Friday, July 29

birthday bowl

Last night we bowled.

Audrey in bowling shoes = super cute.
Kip set up a bowling ramp for her and she would jump and throw her hands up in the air after her turn.

Jeremiah would power slide across the floor (slide on his knees while pretending to play the guitar) after his. His friend joined us to celebrate his birthday.

(and mine... Jeremiah and I share the same day)

I had a mojito.

And we all shared a meal of mozzarella sticks, cheese fries and pizza.

When the kids weren't bowling they were dancing.  I think all of us (except Kip) were dancing and singing to Justin Bieber at one point. ( :

There were thoughts of getting cake or ice cream post bowling but after such a huge meal there was just no way we could fit cake in...we were super satisfied and sometimes after having such a great time...
birthday cake is just not needed.

I only got this one picture last night, I totally took my camera with me but just didn't take any, and when I asked myself this morning why I had forgotten to take pictures??

I answered me by saying... we were just having way too much fun. 


Natalia Carter said...

I love Bowling, but since I moved to this country I haven't done that! That day sounds pretty amazing!

Ana said...

What a fun birthday. Happy birthday!! I have bowling down on my summer list of things to do with my family. I hope I get to check it off. :)

prenni5 said...

Sounds like a perfect time. I love bowling.,so fun!

Kelly Tirman said...

I love bowling but I can't remember the last time I actually did it. Thanks for the reminder - I must get the family to the bowling alley soon.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Marcela. I hope the coming year is as beautiful and remarkable as you are.

Yvonne Condes said...

What a sweet post. Those are the best days, when everyone is having fun and just being together. Happy belated birthday!!


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