Friday, October 28


I know there are already so many sweets going around for Halloween...but I have one more sweet to add to the mix... ( :

One with Latin flavor...(I remember eating these as a kid)

This is a perfect recipe to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. All natural ingredients that are easy to find and easy prep (does take some time in the oven so give yourself plenty of time to bake). 

Older kids can have fun making different shapes...

Latin Merenguitos
16 pieces
1 ½ cup honey
2 cups egg whites
2 drops lemon juice
3 cups sugar
1. Place the egg whites and lemon juice in a stand or hand mixer with whisk attachment and whisk at high speed for 1 minute. Turn the speed down to medium and sprinkle in all of the sugar while machine is running. Add the honey to the egg whites, increase the speed to high and whisk for 3 minutes or until stiff peaks form.
2. Place the meringue into a bowl. At this point, you can add food coloring if desired by simply adding a couple of drops to mix until you have reached the desired color. Mix food coloring into the meringue.  
3. Place the meringue in a pastry bag with a star tip and pipe 16 assorted shapes onto a 12" x 17" baking sheet with parchment paper. 
4. Bake at 200 - 225° Fahrenheit for about 2 hours or until completely crunchy.
5. Store in an airtight container.

*recipe sent to me by The National Honey Board. No compensation of any kind for sharing. 


Vivian said...

No you didn't! I am so going to make those on Monday! Thank you so much for the recipe!

prenni5 said...

Oh these look and sound so yummy! I will have to make some. Thanks for sharing the recipe! xo

Carrie at Tiki Tiki Blog! said...

I never have made these...but, I just added them to pinterest so I must, I must!


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