Wednesday, February 9

I'm back.....

It seems so long.  Since my last post.  Iv'e missed writing.  Most of all reading all of your lovely blogs.

We just returned from a family vacation.  Disney Cruise... to the Mexican Riviera.  It was worth every hard earned penny we spent.  The kids had SO much fun.
I spent my week media free.
Enjoyed my family.  Food.  Mexico.  And seeing Mickey Mouse ofcoarse. ( :

Life is back to normal now.  Clothes are washing.  Jeremiah is supposed to be doing homework in his room.  Audrey out for a run in the jogger with dad.

And frozen lasagna from Trader Joes in the oven.

Tonight will be my first night back to work.  Iv'e been loving all the sleeping at night, and really need to pull myself together to get through tonight.

I'm still working on cleaning my life out.  And have a guest post I would love for you to read.

Hope everyone out there has their hearts filled with love today ( :

*Lot's to tell from our cruise.  Leave me a comment, or send me an email if you have questions about cruising.  I learned so much, I wish I would have known before leaving.  
*More posts to come soon, now that my life seems a little cleaner ( :


Unknown said...

I was wondering about you!! Welcome back! I want to know all about your cruise experience por favor!! Can't wait!

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Great post chica, I've missed you! I'm glad to hear that you had a much needed break though, and enjoyed your time in the Mexican Riviera. Sounds amazing.

Tania said...

I read your guest post and I'm trying to do the same thing, decluttering, getting organized and healthier. You've encouraged me to keep going, thanks !

Catalina said...

A cruise sounds so dreamy! Welcome back! I'm looking forward to photos from your tirp.


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