Monday, November 28


Thanksgiving was yummy. I worked the night before so slept most of the day, but woke up just in time to enjoy family and amigos over a lovely Thanksgiving dinner.

We ate Salvadoran style turkey, one of my favorite dishes to look forward to during the holidays, it brings memories of being home with my mother and sisters, smelling roasted spices and watching my mom pour fresh tomato sauce over the turkey. 

(those are the memories I am most thankful for, memories like these I hope, I am giving my children to remember)

We ate inside my uncles tiny and cozy home, they had taken all their living room furniture outside and set up beautifully decorated dining tables. Perfect really. 

We went around the table and each of us talked and shared what we were grateful for. There were tears and laughs, and those special moments that can only happen in a room filled with people you love. 

After dinner while we folded tables we danced to merengue and cumbias and sipped champagne and when we were finally tired, furniture was brought back in, leftovers packed up for each to take home and memories stored to remember. 

Pumpkin pancakes the next morning, spent the day together as a family, watched movies and ate leftovers. 

(refused to do any shopping this weekend)


Ana said...

We do the same in my family. We all go around the table and say a prayer, and there is crying and laughter involved too. I love that! What a beautiful Thanksgiving you had!

Vivian said...

So how do you make Salvadorian style turkey? I would love to know! Those are indeed some precious memoried you are giving your children. At least that's what I'm aiming for, too.

prenni5 said...

Sounds like an absolutely PERFECT holiday!! I love the picture of Audrey sleeping. So precious!! xo


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