Tuesday, August 14

Big Big Dinosaur Week on PBS

Saturday morning all of us got in the Odyssey (oh yes, I did get a minivan :) and headed to LA's Natural History Museum. We had a great time walking around and checking out all the exhibits and staying cool and out of the heat (it's been SO hot here!). This baby inside has been cooking a little extra...

Audrey got a chance to meet Buddy from Dinosaur Train there! We were invited to meet Buddy and check out all the cool Dino stuff in celebration of "Big Big Dinosaur Week", a week of all new Dinosaur Train episodes on PBS kids that will be airing all this week (August 13th-17th). 
(Audrey loves this show)

SO happy we all got to hang out together, and enjoy a museum...something I need to do more of with kids!

Make sure you check out all the new episodes! 

xoxo Marcela

*no compensation of any kind was given for this post, we were invited to LA's Natural History Museum to visit Buddy. All thoughts are my own. 

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Kip said...

That museum is a lot of fun. The kids really liked it and it's easy to get to and park. Perhaps not the equal of New York or Chicago, but very good nonetheless and in our own backyard.


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