Thursday, April 5


Everything is moving along around here. Including baby. 

I feel baby move ...and sometimes feel pressure at the base of my tummy. 
I try and explain this feeling to Kip and the kids but it's something I guess I just can't. 
It's a feeling only a mom can feel. So I take this time to share it between me and baby. 

Jeremiah is on spring break this week. We went hiking a couple times during the week. The kids and dog have so much fun. It's cheap. We get lot's of exercise plus time to enjoy the outdoors. 

After hiking everyone is exhausted and we do lunch...or ice cream. (:

The kids argue like all the time about what sex the baby will be. 

Audrey says she will be a big sister. 
Jeremiah says he is going to have a little brother. 

Sometimes Audrey settles the argument by just saying 

"fine! mommy has two babies in her belly ...a boy and a girl!"

(I only have one)

Baby's sex is a surprise...

I'm feeling a whole lot better lately. I still get morning sickness, but thank goodness it's only in the morning and not all day like it was for like forever

We are having family over for Easter. Audrey is dying to color Easter eggs... so that's on our list of to do's this weekend. 

So, the other day, I wake up ready to go to work...

Kip says to me...

"you know sweetie...I really want you to consider getting a minivan"

And there you have it....I might be my worst nightmare...
I might soon be a minivan mom....


Connie Leon said...

Ahhh funny story, I used to dream about a that I am a Momma and really need one..I DON'T REALLY WANT ONE. LOL. I want a cool SUV I am soooo inspired by you...My Husband and I are thinking about baby number 3 but not sure when just yet or if we should... I am happy for you and your little family! I hope you have an amazing Easter!!!!!! :)
BTW. Gonna share your post about baby wearing..some friends are considering it... :)

Mary Beatty said...

So glad to see you blogging again. You sound better . Loved the hiking pictures. Everyone, Max included, seems to be enjoying it. Love to everybody, and have a joyful and blessed Easter.

Unknown said...

Your pregnancy is going to fly by! I'm happy you aren't having full day morning sickness anymore... it was hell for me with this pregnancy!

Stephanie said...

Yay for family hikes! There's something so peaceful about being out in nature all together. Are there many trails near where you live?

prenni5 said...

Hi Sis!
You sound happy. I'm sooo glad you're feeling better. So exciting when you feel that baby move inside you--nothing quite like it!! Loved the hiking pics and wish I had been there to tag along. I miss you guys!!


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