Wednesday, November 21

our week

Baby Frank turned three months this past week. No longer the little itty bitty newborn but a big yummy baby filled with giggles and smiles for us. 

Both Jeremiah and Audrey are recovering from a bad cold. We've been staying in jammies a little longer, watching a little extra tv, and enjoying warm drinks.

Here are some more pictures from this week....

Filled Audrey's closet with great finds from Misha Lulu's trunk show and gave Karen and Ana extra big hugs.

A yummy brunch hosted by Ana at Fig Restaurant. Got a chance to share it with some extra special bloggers while we shared our thoughts with @timetoplay on what we look for when choosing toys. We came to the conclusion that toy makers need to listen to parents more...

sharing funny faces

I'm cleaning house today and having friends and family over tomorrow.

So much to be thankful for...

Marcela xoxo


prenni5 said...

I love that photo of Frank--he looks so sweet all bundled up! Those clothes are adorable--I will have to check them out! I just noticed your bangs in the last photo and I love them. You look great!! I miss you and I hope everyone feels better. xoxo

Katie Bug said...

Sweet little Frank! If I could just get my hands on him, he would never touch a surface again. We just attended our first trunk show tonight. Matilda Jane is all the rage down south...but (whew!) pricey. Still, it was a fun diversion. Miss you guys! Katie


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