Friday, June 11

no cooking tonight, and sharing thoughts

I work tonight, and really wish I didn't.

After our nap this afternoon, Audrey woke up saying pizza! pizza! (no, I don't always feed her pizza!).
Kip heard her, and said, tell mama to pick up pizza for dinner.

I said a little prayer of thanks, YES!  No dinner making!

We took a trip to fresh&easy to pick up some pizza.  I really love this store.  Their eat well ready meals save a working mom's butt like all the time. 

So, more sharing, I finally gave in.  I can't work nights and take care of Audrey during the day anymore. It was way too much.  I was tired, all the time.  I don't know why I kept feeling guilty.  It was not fair to her either.  She needs to run and play, not lay in bed with mom. 

Kip and I talked.  And he said it's time.  To get a sitter

That guilt, of not taking care of her, kept hanging on.  Not wanting to let go of the fact, that I'm not super mom.

It's been a couple of weeks now.  I have more energy.  I am in a better mood.  My days off with her are so much more valuable. 

She is adjusting well.  And is so excited to see me when I pick her up.  There's been less moods, and that is such a good thing. 

It's been the best thing, for us.   

*fresh and easy did not ask me to post a link or write about them.  


Madeline said...

I worked at home until Levi was two. I thought that was tough, but I can't imagine working nights and taking care of a kiddo during the day. That is one tough gig. I admire you for giving it such a shot. I'm glad y'all have found a happy medium though, so you can get some rest.

Unknown said...

I don't know how you were doing it before!! I think it is a great desicion. You have to always find a balance and if you are feeling much better then that means you can be a much better Mami!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I totally love fresh & easy! In fact, I've actually tweeted them and, begged...them to build one in our city. ;)


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