Wednesday, March 23

Pampers Milagros LA mural

Remember the Pampers Milagros event I attended?

The Every Little Miracle campaign provides Latina mothers with support and resources for raising happy healthy niños.

Today, as part of their campaign they unveiled a mural in a LA neighborhood, a gift to a local LA school....

I think it's a beautiful gift to our Latino community!


Madeline said...

That's really cool. Such a sweet image.

MJ said...

That's beautiful!

cindylu said...

I saw this mural yesterday while running the CicLAvia route past MacArthur Park. It definitely caught my eye and made me wish I had my camera with me. (At least I think it was this mural.)

Marcela said...

cindylu! Yes! You definitely ran by the mural! It is right across the street from McArthur park!


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