Tuesday, November 1

trick or treat (2011)

Audrey was a 
"butterfly princess fairy". 

Friends came over and we set out trick or treating as soon as the sun started to set. The kids ran from house to house for treats and we adults ran from house to house after the kids. 

Hearing Audrey say "Happy Halloween!" was seriously the cutest thing ever. Cute enough to get her second helpings of candy at every house .( :

Jeremiah was really undecided about what his costume should be. I suggested a "cool vampire" where he could wear his regular clothes and just do vampire teeth and makeup but he immediatly rejected me saying I was trying to get him to dress up as "Edward".  Then I suggested I could bring home kurlex wrap from work and make him into a mummy...but somehow that wasn't what he had in mind either. 

He finally decided on the grim reaper. Uh...scary. 
He enjoyed having neighbors guess who was inside that dark mask and somehow... he managed to hold on to his treats with his big claws. 

When we got home and it was time to get ready for bed Audrey refused to take her costume off. 
We came to an agreement...costume over jammies

Today, the girl is obsessed with her treat bag. I had cut up fruit and veggies with dip set out all day to keep her (and me) away from the candy.

real time: I just heard her ask Kip... "can we go Halloween now?"... 

"not till next year" ( :

*photo credit: Audrey's daddy 


prenni5 said...

I love this post! The kids look beautiful and SO happy!! Laine wanted to go trick or treating again today too. It's nice that they love it so much!!

Mary Beatty said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I'm so glad everyone had such a nice Halloween.

Claudya Martinez said...

Audrey is adorable, Jerimiah's scary factor is a good balance for all that adorableness.

Ana said...

What great costumes and great pictures!! That's a great idea to put out a plate of healthy food. I have to do that, we still have a lot of candy sitting around.

Unknown said...

I love her costume!!! How cute, I let Adrian sleep with his costume a couple of times too! :)

Color Land said...

Que lindos disfraces, Audrey se veia lindisima y el disfraz de Jeremiah definitivamente si daba miedo 👍
Se ve que la pasaron super bien..... Y que buena idea lo de agregar fruta para evitar la tentacion de tantos dulces!

Madeline said...

It's so much fun when kiddos start to really get into Halloween! Levi has been asking to do Halloween again as well. Audrey looks absolutely beautiful!!

jai said...

Beautiful pics! We are hiding the candy at our house. Both the hubby and the kid have been digging in!


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