Monday, August 30

to run around the table

Today, we went out for Thai food with friends.  Audrey took off her shoes in the middle of the restaurant.  She ran around the table.  I told her to stop a couple of times.  And other times, I let her run.  She was so happy.  I can't think of too many times Iv'e been so happy over something so running around a table. 
Luckily, the restaurant was almost empty (except for that one couple that might of given us the evil eye once or twice). 
She ate all her noodles. 

Jeremiah drank lots of water in between gulps of spicy lemongrass & seafood soup. 

We then went bowling.  All of us kids. Jeremiah won the game.  And Audrey jumped and yayed! 

She fell asleep on the car ride home.  I jump and yay! at this.

Now, a run for me. (I ran 15 miles on Saturday!)
And leftover's for dinner.
Life is good.

PS.  Sofia Vergara pre awards show: eating. I LOVE her.  Don't watch the show (Kip says good things) but still love what she is doing for Latinas on television.

I'm also loving the best actor and best supporting actor wins in a Drama.  The pair is perfect in Breaking Bad.  Perfect.

Sunday, August 29

Four seconds left

He has the ball. 
And a chance to tie the game. 

I can feel his heart racing, and his energy. 
Only like a mom can.
Audrey and I sitting at the bleachers. 
Kip with video camera in hand. 

Just like that. 
He shoots.
He misses. 

I want to run on the court. Scoop him in my arms. Tell him "it's okay".

But I can't.  And there goes the playoff game.  And he feels terrible. And I feel his pain.

I tell him it can happen to anyone.  It can.  How proud I am, and how much help he was to his team.

But right about now, I don't think there is anything I can say to comfort him.

I wish there was another way to learn this lesson. 

The lesson of loosing.

Sometimes, we give it all we've got and still.... we loose

And still life goes on.  And new games.  And new chances. 
We try, we give it our all. Always. 

Sometimes we win.  Sometimes we loose.

*how do you talk loosing with your kids?

Thursday, August 26

An artist that inspires...

Inspired by seeing his wife and baby.... Simon Silva paints motherhood perfectly. 

Scroll through his art gallery and find his piece "Amor Materno" (Mother's Love).

It's a perfect breastfeeding shot. 

Monday, August 23

sweet. ripe. summer

The figs are literally falling of the trees.  The grapevine more fruitful than ever since buying our home 4 years ago. Tomatoes, plenty for summer party dips, lunches with fresh mozzarella  and big yummy pasta dishes.

I would seriously send some to you if I knew they would make it to your home in one piece, ready for a bite.  You are welcome to come over and pick up.  We can share a salad.

We are enjoying our last couple weeks of summer vacation. The kids are home, sun out till late and time with friends and family. All this makes me happy. 

We have been enjoying all the treats summer has to offer. 

Like these sweet, sweet figs.  

Fig and Blue Cheese salad

a tad bit of honey
bit of fresh olive oil
and bit of balsamic vinegar

for the salad:
fresh greens 
blue cheese

Mix together and enjoy. 

Have you ever tasted figs? Like figs? Do you have a favorite fig or tomato recipe?

Please share. 

Here are two from two darling blogs.... (in case your tomatoes and figs are overflowing also)

Aromas y Sabores Salsa Mexicana Recipe


Canela Kitchen Recipes Fig and raspberries Clafouti

Friday, August 20

All dressed up

I ran 11 miles yesterday, was so exhausted...a good kind of exhaustion.  My hot followed by cold shower was like heaven....and then I put jeans on, a cute top and makeup.

Kip got home from work, and asks...are you meeting a friend?

No, why?  I say.
Then I start laughing.  Because I know exactly why he asked.

Your just dressed up, that's why. 

Seriously, jeans and a top, and I'm dressed up.

I really can't get mad...because it's true and he is the sweetest husband ever.  Which is why, I should really get out of my yoga pants and t shirts more often.

Jeremiah does it too!

I pick him up from school and he'll say....

where are we going?


but your dressed up?

Again, jeans and a top, and maybe earrings!

This is so bad.  I need to do something about it. A S A P.  

And yet here I am, today, writing in yoga pants and a t shirt. 

So here goes, I'm making  a promise to myself   

to get dressed up more often. 

Any advice?Are you dressed up (jeans and a top)??????

( :

Thursday, August 19

Composting Tips....

We have these composting bins.  That I really need to pay more attention to, I really think they are hungry.  My usual excuse there is no time, but seriously it takes no time at all to take your scraps and leaves and yard trimmings and throw them in the bin. 

So, we have been getting more active with it, Jeremiah thinks it's cool.  He's my runner, whom I usually hand a bowl of leftover or too ripe fruits and veggies to dump in the backyard. 

It's that easy. 

Here are some tips and a little more on composting if this is something you've been thinking about.  

There are lot's of benefits, but mainly, it's natures way of recycling

There are 3 different composting methods:

Active composting-where you turn the compost pile regularly and maintain moisture and a certain temperature (sounds hard)

Vermicomposting- which means composting with worms...I won't get into this one...I don't like slimy crawly creatures

and then there is Passive Composting- it takes a long time, but really all you have to do is throw the right stuff in the bin.  It will eventually turn to compost (this is what we are doing). 

Things that go in your compost:

50% should be greens like grass clippings, yard trimmings, fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags and egg shells. (the best stuff to use is organic ingredients)

what was waiting for us after our trip to San Diego...gross!!! 

50% should be browns like wood, dried leaves, ground up branches, straw, hay,  shredded paper or cardboard

Things that don't go in your compost:

Meat, fish, poultry, bones, dairy products
oils, grease and lard
dog and cat poop
treated wood products
colored paper

It will also need occasional watering, try to keep it damp but not wet.

Sites/Sources that are SO VERY helpful if you are trying to compost:

Composting 101 gives you troubleshooting tips + more on what and what not to put in your compost

Simple Mom shares a great way on how to make your own compost bin

if your kids insist on composting with worms PBS kids "The Greens" show you how to kitchen compost (with worms)

Solana's Center composting blog

Wednesday, August 18

My thoughts on Eat Pray Love and Elizabeth Gilbert

So, I finished reading Eat Pray Love, and watched the film too.

I enjoyed both.  And yet I can't relate to Elizabeth Gilbert.

I did love the food.  Because, well, I LOVE food, I am Latina, I LOVE food! Good food.

I do want travel. The book and movie made me want to travel.  For me, wanting to travel with littles and hubby.  Kip is Italian, so Italy definitely makes our list.

I do like yoga.  Yoga does wonders for your body and mind.  Every time I practice yoga or breathing I feel new.  My body feels relaxed and all the stress feels far, far, away.

She found God.  We all struggle with that at some point in our lives, and we all find him in different ways, in our own ways.  Can we call her selfish for finding God?  I can't call anyone selfish for wanting to find God, even if they don't realize  that there is no need to travel to India or Indonesia to find him, I can't call them selfish.

There is a lot of criticism about how she left everything behind and traveled for a year.
 I could never do this.  I have children, and a husband, and a home to look after, a family I love to look after.  I have found God, who else could give me these gifts, of little feet to kiss at bedtime, or someone to hold me.

Gilbert was indeed married, but sometimes marriages don't work, she obviously was not in love with her husband anymore.  She did not want to have children.  I don't know if staying in a unhappy marriage, depression pills, and having kids with no want for having kids is something that we would applaud or admire.  In my opinion she left at the right time.  She traveled, she found God, and she found love.  This is not to say that this is what we should do, this is her story. 

I went to the show to watch the film with my mom and a friend who said to me...

"we tend to call someone selfish when they put themselves first before anyone else, but sometimes they have to find themselves before they can be there for others".

This stuck and I can relate with the first time I rode on a plane as a mom and heard the in case of emergency instructions... "What?!?!" Put my mask on before putting it on my kids?!?"

I think that if your single woman, with no kids, and can afford to leave, to travel for a year.  Do it!  You will learn SO much.

I think that if you are married with kids, and can't afford to go traveling around the world as a family, then read the book.  It will take you to Italy for wine and good food, it will take you to India to remind you to practice yoga and breathing, and meditation.  Much needed as a mom.
It will take you to Indonesia to find friends, to learn about how you sometimes want more and don't realize how much you have compared to everyone else in the world.....and let's not forget it will take you to a Brazilian lover ( I hope Kip is not reading this).

I have no interest of being like Elizabeth Gilbert, just trying to get lost in a book amidst little toes, work, housework, commitments, responsibilities, and an Italian lover. ( :

Now, off, pray and love....

One more thing...I have never seen Julia Roberts so relaxed in a role.  I love how comfortable she looked in her bigger (but not big at all) size.  I love her style in the movie, she was perfect.

Monday, August 16

Recipe for Churros (yum)

time for a "churro" - momento churro
(via albantzar [itziar])

A leisurely look through flickr led me to this photo.  When I saw it, I quickly filled with childhood memories and memories of seeing my own littles fingers filled with sugar and cinnamon.

This led me to look for a recipe.  I think that time of the month might be near since I'm searching the internet for desserts ( :

Here is an easy one I found via Que Rica Vida.


vegetable oil
4 tablespoons of sugar
3 1/4 cup of Bisquick Original mix
1 cup of hot water

In a large pot fill 2 to 3 inches from pot with oil and heat at medium heat until thermometer in oil reaches 375. 

In a deep plate mix 3 tablespoons of sugar and cinnamon.  Put aside. 

In a large bowl mix the Bisquick, hot water and one tablespoon of sugar with a spatula until completely mixed. 
Add mixture to cake decorating bag with star formed tip with a 1/4 opening.  Squeeze 5 inch long churro over oil, you can cut the ends with scissors. 

Heat them till golden brown, about 3 minutes and then drain on paper towels. 

Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon over churros. 

Serve hot and with hot chocolate

And send me one too!

*recipe thanks to Que Rica Vida.  I was not asked or given any compensation for posting this.  Just having a churro craving ( :

Saturday, August 14

green spot event in Pasadena

(via the spot)

The Westin Pasadena
191 North Los Robles
Pasadena, California 91101

Thursday, August 26 4-6 p.m.
Mommy-to-be pre-sale
Tickets $25

Thursday, August 26 6-8 p.m.
Mom's Night Out!
Tickets $25

Public Sale 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Something local, to look forward to this month...
A consignment sale event for maternity baby and kids goods.  
It's the first in the San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena (just down the street from me) actually.  The first event from a company who knows recycling clothes, toys and baby stuff is better for our environment. 
August 26-29, 2010
The Westin Pasadena
191 North Los Robles
Pasadena, California 91101
Visit their website to learn more and buy tickets.  

Thursday, August 12

Can I run a marathon?

(via Nike Running)

 I keep telling myself I can do this.  Powerful words, yet somehow I'm having trouble holding on to them.  That feeling of can I really do this?

This is the year, no more thinking, just doing.  So cliché!  I know!  Seriously though... I can do this.

I ran a half this weekend, and somehow that was scary.  The fact that that is only half of what I will need to run.  I am SO not a runner, yet I am SO a runner.
That feeling I get when I get back from a run.
Leaving everything on the path behind me.  That feeling of new.

So while I train and eat and eat and eat I will update the blog on my progress.

(the eating part will be difficult, one thing I have found and HATE about working out and hungry I get!  All the time!  Is this a Latina Culture thing? I'm woking on eating less and eating healthier.)

I will be running the hilly (no, don't think that) streets of San Francisco for the sold out Nike Women's Marathon benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Women of all colors, all shapes and all sizes.  And we get a Tiffany & Co finisher necklace too!

Many thanks to Nike for sponsoring my race!

*Nike is sponsoring my race fees.  I was not asked or required to post about the race. No other compensation was given. 

Tuesday, August 10

Some more on stuff

One big thing that's on my list of goals.....

Be a little smarter about what I put on my skin and my kid's skin. 
Watch the new video.

Monday, August 9

Audrey's Birthday

Her birth story. 
I woke up right at 10:15.  Quickly put my scrubs on, brushed my teeth, and grabbed some snacks. There was tightness around my belly and I had that feeling... of.... baby will come soon. 

I came back in the room and kissed Kip good bye, whispering...I think baby will come tomorrow. 

As I drove to work that night, I felt it again. That tightness.  A contraction.

I didn't say a word to the other nurses.  They would have sent me home, or called Kip to pick me up, or called one of our doctors to see how many centimeters, or how effaced, or do an ultrasound or something.  

I got straight to work, and took care of a really sick patient that night.  I kept busy, and truly had no time to worry about contractions...except when one was happening

I could tell that they got closer as night left and morning came.  But still knew there was lot's of time in between.

At 5am, I had to call Kip.  As I talked to him and told him I had had contractions all night, my eyes started to tear.  I quickly said good bye and refocused .... on work.  On emptying a catheter, hanging piggybacks and charting.

As I gave report that morning to the oncoming nurse I was so inpatient.  I wanted to get home.  I was exhausted and if she would have taken one more minute to get coffee or put her bag away or admire my belly I seriously could have cursed her out.


I got home to find my dogs waiting for me.  Ready to go out, specially after the upset stomachs they had for the past week.

Kip came home from work.  Brought chicken and rice to cook (for the dogs).  I assured him I was fine and that he needed to take his test, 30 miles away, and that I would be fine.  I will call you if I need you here. 

I called my doctor and let the receptionist know I would be delivering that day.

I boiled chicken.  And cooked rice.  And had a bowl (of dog food) thinking I needed the protein and carbs for all the work I would be doing during the next few hours.  I usually prescribe myself (and figured the doctors orders to not eat didn't relate to me).

I took the longest shower ever...maybe two hours.

It felt so good.  The water running down my back.  The dogs laying outside the tub.  And me swaying back and forth, naked, on my knees, in the shower.

By this time, maybe 10 am.  I was feeling them.  Strong.  With plenty of rest in between, maybe 15 minutes, I took naps in between my contractions.

The dogs comforted me during contractions.  I would moan, as they stood at the side of the bed not saying a word yet letting me know they were there.

I truly can't explain what good labor partners animals make.  It's amazing the support I felt from them.

I prayed and reassured myself on how strong a woman I was.  On how this little human being was inside.  How I had created this.  And how I was the only one that could bring this baby to life at this moment.  How all this hard work was meant for me, with the greatest payment to come.

I'm a little embarrassed (because I'm a nurse) to say I never counted how long or how much time in between my contractions.  I focused on my body and I focused on prayer.

Right around noon, I knew baby was coming soon.  I called Kip, who at this time, so worried about me, was driving in the carpool lane, by himself.  He had managed to take his test in 10 minutes yet was finding difficulty getting trough LA traffic that easily.

I'm ready.

He got home to witness a couple of contractions occur within 5 minutes.

I moaned. 

We got to the hospital at 12:30.  He tried dropping me off and then leaving to find parking, but I refused, wanting him there.  Knowing baby would come any second.

We got to our room.  The nurse asked for me to pee in a cup.

I was so much more ahead than peeing in a cup.  As I laid down on the bed and told her baby was coming she nonchalantly checked how many centimeters I was.

The baby's head is right there, she said as she ran towards the emergency button.

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, when all the calmness, all the meditation, all the prayer left me.  Maybe as I stepped into that room.  Maybe it was the thought that now it was in the doctors and nurses hands....silly me.   I was now scared.  I now felt like I couldn't do this unless my doctor was there.

I quickly, was as nervous as they were, forgetting the peacefulness that had filled my body up to this point.

I was told to wait, and do not push several times, because my doctor was finishing up a c-section.  I waited and fought my body against pushing, yelling to get my doctor or any doctor here.  I felt only anxious vibes from this nurse.

Or, I will push, now!!

Forever went by (at least to me) and the doctor finally came, and I pushed.  And there was baby.  A girl! (we wanted the sex to be a surprise).

She was beautiful.  And I put her to my breast.

And she was perfect.

We have thoughts of another baby.  Soon, perhaps.

I have thoughts of a home birth.

I don't argue that some people need to go to the hospital.  I work in a hospital and have seen some amazing things happen.  Miracles happen because of people that work there.  Doctors and nurses.

For me, being in the hospital, as a patient, really stresses me out.  I start iv's and draw blood, monitor drains from peoples brains and catheters in peoples hearts and arteries.  Yet, being a patient myself scares me.  Not because I don't trust but because I have this thought that really sick people go to the hospital.  It's a personal issue.

For me, having babies is not being really sick.

I felt so powerful at home.  I had the best labor partners.  Was in my bed and in my shower.  And I wonder....

How would those last minutes before baby's arrival have been if I had decided to have her at home?

What are your thoughts on hospitals and home births?

Friday, August 6

babywearing art

I ordered this babywearing print yesterday.  
It's an image of a Latina woman and baby on the shores of Lake Atitlán.  The artist is  Claudia Tremblay from Guatemala.

As you can see, her work is beautiful.  And makes my heart warm.  You can see more of her work and other Guatemalan artesanía (artisan crafts) on La Chapina's shop. 

Thursday, August 5

coffee sack tote bag...

I'm in love with this tote bag from Wren.  

 I love all things inspired by my birth place. 

It's  made from a coffee sack from a fair trade coffee plantation in El Salvador and handles reinforced with black organic hemp canvas. 

I want.

sandia paletas

It's summer.

We eat watermelon..all the time.

We make sandia (watermelon) paletas.

And they are really yummy. 

Here's the recipe... 


8 cups watermelon
1 cup water
2 tablespoons of Agave Nectar
juice of half lemon or lime 

How to:

Mix in blender and fill pop molds. (you can use a strainer after blending, I love the thickness so I skip that step).   You can also add berries. 


*it was my first time using Agave nectar.  I love it.  Really sweet.  Really yummy.  Looking forward to using it more. 

Tuesday, August 3

It's time for me and you

To escape.

We get in bed.  The two of us.  Quiet time.

To feed. To love.

We both fall asleep.  I feel peaceful.

She is 2.  Sometimes I'm ready to stop.  Then, I realize how much I love it.

Breastfeeding her.

It's World Breastfeeding Week.

she...and him...during my runs

She & Him - Thieves from Merge Records on Vimeo.

 This music has been on my running mix lately.  It makes me happy.

Sunday, August 1

Glasses? and Physicals

Audrey, laundry, and I have the house to ourselves.  Kip and Miah are at first day of football practice.  

New cleats, new mouthpiece, new pads.  And hours and hours of practice and games to look forward to. ( :

Theres been a lot of preparation for football.  
I had to visit the birth certificate office again.  I think I lost his birth certificate during last years sign up. 
 I think.   Hopefully this time I can actually put the very important paper away...and not loose it. 

His sports physical was done.  And we are a little worried about it.  Kip called me after taking him to the doctor, 

"Jeremiah didn't pass his eye exam". 

"what!?!  he reads just fine!"

"he must be near sighted, he can't read any of the letters from far away on the eye chart"


So, now, I need to take him in to get his eyes checked. 

He thinks the possibility of wearing glasses is, in his words,  "I don't mind"

I'm just happy we know.  And if he does need glasses, need to get them asap

Sometimes, I forget how important it is for kids to get checked. 

I was sent some info to pass along to local readers.  And it seems to fit perfectly with us at the moment.  


                        AltaMed will host a series of Back to School Health Fairs throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  At the health fairs, families can benefit from scheduling of school and sports physicals, immunizations and oral health screenings. Families can also obtain assistance with health insurance enrollment and receive dental and health information.  

Multiple dates. All events are from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday, August 4, AltaMed Medical Group – Boyle Heights 
3945 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90023
Thursday, August 5, AltaMed Medical Group – Montebello 
(Please note time change for this location, 9am – 1pm)
2321 W. Whittier Blvd., Montebello, CA 90640
Tuesday, August 10, AltaMed Medical Group – El Monte
10418 Valley Blvd., El Monte, CA 91731
Wednesday, August 11, AltaMed Medical Group – Pico Rivera
9436 E. Slauson Ave., Pico Rivera, CA 90660
Thursday, August 12, AltaMed Medical Group – Bell
  6901 Atlantic Ave., Bell, CA 90201
CONTACT: For more information on the Back to School Fairs, please call 1-877-462-2582 

*was not given any type of compensation for sharing this info with you.  Like I said, getting check up's are important....will keep you up to date on our possible glasses status.  


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