Thursday, October 27

Our visit to the cemetery

 to celebrate Dia de los Muertos was so much fun. 
Audrey and I ate sugar skulls, visited all the beautiful decorated altars, did lot's of shopping and shared lunch together. 

I bought a gorgeous vintage peasant blouse and little flower stud earrings for myself. 

Audrey came home arms full: hair barrette, puzzle, book and Frida Kahlo doll. 

All were local artists and vendors with such unique beautiful items, it was so hard not to want everything. 

You guys might be able to answer this question...
Is it rude to walk over someones headstone/grave?
I seriously could not get Audrey to walk around them, she must have thought they were stepping stones because she would try to jump from headstone to headstone (the ones that lay flat on the ground). 
I hope no one there was bothered by it, I can't imagine any dead person being bothered by Audrey playing....

(Flower in hair, treat bag and outfit ready)

How have you been celebrating/getting ready for Dia de los Muertos and Halloween?


Cristina-Colombiana en CA said...

Audrey esta cada vez mas hermosa! Esa flor en el pelo se le ve espectacular.
Nosotros celebraremos Halloween el Sabado en una fiesta de disfraces donde unos amigos, el Domingo donde la familia y el Lunes saldremos con los amigos de Emily a pedir dulces.

Nora said...

CUTE! I love her outfit too.
Unfortunately, this holiday is not very popular here in the MidWest/East Coast.

Ana said...

I wish I could have taken my girls. I want to start celebrating it. I even tried making papel picado, but it didn't come out that good. I also don't have all the cute little skulls. Next year,hopefully I can do a little alter. That Frida Khalo doll is too cute. Your little angel looks cute, too!

Unknown said...

I can't get over the bright vibrant colors. Had I been there I definitely would have gone home broke. This is such a contrast to how we celebrate here.

MJ said...

you got the little Frida doll by My Mayan Colors <3 I LOVE her work!

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

I love Audrey's cute outfit! Dia de Los Muertos is such a great holiday. I can't wait till we have the parade and celebration here in NM. Great post amiga! ;)

prenni5 said...

Oh this looks like it was a wonderful day. So festive!! I love all the photos; I wish I had been there with you girls. I never walk on burial grounds either, but I think kids get a free pass! ;)


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