, he or she (as we are not finding out the gender) has taught me that asking for help is not a bad thing. Asking for help has been a learning process that has given me back the faith in humankind and it also has reminded me that Dios aprieta pero no ahorca!"

I also want to share that this lovely lady is an extended breastfeeder as I am. She breastfed her first for 3 years and 10 months and through our emails I found out that she will be giving birth to this new little one at home. She new I would love this... I do!

I can't wait to hear her homebirth story...maybe she might be up for sharing it here with all of us!?!?

Congrats to you!! A thank you to all the entrants and all the lovely people that took the time to read all the beautiful stories. 

A special thanks to Pampers.  I would love it if you took the time to like Pampers Latino on Facebook! They are making miracles happen... and are such sweet people. 

The mom that will be honored with a very special baby shower by Pampers will be seen on Todo Bebé in November and I will be sure to give you all the details when the time gets closer so our online community can support her!

*Compensation has been given for this post and for taking part in this Pampers baby shower giveaway project. 

uno, dos, tres

My beautiful niece Laine. My sister in law sent this video for Audrey and I to watch. And because we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month... I thought it was a perfect video to share!

(you can hear my sister in law in the background :)

Wednesday, September 21

Twitter Chat on Health-Care Associated Infections

I don't often get to share myself as a nurse here. Yet, a lot of you know already, it's one of my passions. 

I feel so lucky to be joining Health and Human Services for their twitter chat next Tuesday: 

Health-Care Associated Infections in the Outpatient Setting

I'd love for you to join me @mom2miahaudrey, Tues. September 27th from 7pm-8pm EST/ 4pm-5pm PST. RSVP here!

Please join us for a second chat on Wed. September 28th from 1pm-2pm EST/10am-11am PST. 
 RSVP here for Wednesday's chat!

The chats will be on Twitter with the Hashtag #HHSHAI. You can follow fellow hosts @HHSgov @HHSOHQ.  

To follow on tweet chat:

We will be discussing Health-care Associated Infections in the Outpatient Setting, learn where we can find resources online, prevention basics, guidelines, teaching materials, and social media promotion 

If you are a medical professional, you are already aware how big of a topic this is, we would love your feedback and thoughts. If this is your first time reading about this and would love to know more on how to protect yourself as a patient, you are welcome also. 

*I'm sorry everyone @HHSgov has postponed twitter chats for now. Will keep you updated on new date. 

*This post and participation during twitter chat are compensated. It's a topic that's important to me, and feel I'm a perfect candidate for this. 

Monday, September 19

Dan-o-nino Cups (a giveaway)

    • This is a sponsored post. All thoughts are true and my own. 

    For weeks Audrey had been asking, "mami, can you buy me damolilo?"

I (usually very good at translating Audrey talk) had no idea what she was talking about. After several times trying to figure out exactly what she was saying, I had just given up and said yes without having a clue what she wanted. 

So, days later, I get an email asking if I'd like to review a new children's yogurt. I agree knowing Audrey will like a special treat like this... the two of us walk the grocery store, head over to the dairy area and pick up the new treat...Audrey squeals with excitement, "damolilo, damolilo!"

"Damolilo" is Dan-o-nino!

This is a major moment for me and I'm feeling like I just one the lottery. I finally know what she has been saying all this time. 

At the same time, Audrey is probably feeling like she won the lottery, she just got some "damolilo"

(talk about perfect timing for  a review)

So... the yummy yogurt cups... she had tasted at her sitters house and obviously wanted some more.

She likes them. Her favorite flavors are vanilla and banana. 

They are the perfect serving size for her, which means I don't have to worry about wasting any leftovers and they have no artificial colors, flavors, or high-fructose corn syrup (I like this)

They are a bit thicker then your average yogurt, tastes a bit like full fat yogurt, not overly sweet and from what I have read is actually a French cheese. Yum! Very rich and satisfying. Can you tell I tried also?

Stick a popsicle stick right in the middle, then stick in the freezer and it makes a perfect after dinner dessert or special treat. 

Or eat with a spoon ( :

I'm a big promoter of giving kids fruit or veggie slices for snacks but I also know that we all deserve something special sometimes, and so "damolilo" will be a purchase I make again. 

Dan-o-nino would love for you to try also. They want to gift one of you a $50 Visa gift card! Just leave any topic related comment by September 28 11:59 EST. US residents only. I will pick a winner and email you if you win, please make sure you leave a valid email address. 

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  • This post is sponsored by BabyCenter in conjunction with the BabyCenter Blog Network. All prizes and compensation  are provided by BabyCenter and Dan-o-nino.

Saturday, September 17

Friday, September 16

los colores

These days, Audrey has been learning her colors. We point at everything and say what color it is.

Today, after our run, we ran into a dog and his owner. Audrey stopped to admire.

I asked,"what color is he?".

Audrey answered, "poopie color".

See, sometimes we even point at her poop (sometimes it's different colors), and say what color it is (this doesn't sound cute at all:).
So, embarrassed as I was....

I really hope I covered it up well, when I said...

"You mean brown right?"

Monday, September 12

living after tragedy

I really want to see this. The Tiniest Place.
A documentary by Tatiana Huezo, a Latina born in El Salvador and raised in Mexico.

It's a story about how people find a way to keep living even after surviving a tragedy, in this case El Salvador's civil war, and takes place in Cinquera, a small town in the jungles of El Salvador.

What's the last documentary you saw? Do you love them as much as I do?

You can read more about Tatiana in this interview.

Saturday, September 3

Jorge el Curioso

Curious George was one of Jeremiah's favorite books to read as a toddler.
There were so many giggles at how curious the monkey was and how he would always find himself in a new adventure.

I remember how excited we were when we found out about the Curious George movie... I have memories (2006) of my sister in law and I driving in Satellite Beach, taking the boys to see it.... Jack Johnson's Upside Down has been on our playlist ever since, and both Jeremiah and I always love singing to it.

I think that same year is when the Curious George show started on PBS. It was one of his favorite morning cartoons. One that I always approved of.

Way too fast, he got a little older... and left these characters, stories and shows behind....or maybe stored away for safe keeping. Picture books no longer as interesting to him, chapter books brought a whole new meaning to the word reading.

Then, there was Audrey.
Slowly picture books have filled our home again.

Every night she asks Jeremiah to read her a story before bed and every night Jeremiah does.

Picture books, characters and stories have taken over him again, not even realizing it, he's fallen in love once more. I think this is why we call them classics.

And just like he reads to her, he also sits with her on the couch and they watch their favorite shows together.

A new season (season 6) of Curious George premiers Labor Day, September 5th!
The new episodes include George learning about auctions, the opera, sculpting, photography and about being a detective.

PBS (very special people) sent us a DVD with 3 new episodes of CURIOUS GEORGE® Takes on the Arts.  Audrey has gotten a chance to watch all of them and approves!

They also sent us the book Curious George in Spanish... Jorge el Curioso (it's sitting on the bedside table... where our favorites always sit). 

PBS will also be re-airing 5 episodes, scheduled for the week of September 19th, featuring Curious George's Latino friend Marco in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (see why I think they are so special :). 

Exciting right? 
A full month to celebrate our Latino culture and the arts...and our favorite monkey!

*Disclosure: A set of DVD's and a book were sent to Audrey. 
This post qualifies me to enter a random drawing for monetary compensation. 
All thoughts are my own, sharing my thoughts and taking part in this campaign because we love the monkey( :

*top photo credit: Curious George® & © 2011 Universal Studios and/or HMH. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PBS KIDS (R) Public Broadcasting Services

Friday, September 2

reminding myself

A morning of lounging and an afternoon of cleaning house. 
Much deserved by all, I invited the kids out for a treat. 
riding in front seat and playing with phone

We decided on horchata's and cafe de olla.
 As we sat in the restaurant , laughing and talking and mostly listening to Audrey's most random and completely honest and perfect thoughts, I was filled with this everything is so good feeling. That moment is exactly what I want out of life. 

I wish I had a little alarm inside me, to go off whenever I need to stop and just enjoy the moment. To many days I'm on this need to get so much done, or what's next? or what did I forget?
So often, I completely miss out on my life. My miracles.

How do I remind myself to stop and enjoy?

One more week friends to enter the Pampers baby shower giveaway.
It's in celebration of our miracles (our little ones). If you know someone who is expecting and speaks spanish or if you are that lucky person, take the time to enter and share, it's such a great giveaway!


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