Monday, February 28

we just hung around

Audrey and I just got home from the park.  Lot's of hide and seek.

We were in desperate need of some sun and cool breeze.

We've been in the house all day.  Jeremiah home from school with a stomach bug (the same bug that had Audrey down for the weekend).  I think this kind of threw us all off.  We just hung around not doing much at all.

I seriously didn't get anything productive done till after one in the afternoon, that is, if you call doing two loads of laundry a productive day.
Laundry from kids throwing up all over the house.   I am serious when I say... all over the house.

Audrey has been extra needy, she's been on my breasts for what seems all weekend long.  And I have to admit my boobies are tired.

She is in no hurry to wean.  And as often as I think that she's had enough, iv'e had enough.... this weekend put lots into perspective...

The only thing she was able keep in her belly while being sick was breastmilk.  Everything else upset her stomach.

This says a lot.  I think.


Liz said...

I hope the little ones feel better!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

ah yes that nasty stomach bug. Breast milk is pretty magical I have to handed it to you.

Me and the Mexican said...

My son had it around a week ago. Its going around everywhere! I hope she feels better! TGFM (thank goodness for mommy)

Madeline said...

Poor dear! Hope she feels better!!


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