Wednesday, March 23

Painting Motherhood

As soon as I saw these, I was filled with love inside.  Katie M. Berggren paints the most intimate motherhood moments. 

I'm not quite sure which is my favorite.  I seriously love them all.

Wrap 2

Golden Moment

Visit her site to see more of her beautiful work and read about what inspires her on her blog


Saray Hill said...

Great paintings! Thanks for sharing Marcela

Monica said...

Beautiful, Marcela! I like "Golden Moment" because it reminds me of my own kids. :)

Gracias for sharing this with us!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

these are seriously beautiful. thanks for linking to her, I loved her etsy shop

Betty Zambrano said...

The third is my favorite. The paintings are a beautiful depiction of the bond between mother and child. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Renata said...

I also love them all. So beautiful and filled of colorful emotion.

Thanks for sharing.


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