Friday, February 18


I might have a little Disney addiction left from the cruise.

Bambi was Jeremiah's favorite movie.  We owned it on VHS years ago. ( : He absolutely loved Thumper.

 So excited about it coming out on Blu-ray and getting to watch it with the kids again.

Since it's Valentines week...thought you would enjoy this clip.

*I was sent a review copy of Bambi on Blu-ray.  Was not required or given any compensation for sharing this with you. 

*Edited 2/28/11 Here is a $10 off coupon to buy it on Blu-ray 


Unknown said...

My mom was really into buying us books and books on tape. It is one of my greatest blessing from my childhood. We owned Bambi on cassette tape before I ever saw the sis and I would lie in bed at night and paint our own pictures of Thumper and Flower with our imagination.
I am sure Blu-ray beats anything I thought up, for sure HAHAHAHA!

Marcela said...

I LOVE your comment April! You just reminded me of something my mother used to do too!

We would get the story books on tape from the library!

My kids do audiobooks too! Funny,now we get them on cd, or get them from iTunes.

This would be a great one to look for on audiobook for my littles!

You have just inspired me!!! (:

Unknown said...

Glad to hear it! Hope the kids like them. Snow White is good, (its not so scary,lol,and Lady & The Tramp was my 2nd favorite on audio cassette) I know my latest book was from iTunes, how times change, no more red audio cassette tapes from Disney


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