Wednesday, January 12

Cleaning up...

The faux Christmas tree is still up.  Lights and decorations still surround the house.

I did start taking ornaments and stockings down today. ( :

Is it seriously the twelfth  already?
I try and keep up, and take it all in, and appreciate and enjoy every minute.  But somehow time always leaves me behind.

Iv'e de-cluttered (too busy to take Christmas down yet)... forced to after not being able to find a really important document.  I emptied every drawer, cabinet, file folder.  Only to find what a mess I was hiding.

It was time for change.

So, I have slowly been cleaning my life.
Inside and Out.

 All the papers, cabinets, closets, toys...clothes.

My body needed it too.  No caffeine, dairy, gluten, sugar.... a whole lot of veggies is pretty much what I have been consuming.

And yoga.  It's been kicking my butt and I feel really good.

And less media time.

The diet has been the hardest.  I started a journal,  Iv'e been tracking how I feel before, during and after I eat and pretty much my mood during the day.

I have found myself cheating and reaching for things I shouldn't during times of stress, when I am tired or when I'm upset.  Writing it down has let it come to light and I am slowly finding out how important it is to feel positive and calm.

*If your interested... I am following Whole Living's 28 day detox plan.  It's challenging, yet I feel really really good today. 


Connie Leon said...

I am happy for you!!!! New Year new You!!! :D It's only fair to us as working moms... :D I feel ya' on all counts today!! This has been me.... LIFE DETOX! I love it!! :D

GOOOOOD LUCK!!!!!! I know you can do it!!

Can't wait to hear of your progress!! ;D

Catalina said...

Good for you! I'm too much of a wimp to detox; it takes a lot of discipline, of which I know you have. Good luck!!

Carrie at Tiki Tiki Blog! said...

I am right there with you! I have gone to Goodwill several times already and more on the way. The bigger issue is all the paper and odds and ends!

So, congrats on your journey!


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