Thursday, July 14

the purple ones

I have so wanted to join Morgan and all the lovely ladies that take part in Small Style for weeks...

Although we don't splurge much on Audrey's outfits, it's still so much fun to dress her up...and sometimes (a lot of time's) I wish her outfits came in my size. ( :

One of my favorite pieces from her wardrobe is this skirt we got at one of our favorite local boutiques.  It's almost two years old and seems to have gotten smaller in just the perfect way. 

She's a climber
and an acrobat.

Loves the park, the trees, the sun

and loves to pick out her shoes. 

henley top - The Children's Place
skirt - (no tag) bought at Lula Mae
leggings - target
flats - mary jane fabric flats from China Town 


Lil Muse Lily said...

she's a cutie! love the skirt

Unknown said...

That skirt is fabulous. It is definitely a kids item that I would want in my size.

designHER Momma said...

of course that skirt does not have any tags, because I want it! So cute!

Madeline said...

She always looks adorable! Love the skirt.

Natalia Carter said...

Nice clothes!! The same happens to me with my niece, sometimes I wish her outfits came in my size too!

prenni5 said...

LOVE that skirt and I would totally wear it! ;)


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