Sunday, February 5

Lady and the Tramp Giveaway


I hadn't seen Lady and the Tramp in years....oh my, such a sweet movie! A classic love story for sure.

I can't think of anything more romantic than a moonlight dinner, music, sharing a plate of spaghetti and giving away the last albondiga (meatball) to your love.

Audrey absolutely loved it. I love that we can sit together and enjoy a family film from the 40's, and I really really love that Disney always gives us the option to watch it in both English and Spanish.

The Giveaway

I have one copy of the 3 disk Combo Pack (Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy)  to send to one of you just in time for the Valentine's Day season.  Leave any topic related comment. I will pick a winner on Valentines Day February 14th, 2012 at 11:59 pm. US only. Make sure you include your email address if not already in your profile.

So tell me....have you seen Lady and the Tramp? How long ago?

And make sure to click on the widget....activity sheets, a digital story book, Valentines Day card print outs and a most yummy looking Espaguetis con Albondigas recipe all in Spanish (you can also find all in English as well).

*A copy of the film was sent to me for review purposes. No other compensation was given. 

*sorry so late announcing the's mvoulelis! Yay!


Maria Malaveci said...

We have seen Lady & the Tramp, but it was quite awhile ago. It is one of our favorites, but we do not own it. I would love to win this for my son & daughter. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Color Land said...

Amazing giveaway as always!
Welll, i have seen Lady and the tramp awhile ago, like 20 years ago for the first time, and as family like 2 years ago, Jimena love the story and me too!

Good luck everyone!

Cinderella10383 said...

I last saw Lady and The Tramp when I was 5 years old. My favorite part of that movie is when They eat spaghetti and they kiss each other. Fantastic review

Jamie Brigham
cinderella10383 @ aol dot com

mindy25414 said...

This is such a cute movie, and one that I actually haven't seen in years! I would say the last time I saw it was at my Grandmothers house like 10years ago. I am slowly getting all my favorite childhood movies for my children, and now that you reminded me how much I loved this one it's on my list :)
Thank you!


Jenny said...

I have seen Lady and the Tramp and love it! I have not seen it for quite a while and can't even remember the last time. I know my kids would love this movie :) Thank you for the giveaway!

jenny_anwar at

Danielle K said...

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid :) I love this movie and would love to win it!

danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

chelsena said...

Lady and the tramp is my favorite Disney movie! It has been so long since I've seen it! I am so excited for the release on Blu-ray/DVD! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

chelsena at frontier dot com :)

Suzanne said...

I've seen Lady and the Tramp, but it's been a long time, 15 years I'd guess. I think my boys would like it.

mvoulelis said...

Lady & the Tramp is my husbands favorite Disney movies. We haven't seen it in a long time. I would love to win this for my grandkids.

avoulelis said...

What an awesome giveaway! Absolutely love, love Lady & The Tramp. My grandchildren would be so happy to own this!

don Gerardo de Suecia said...

Saludos desde Suecia!

prenni5 said...

We own this movie and we love it. It's a classic! LOVE the shared meatball favorite.;)


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