Thursday, October 11


"I love you more than all the unicorns", I overheard her say to Kip, while I folded laundry and he tucked her into bed. 

And although it's such an Audrey thing to say...I know she meant every word. 

She gives the biggest snuggles (Kip and I fight over them all the time) and kisses baby and dog every time she passes by. 

She tells me her secrets...and tells me not to tell no one, not even brother. I keep them. And hope she'll always find someone to confide in, in me.

There are those times, sometimes it seems like all the time, when I know I'm being tested....
when I just can't stand one more minute, when I'm about to breakdown, when time outs are given and privileges taken away... when seconds later I want to hold her in my arms and tell her that I love her. 

She has given me so much...has shown me that it's things like jumping over puddles that I will remember most...

The other day, Kip was off from work and volunteered to take care of  baby Frank so Audrey and I could spend some time together. We decided on the zoo, we shared lunch as soon as we got there, I asked her what animals she wanted to see and she said, "a unicorn or a narwhal". I had to google narwhal because I had no idea what it was and of coarse she did. 

I told her we weren't going to find either one at the zoo. She was sure we would. And sure enough we found a unicorn. I told her she deserved two rides on the carousel and cotton candy since she had found a unicorn. 

Today, we are home, it's a rainy day in LA and 
this is how our conversation went when she saw the rain...

"mom!, you ruined the day!"
how? I say. 
"you let there be a thunder storm!" as she marches off...


Unknown said...

How cute! And how fun is to have a little girl, I love these moments of 1 on 1 with the kids, que lindo!!!

Stephanie said...

Such a sweetheart. Is she enjoying ballet? What other classes/sports have you enrolled her in this year?


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