Saturday, November 3

trick or treat 2012

phew. it was a busy week. 

We started off the week by picking out our pumpkin at one of the local pumpkin patches. I chose the simplest patch I could find for us to go...most of them have gotten so fancy with petting zoos, bounce houses, slides...pretty much anything to get you to spend money and forget about the reason you are there... pumpkin picking. 

We let the kids play with pumpkin guts till it started getting a little crazy and pumpkin guts were being thrown around the room...

and finally decided on a good face ...

Frank was Super Baby for his first halloween, a last minute find that suited him well. Audrey picked her costume weeks in advance...the day after Halloween she told me that the neighbors must have thought she was the real Princess Jasmine because they all called her "Princess Jasmine" when they answered their doors to give her candy. One afternoon the kids and I were grocery shopping at the market and Jeremiah put on a monkey mask he found in the Halloween section, he wore it around the store while we shopped and we thought it was hilarious so he decided that's what he wanted to wear. 
On Halloween he asked us how all the neighborhood kids knew it was him under the mask...we had lots of fun with him answering this question.( :

Hope all of you had a fun Halloween....I think I hear the Halloween candy bag calling me again(:


Ana said...

We buy our pumpkins from the grocery store and the girls enjoy it just as much, because all four us get to pick our own pumpkin and talk about the pumpkins. I don't like those fancy pumpkin patches either too much money and too many people to enjoy it as a family. The costumes are adorable. The monkey costume looks pretty cool!

Color Land said...

Beautiful pictures! Your baby boy it's getting so big, the time flies......... the costumes are really cool !


Katie Bug said...

Love it!! They are gorgeous! When Savannah saw one of the pictures she said, "Is that the baby's Daddy or big brother?" LOL! She was talking about Jeremiah. He seriously looks like a teenager. And how neat is it that the three four year old cousins were princesses? Hope you are enjoying the Fall!

Stephanie said...

She DOES look like the real Jasmine...only much prettier! :)

prenni5 said...

OH--I LOVE these photos. Precious!! Everyone looks so great in their costumes. I love the Super Baby!! Miss and love you guys so much.


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