Monday, March 5

fried yucca

I am feeling a whole lot better. I still get a couple nausea episodes during the day... like when I leave work in the mornings and walk into the parking lot.  I'm not sure if it's a smell or that it's morning ... whatever it first couple minutes after getting in the car are usually spent gagging. 

I'm definitely starting to show (belly pictures soon) but not enough to wear maternity clothes so everything is feeling snug these days. 

We took the kids to Disneyland and California Adventure recently and had so much fun together. We all played hookie one day from work and school and spent the day getting on rides eating yummy pickles...Disneyland has the BEST pickles!

Iv'e been on this Salvadoran childhood food crave over the last month. I'm not sure why but all the foods I didn't pay much attention to as a child are exactly what make me feel good these days. 
I've raided the Latino markets lately and had a list of foods for my mom to bring back from her recent trip to El Salvador. 
Beans and rice, plantains, yucca...oh, fried yucca...hibiscus tea, vegetable and bean soups...fruits like mangos and guavas...

Excuse my food's that obvious I guess...that I'm pregnant!( :
What foods comforted you during pregnancy? Were they foods that mom made or you ate as a child?


Cynthia said...

Just catching up and read your previous post -- HUGE CONGRATS y un abrazo. Hopefully the worst is behind you and you can now enjoy this wonderful experience, because it is pretty wonderful :)

Mary Beatty said...

Nice to see you back on-line. We all miss you. Glad to know your feeling a bit better. Eat what makes you happy and feels good.

Katie Bug said...

Hi Mama! Sadly, I could only manage to hold down hangover food during my first pregnancy. You know, the three o'clock in the morning fare: white castle, taco bell, and pretty much anything from the McDonald's menu. Barf!!! So glad that is over. : )

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

I've always known the Yucca to be the NM state flower, but I never knew you could fry it and it EAT IT! That sounds amazing, I really need to get a dose of comida Salvadoreña. I hope your gag reflex gets a break soon and you start to feel better.

prenni5 said...

You poor girl!! Im going to be thinking about you leaving work now and praying it gets better soon. Hate nausea! I love that you are craving all your childhood foods and they sound yummy. I craved pineapple with Jake, Laffy Taffy with Will and Green Bean Salad with Laine. Random! :) Love you.

Anonymous said...

Chopped tomatoes with balsamic with the first Gatorade with the second!!

Tracy said...

Marcela!!! Felicidades, amiga! OMG - how exciting :)

Love that you're craving Salvadoran food due to the pregnancy - wish I had a good excuse ;) jajaja

I craved almost nothing while pregnant due to the nausea. I survived on Wendy's chocolate frosties for the first pregnancy - it was the only thing I could keep down. With the second pregnancy I wanted JuJuBees, (which is weird because we ended up naming our son "Julian" and so some of his nicknames have various variations of "Ju" and "JuJu" in them. LOL.)


Stephanie said...

Disneyland is SO magical. You are lucky to live so near it!

RE: yucca. I think it's supposed to increase your likelihood of having twins. Would't that be fun? ;)


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