Monday, July 16

the weekend

Hi there! It's Monday afternoon and I haven't done much at all today other than an early doctors appointment.  It's been a lazy but much needed kind of day. I felt like coffee this morning so I made myself a latte with extra whip cream on top! And let the kids have popsicles before lunch!

It was a fun and busy weekend. Friday night Kip and I went out to dinner and a movie. I keep taking advantage of these dates because I know once baby arrives it will be really hard for us to want to leave baby for hours at a time. 

Saturday I had the most amazing time with mom, my sisters and a couple girlfriends. We headed up to Santa Barbara Spa Del Mar for a spa day. I got my first ever pregnancy massage! It was great and really makes my list of must have's during pregnancy. Carrying this big belly gets me really tired sometimes and that made my muscles feel so relaxed. I also got a much needed facial....the spa...heaven really. 

We had lunch there and then spent the afternoon in the pool. 
We then rented surrey bikes and pedaled through the beach walk. After our bike workout we were all hungry, felt like having tacos and hit up Lilly's Tacos, a local spot for the yummiest beef, pork and veggie tacos. 

Mom treated all of us to coffee post dinner and we all headed home very satisfied from a perfect day. 

It was really awesome to be able to have a girls day filled with fun and relaxation in celebration of baby's soon to be arrival and my birthday later this month. Kip was really great about staying with the kids and even daysitting my moms dog!

I got home so ready to slip in bed with Kip and Audrey and slept really good that night.

Sunday morning I stayed in bed late and then we all got ready to visit friends and enjoy their pool and yummy BBQ! The kids had a blast and it was hard to get them out of the pool when it was time to go home. 

We got home last night with just enough time for Kip and I to get kids ready for bed and to catch up on one of our shows. 

What were you up to this weekend?


Katie Bug said...

You look fabulous as always, Marcela! So glad you had such a great day and I am anxiously awaiting pictures of my new cousin. Looks like that baby is ready to pop out any minute. : )

Lisa Renata said...

Oh how fun. I love spa days. You know there aren't any out here like rh one in So. Ca.? Yup, I've searched and searched. I miss them.

Cynthia said...

you look so lovely with your baby belly! wishing you well as you get closer to the end :)

and your post reminds me of that awesome spa certificate i got for mother's day that includes a one-hour massage and one-hour facial. must enjoy soon :)


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