Wednesday, June 30

On random thoughts...

These pictures are perfect for today.  
Eclipse (Twilight) is in theaters. 
I never got into this vampire series.  Never read the books and suffered through the first movie.

I think I am one of a few.
Last week, hundreds were at the premiere looking out for the wolf or Bella or whosever team they're on ( :

I meanwhile was hanging out with two friends, sipping on a coconut mojito at a toma leche (got milk?) blogger/media event.  I did somehow take these two pictures, actually, the only pictures I took all night.

The event was at the Conga Room at LA Live (right above all the vampire frenzy) and like the other toma leche events I've been to, the milk people are always so good to us.

I love how they have chosen to advertise to Latinos, specially their new campaign filled with recipes for Paletas.  Paletas (Latin style popsicles) take me back to my childhood.  Their is nothing like the sound of the paletero coming down your street, and running to mamá to ask  for dinero to buy.

Kind of how kids get today, when the ice cream truck comes by.

But this isn't a commercialized ice cream treat I talk about.  It is usually home or locally made.  Flavors like coconut, strawberry, vanilla, or mango.

I have yummy recipes to share.  And local spots where you can buy.
They are perfect summer treats.

I will post over the next couple of days.

Yesterday, Jeremiah, his friend, Audrey and I went to Hurricane Harbor (we won tickets at the event!).  Audrey had so much fun on the water slides, and Jeremiah had SO much fun hanging out with his friend.

I had no phone, or laptop to keep me busy.  So, I got to hang out with Audrey all day and give her all my attention.
I did enjoy naptime though.  I sat on a beach chair and read Eat Love Pray, enjoyed India, and in Indonesia at the moment.

Audrey will turn 2 this Saturday.  I sat on that beach chair looking at her sleep, thinking about how big she is, and what a special little person, and about her birth.

It's amazing being a woman, isn't it?

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Monday, June 28

mama's a babywearer

This post was originally written for the Sakura Bloom Triathlon.  
I reposted so it can be part of the Babywearing Carnival hosted by Babywearing Videos. Make sure to visit Babywearing Videos on 6/30 for the carnival. 

Jeremiah was born, and I became a mama.  
At the time I had no idea who Dr. Sears was, much less Attachment Parenting.  I did know that I loved holding my son close, picking him up at first cry, sleeping with him, and breastfeeding.  These special moments just came to us, without reading a book, they happened. 
I was naturally interested in wearing baby. 
I tried babywearing.  I wanted him close, but after no success with two different structured carriers, I gave up. Now looking back, I don’t think,  it didn’t work for us,  I think I didn’t find the right carrier. Maybe there weren’t too  many out there, or maybe I didn’t do enough research. 
The years went by (way too fast) and that little baby boy became my 8 year old and soon to be brother to a much wanted baby sister. 
And just like before.  Attachment Parenting came easy. But this time, I was going to try babywearing again.  I had seen plenty of pictures of slings and carriers in magazines, online including blogs, boutiques and while out and about.  I had read about them and the benefits of babywearing.
A little scared but excited, I purchased my favorite.  Not the structured type that I had so much difficulty with, but a pouch and a sling.  
I wore Audrey around the house and  kept her close the first days after bringing her home.   It was special. 
On our first venture out of the house ( a doctors appointment), I packed way too much in the diaper bag, brought our stroller and had baby seated in her car seat.  I had forgotten what it was like to lug the whole house with you with a newborn. 
We somehow managed to get to the office, with help from strangers along the way (holding doors open for the stroller) and really just having them get out of the way.  After getting in the tiny office, having to leave the stroller in the waiting room, which meant carrying the carseat with baby inside to the patient room, I was a little overwhelmed. 
After our appointment we needed to get labs drawn for baby girl at a whole different location.  The thought of having to get down with baby, carseat, stroller and diaper bag was way too much.  I took my pouch out of my diaper bag, put my little tiny newborn inside, grabbed the diaper bag and headed into an unknown adventure. 
We headed back to the car (smoothly) and it was then I knew, I was a babywearer. 
Wanting my baby close to me and not wanting to let go attracted me to babywearing.  Finding the right carrier, and finding out what hands free felt like reinforced it. 

(This post was originally posted on Oct. 24, 2009, it was my answer to Question #1 in The Sakura Bloom Triathlon)

De compras

This post was written to be included in the Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism hosted by Bringing Up Baby Bilingual. Make sure to visit Bringing Up Baby Bilingual when Carnival posts on July 1st.

Sometimes, I have to try really hard to get Jeremiah the kids to speak spanish.
He gets comfy with English during his day at school.  Sometimes, for all of us it's just easier. 

I am always on the look out for new ways to make our spanish language fun. 

Recently, I turned our weekly grocery shopping trips into a spanish game, that so far has been a big success. 

We start with writing our shopping list, in spanish

He get's to be in charge of the list.  We start the stopwatch, and quickly find our fruit, veggies, bread and snacks.  We say the name of the items to Audrey , who is sitting very excitedly in the cart.  She states the names when we show them to her, sometimes all of them are uva ( if grape is  all she feels like saying that afternoon) but sometimes she repeats everything we say.  This get's me excited. 

I occasionally throw in a guessing game. 

"Estoy pensando en algo grande, redondo, color verde, rosado adentro, dulce, y con semillas..."

(I am thinking of something big, round, the color green, pink inside, sweet and with seeds...)

"La sandia!". 

Our trip ends with the picking of dessert (but just one), which is always a hit with my kids. 

We get home.  Ready to unpack everything, in spanish, we place each item in the fruit basket, fridge or cupboard. 

A shopping trip is such a simple way to have fun with a second language, so many different items, colors, letters and names. 

This is funner than a regular shopping trip with mom.  

And don't get me wrong...every once in a while I look forward to those shopping trips all by myself. 

Where I can sing in the car to english or spanish, and think in english or spanish

Saturday, June 26

she makes me

Ojos, Boca, Pelo from mom2miah&audrey on Vimeo.

Spanglish is what's happening around here at the moment.  She prefers to answer me in english, that's okay for now.  We find it amazing how she understands both.

I am working on this daily.  Talking to both Audrey and Jeremiah in spanish.
Sometimes, very easily, I find myself talking in english to them.  I catch myself and think,  spanish talk to them in spanish.

I love this video because it shows how much of a toddler Audrey is.  She quickly turns from this happy little girl, to a I'm not liking this anymore.

She is finding so many feelings these days.  She moves from happy, then mad, then happy, then I want it right now, then I love you and hugs so quickly.

The I love you's and hugs make me quickly forget all the others.

Thursday, June 24

lunch and a bath

couscous, orzo, baby garbanzo beans, red quinoa (Harvest Grains Blend Trader Joe's)
field greens
shredded red cabbage
organic baby greens
radicchio leaves
romaine lettuce

Mix all with a light vinaigrette.

It was yummy!

We skipped dessert. Audrey and I drew a milk bath, and were in the bath for a half hour.
I recommend it.

The word HATE

Yesterday, dropping Jeremiah off.

Jeremiah: "I don't want to go to school"

Kip: "you only have a couple more days,why not?"

Jeremiah: "because I hate my teacher"

Kip:  "that is a really strong word, why do you hate her?"

Jeremiah: "because she's mean"

Kip:  "we will talk about this after school"

Kip told me about their conversation during his lunch break.  We were both upset and worried about him using such a negative word towards his teacher.

That evening when all of us were together I asked Jeremiah why he hated his teacher.  He explained how he didn't really hate her.  He just didn't like her.  He said he was tired in the morning and that's why he had said that.

He told us about how she ignores him sometimes.  Or forgets things she promised.  Or tells him to be quiet, when he wasn't the one talking. How if one person is acting up, the whole class gets in trouble.

I asked him if he knew the meaning to that word. We talked about the word hate.  What it means.  And how sometimes we might have a reason for hating someone.  Like when someone hurts us, or touches us the wrong way.

We talked about his teacher, and how those reasons were not reasons to hate or dislike her.  

We did acknowledge how those situations could make him upset, but were still not reasons to feel this way towards a person.

We had him imagine having to take care of 30 toddlers Audrey's age and how easy it would be to mistake one for the other.  Or think one was talking, when really another was talking.

I told him about all the sweet things his teacher had said about him during open house.  Like how smart he was, how he was a natural at playing instruments, and how handsome he was.

"that's true.  I guess I do like her.  I was just having a bad morning."

I have been really focusing on more positive parenting. Listening to him.
Months ago, I probably would have just said, "I don't like that word Jeremiah, please don't say that about your teacher anymore".

I am listening.

Monday, June 21


She has been on my breast all day.  Her fever isn't letting her be Audrey.  She's down and tired and sleepy and not in a good mood.
Can I be sick instead of her?

In the middle of the night, I awoke to Kip getting back in bed after getting some tylenol for Audrey.  He could feel how hot she was, next to her in bed.  He didn't wake me.  He just got up to take care of her.
Makes me realize how much more grateful I should be, not just on Father's day.

I still have Buzz Light Year singing to spanish in my head.   I had no idea he was bilingual until I saw the movie  yesterday. ( :

We had a good time at the show, thanks Gaby for babysitting.  The walk up the street to the Salvadoran restaurant (pupusas and yuca frita) was a good way to finish the afternoon.  Audrey enjoyed the stroller ride.
Kip has played with his gift, well, since he got it.

Tonight, it's back to work for me.  Audrey has been nibbling, much like a little mouse, throughout the day. I'm thankful I breastfeed, I feel so needed and useful, and soothing during times like this, when the babies are sick.

Saturday, June 19


While I clean up the kitchen....

they make videos.

Shades from mom2miah&audrey on Vimeo.

(excuse the dirty socks under his bed).

Friday, June 18

Pura Miel... a giveaway

Honey has been a frequent visitor in our home,  our trip to Bill's Bees got us hooked

Audrey gets sticky with it.  
Jeremiah gets sticky with it too. ( :
And I use it on salads, tea, over toast and fruit and even as abeauty scrub:

1 tablespoon of honey
2 tablespoon of finely ground almonds
and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice

Mix, rub onto face, and rinse with warm water.

I seriously love Pura Miel's campaign. 

Not just because they are promoting the purchasing of pure natural products but also because they are promoting local farmers and local shopping. 

Their tips include learning to read labels (honey bottles should only say 100% pure honey), learning to read ingredients (if the bottle has words that you can't read, it's probably not honey),  and shopping at local stands and farmer markets. 

Leave a comment telling me one tip you will remember next time you shop for honey, or any comment you like! 

I will randomly pick one of you, and send you 2 bottles of 100% pure honey....straight from Bill's Bees Farm. The giveaway ends June 28th. US only. 

*I was sent a bottle of honey from Bill's Bees also, but it's almost gone now.  I wasn't paid for this, but LOVE this giveaway. 

Wednesday, June 16

Book Winners

I'm sorry I have been MIA for the last couple days. It seems life has been keeping me busy. has picked two winners for Ramona's book!!!

Madeline from Barefoot Childhood and Lisa from Sabor Cajeta!!!

I hope they enjoy the book as much as we do!  
I LOVE that this book is written by a local Latina author!!!

Congrats amigas!!

Kip and I had a date night last night.  
We ate pupusas, wine, and took a trip to the ice cream shop..... sshhh!! Don't tell the kids!

Jeremiah is finishing up summer school (6 more days!) , he seriously can't be more excited about summer.  He is also excited about our new neighbors, two boys, his age.  Our neighborhood was lot's of old people before this ( :

Audrey is being a toddler.  I fall in love with her more and more each day.  She likes to say the word pretty, all the time.  Her pretty shoes,  pretty hair bow, mama's pretty dress. 

I have a little buddy here at home, to love and compliment me on my buys and what I'm wearing...I like this. 

Monday, June 14

Break to Blog

It's the middle of the night and I'm at work.

I'm taking a little break from the ICU for coffee and my current read.
I know I'm late and EVERYONE... has read it,but it is SO good.
And I'm only on Part One (Italy)!!!

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Friday, June 11

no cooking tonight, and sharing thoughts

I work tonight, and really wish I didn't.

After our nap this afternoon, Audrey woke up saying pizza! pizza! (no, I don't always feed her pizza!).
Kip heard her, and said, tell mama to pick up pizza for dinner.

I said a little prayer of thanks, YES!  No dinner making!

We took a trip to fresh&easy to pick up some pizza.  I really love this store.  Their eat well ready meals save a working mom's butt like all the time. 

So, more sharing, I finally gave in.  I can't work nights and take care of Audrey during the day anymore. It was way too much.  I was tired, all the time.  I don't know why I kept feeling guilty.  It was not fair to her either.  She needs to run and play, not lay in bed with mom. 

Kip and I talked.  And he said it's time.  To get a sitter

That guilt, of not taking care of her, kept hanging on.  Not wanting to let go of the fact, that I'm not super mom.

It's been a couple of weeks now.  I have more energy.  I am in a better mood.  My days off with her are so much more valuable. 

She is adjusting well.  And is so excited to see me when I pick her up.  There's been less moods, and that is such a good thing. 

It's been the best thing, for us.   

*fresh and easy did not ask me to post a link or write about them.  

Thursday, June 10

Lemon, Strawberry and Chocolate Chip

Jeremiah's friend came over after school.  The weather was warm.   I felt like having a mocha

Perfect reasons for jazz music, ice cream, and coffee  at Perry's Joint in Pasadena

(their veggie dogs are really good too).

Shop Local.

Tuesday, June 8

Drummin to Mariachi

The end of the year dance festival. 

A mariachi number to represent his Latino side. 

And his rock band performance.  

He is a WHOLE lot mixed into one.  

Sister Bear danced to his beats. 

And I was proud. 

Monday, June 7


 I've been on this kick of good feelings, peacefulness and relaxation.  
I took part in a breathing circle with a great group of women on Saturday morning.  It was powerful and 
 I felt connected.  
Our healer led us in an ancient yoga breathing exercise that made me feel at peace with my body, my thoughts and everything around me. 

She talked to us about the power of our body, and I was so proud, of being a woman and about motherhood. 

It might sound a little silly, but it seriously worked.  I had so much energy flowing through my body and felt like the whole room we were in had it.  My whole body was tingling. 

One of the girls in the group had some bad news given to her the night before and at one point all of us were in tears and hugging.  It was amazing and I have to write it, to recommend it.  

If you have something like this in your area, try it.  That time to disconnect with everyday life and just connect with your inner self is amazing.  
I came home feeling cleansed and with so much love for myself.

It's something that I struggle with, I am always busy giving and showing love to everyone else, and too many times am way too hard on myself. 

I hope you are having a beautiful start of the week, I am so grateful for this life, and having you in it. 

Sunday, June 6

Que Rica Vida in Miami. Part 2.

I had a big bed to myself while I was in Miami.  Aren't I lucky?
The bed was comfy, the pillows and sheets soft, but something was missing...hmmm...
I didn't have 10 little toddler toes in my ribcage or wasn't caught in the middle of a toddler and a husband, getting squished. 
I did sleep though, like 6 hours straight, with no interruptions.  That's a whole lot for a mom!
We started the day early, a breakfast buffet joined by very special Jeanette Kaplun  from todobebe
Sandrini, Dariela , me (still in my workout clothes), Silvia, Jeanette  and Ana

Then we got our South Beach gear on....y a la playa, we were off to.

Limited on time we hung out with just feet in the water and watched Roxana's cute spanglish babies splash around. We took pictures and video and enjoyed the sun. 

 The sand was soft. The water warmer than LA and as blue as Liz's cardigan. 

The buildings so beautiful
Art Deco. Just like in Dexter... do you watch that show???

Lunch on Ocean Drive, overlooking the beach, and the biggest strawberrita... ever ( :

Followed by cupcakes.

Then the special Que Rica Vida launch event.

Joscelyn rocked her beautiful singing voice.

And I got to see Adamari Lopez (LOVE her)!

more food, cupcakes and drinks ( :

We ended our last night together hanging out, chatting and dancing.

We flew home the next morning and shared pictures on the plane.

We have been tweeting about it for days.

And still the best thing I can say about it, is Friends.

Tuesday, June 1

Book Review & Giveaway: The Wooden Bowl

I am really excited to share with you this book.

The author Ramona Moreno Winner is a Latina mother, who lives in California with her family and dog.  I chatted with her through email, and right away noticed, she is one of a kind.

She writes multicultural stories for children, but after reading the story with Jeremiah, I felt she wasn't only sending him the message, but I as well.

The book Jeremiah and I read is The Wooden Bowl.  It is bilingual,  which is a great way to get your school age child to read spanish.  I first read Jeremiah the story in spanish, and then we went back to read it in english (this makes his reading of spanish more comfortable).

The Wooden Bowl is a great story about a young boy, Diego, who notices that his very old grandfather, although loved by his family, is not always treated like an adult.  His age has caused him to be messy at the dinner table and accidentally drop or spill things, much like Diego.  They exclude the grandfather from the dinner table because of his messiness, and his grandfather is sad and ashamed.

Diego teaches his parents an important lesson about respect and remembering how this makes Grandfather feel.  His parents realize their behavior and quickly change to make things right.

I asked Jeremiah what he learned from the story and I think he sums it up perfectly, "to treat others like I want to be treated". 

The story is meaningful and I think, a great read for any child.  The illustrator is Nicole Velasquez, and her drawings are beautiful.  The characters are each so unique and by their different hair colors, kids from many cultures can relate.

At the end of the story Ramona includes a discussion page and vocabulary section for you and your child.  I love this.

It's a happy day, it was announced today that it is the winner of the
2010 National Parenting Publications Honor Award.

Congrats Ramona!!!

Other Bilingual titles by Ramona Moreno Winner

Freaky Foods From Around the World

Lucas and His Loco Beans

Ramona has sent two books for me to giveaway!

Do you have your parents living at home with you?
How do you feel teach your child to respect elders?
Have you read any other of Ramona's books?

Leave a comment or question for Ramona (she might be popping in here and there throughout the day), giveaway will end June 11, 2010 at midnight.  US entries only.

Hope you are having a beautiful start of the's Tuesday already!!!

*A copy of The Wooden Bowl was sent to me by the author for review as part of the  Bronze World Latino Virtual Book Tours.  All thoughts are my 100% my own.  I was not given any monetary copensation. 


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