Thursday, March 17

wine tasting with fresh & easy

The house was quiet (grandma had just picked up the kids).  I almost thought of telling Kip, let's just stay home, order take out, watch a movie and maybe....

It's not often we have the house to ourselves. ( :

Instead... we talked our way through traffic to the smog shoppe for a Fresh and Easy wine tasting event.  I really liked having Kip join me.  He usually has baby duty when I get invites like this but spending that time with him was really nice. 

Some of you already know, I am a big fan of fresh and easy.  Food is good, fresh and the stores are just the right size... and the best thing... they always have samples for my kiddies and I

Fresh and Easy just introduced 27 new wines. All from California. We got a chance to taste, and have to say that all are great tasting and very affordable.  These selections are perfect whether having guests over for a nice dinner or lounging and chatting with girlfriends. 

I usually tend to go for white wine, but lately red has been my preferred choice.  So much richer and satisfying. The Open Field Pinot Noir was my favorite of the night, a Santa Barbara wine, which makes me realize how soon Kip and I have to plan a trip to Santa Barbara.  I'm dreaming bike rides, the beach, a picnic and a good bottle of red wine. 
California Wine Launch Event – Smog Shoppe
via fresh & easy

with Sandrini and Monique

There was so much great food, all prepared by Latina Chef Cynthia Perez.  Her flavor is always perfect. I also have her to thank for the awesome silpat mat she introduced me to.  I'm not quite sure how I baked without it.

Fresh and Easy always throws the best events. Great PR, great food, great drinks, great goodie bags.

And great company by a most great hubby ( :

What is your favorite red or white?  Have you been bike riding recently?


Catalina said...

Aw, you ladies look fabulous as always! I agree with you, I love Fresh & Easy too!

Stephanie said...

I've been in Fresh & Easy grocery stores a few times...and have loved them. You're right. The size is exactly right - not so big that it becomes overwhelming, not so small that the options are limited.


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