Thursday, April 12

Easter 2012

Easter was beautiful. Jelly bean trails. Easter baskets. Family. Good food. And about a dozen egg hunts. Audrey kept wanting to look for eggs!We all took turns hiding eggs for her and when everyone finally got tired of hiding the eggs she started hiding her own eggs to find. ( :

Audrey was a little wired from all the treats. It took us awhile to get her to finally calm down and go to sleep!

Salmon, roasted veggies, brown rice, fruit, salad and a yummy fruit tart for dessert.

Hoping your Easter was as lovely as ours...


photos taken by Kip Beatty (aka dad)


Jackie said...

What a beautiful Easter! I think I'm going to steal your "jelly bean trail" idea. It's just too cute! And the photos of your daughter are absolutely amazing. Your husband did an amazing job with his photos.

Connie Leon said...

I can't believe how big your kids are and now baby number 3, you are soo brave!!! :D Hope you are well!!! HAPPPPYYY EASTER! :)

Elisa said...

Primera vez por tu blog, y quise dejar un saludo!
Espero volver por estos lados!

Lola said...

¡Qué bonita celebración! Audrey está guapa reguapa :-)

prenni5 said...

What a perfect and beautiful Easter!!! Love the photos of Audrey. Wish I had been there. xo


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