Thursday, October 25

something to think about

 It's so easy to forget all the nasty chemicals and poor practices involved with food production when visiting the grocery store. The kids and I get sucked in by the fancy packaging and wording all the time.

This is a smart reminder to think twice about the things we are buying, to shop local, and to visit our farmer's markets regularly. We've been part of a local farm organic produce home delivery service for some time now, Audrey and I love opening the box and finding what's inside on delivery days. It also makes me feel better about not having the time to visit the farmers market on a weekly basis.

How often do you visit farmer's markets? Have you heard about local organic produce delivery services?

 Lately...eggs have been on my mind...all the false wording on their packaging and the way the hens are's really sad. I have no idea how to take care of hens in the backyard, but it's been on my mind, do you have any experience with this?

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