Sunday, February 20


We lunched at a  french cafe.  She sat in her chair, had veggie soup and french bread with lots of butter. 

We found every single Dandelion and blew wishes near and far.  
She stops to smell the roses.  Something I need to learn from her. 

We shop for groceries.  Say the name to every single fruit, in spanish.  And buy cucumbers, lemons, oranges, black beans, a pomegranate and gummy bears to share. 

The fountain is the best part, she thinks.  Every adult walks right past it. 

 A simple outing.  Yet, memories made and stored away inside me.

We get back in the car... seconds pass... she sleeps.
I put on my audiobook.  And I drive away.
Good thoughts inside me.


SWFL Doula said...

Good memories for her too! she will treasures them forever!.. she is such a happy little girl and I think is because you're doing a wonderful job raising both your kids!
Be blessed!

Maria Ortiz-Cintron said...

How very sweet and thoughtful. Reading your entry was like reading poetry. Thanks for sharing and for helping us see the value of savoring the everyday!

Stephanie said...

What a simple, wonderful outing. THOSE kind of days are the best days.

My 23-month-old loves butter (I mean...LOVES it). She'd eat it plain if she could. ;)

Stephanie said...

Also - what audiobook are you listening to?

Lisa Renata said...

It is the simplest things in life that are the best, don't you think?

BTW- Audrey looks so grown up now- well you know what I mean- all her baby features are gone. Sigh. They do grow up fast, fast, too fast!

saludos amiga.


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