Thursday, July 21

blue dress

 Today, Audrey and I did some toy shopping. We had a gift card we hadn't gotten a chance to spend from her birthday, so as soon as we got to the toy store she rushed over to Calico Critters and picked up a new little family for her and one for her lovely cousin Laine.

This dress, a find, at our new favorite second hand children's boutique, Bluebird, here in LA, we shopped there with two great friends recently and came home with a large bag of awesome finds. 

Counting her piggies

and in love with herself. 

I need to hug myself. 
 You too deserve a hug from you!

dress: flora and Henri (thrifted)
sandals: Salt-Water 

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lizziedoesit said...

love the dress and sandals!!! super cute!!!

Teresa Garza said...

Que lindo el estampado del vestido y el color... Y tu niña esta preciosa... Saludos...
Teresa Garza

prenni5 said...

LOVE LOVE her dress and I would truly wear it myself! I look at these pics and it makes my heart hurt because oh how I wish we lived down the street so these beautiful cousins could play and hug eachother! xo

Yoly said...

Your daughter is adorable! And so is the dress and sandals :)

Stephanie said...

LOVELY dress (what brand is it?). LOVELIER girl. :)


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