Thursday, November 10

exhausted yet happy

daddy brushing hair while watching the football game ( :

(I have been gone for so long it seems, sorry)

I worked 3 nights in a row this week and am exhausted even after sleeping in bed last night.

Today, Audrey and I spent our day in pajamas. Showers didn't happen until after 4pm... and only because we have plans for this evening...

I made sweet potato soup for dinner and Audrey took one spoon and immediatly wanted to spit it out. She started to cry when I asked her not to spit it out in her bowl but to walk to the sink. She refused, so I said the next best option would be to swallow it. She did... and then pretended to choke.
(I thought the soup was good)

I cleaned out Audrey's sock drawer today. There were still infant socks in there. As I took each sock out, some without the pair I tried to picture in my mind and in my heart how my baby girl's foot looked at that time and it was hard and that makes me sad.

Jeremiah is at football practice tonight. His team is going to go watch the high school football rival game post practice and Kip, Audrey and I will be coming along also.

It was super cold here today (and yes I know in some places it's snowing), I'm a sucker for the cold and only came out of the house for school drop off and pick up. I'm scared of how cold it will be at the game tonight.

No school tomorrow and I'm off from work. Yay. I'm thinking a museum trip or a trip to the bowling alley.

We have been stalking the German Shepherd rescue website the past couple of weeks and I think we have finally found the right one. Our plans are to pick him up Saturday. I think our family is finally ready for a dog again and happy thoughts have filled each one of us thinking we will be bringing him home.


Ana said...

I'm the same way, I bundle myself and my girls up when it's only 70 degrees. How exciting a new dog! I hope you get more rest this weekend! :)

prenni5 said...

I LOVE this photo of daddy brushing her hair!! So sweet. The infant socks make me sad too; it goes too fast! Your soup sounded yummy to me!! xo

Natalia Carter said...

I understand how tired you feel; I was working the whole week until late and the only thing I like to do now is stay at home en pijamas lol


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