Sunday, January 23

Attachment parenting mommy Kourtney Kardashian

Last night at work I enjoyed strawberry herbal tea as I flipped through the new issue of Parenting magazine.

I have never been a fan of the Kardashians, their shows, some of their behaviors or some of the things certain ones say....

Yet, I have to admit... Kourtney has my thoughts of her changing after reading the article where she shares that she is still breastfeeding her 1 year old and that she co sleeps!

Very cool.

I also love how natural and how much like a real mom she looks.

Not made up.  

She kept it real in this interview.

She and baby look beautiful.

Monday, January 17

Less isn't always good

Jeremiah's closet finally got cleaned out. 

We went trough every toy, Lego piece, puzzle, crayon, and book .... he had... I almost cried.  Several times. 

I would ask ... do you still want this?

He would quickly answer ... no, I don't play with that anymore. 

So to the donation box it would go... a little piece of my little boy leaving me, for good. 

At one point I even got mad he was giving away so much.  

I will be eleven this year!

And Kip helping out saying  ... I didn't play with toys like that when I was ten. 

For years I always wanted less toys in the house.  Less stuff to clean.  Less stuff to step on.  Less stuff. 

Right now.  Less isn't feeling so good. 

Wednesday, January 12

Cleaning up...

The faux Christmas tree is still up.  Lights and decorations still surround the house.

I did start taking ornaments and stockings down today. ( :

Is it seriously the twelfth  already?
I try and keep up, and take it all in, and appreciate and enjoy every minute.  But somehow time always leaves me behind.

Iv'e de-cluttered (too busy to take Christmas down yet)... forced to after not being able to find a really important document.  I emptied every drawer, cabinet, file folder.  Only to find what a mess I was hiding.

It was time for change.

So, I have slowly been cleaning my life.
Inside and Out.

 All the papers, cabinets, closets, toys...clothes.

My body needed it too.  No caffeine, dairy, gluten, sugar.... a whole lot of veggies is pretty much what I have been consuming.

And yoga.  It's been kicking my butt and I feel really good.

And less media time.

The diet has been the hardest.  I started a journal,  Iv'e been tracking how I feel before, during and after I eat and pretty much my mood during the day.

I have found myself cheating and reaching for things I shouldn't during times of stress, when I am tired or when I'm upset.  Writing it down has let it come to light and I am slowly finding out how important it is to feel positive and calm.

*If your interested... I am following Whole Living's 28 day detox plan.  It's challenging, yet I feel really really good today. 


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