Thursday, May 3

The Avengers

Oh.... the boys here are super excited to see The Avengers this weekend. It's been quite the talk on car rides to school... are your boys feeling the I can't wait's also?

Confession: I might be feeling it a little too...two super hero lovers will do that to you...

Kip and Jeremiah have a date after school tomorrow to watch while Audrey and I head out to a 1st birthday party.

Then on Saturday they plan on taking mommy to see it too. ( : I think they just want to see it a second time. ( :


prenni5 said...

My boys haven't mentioned it yet. I'm surprised! Maybe I will surprise them with a trip to the theatre this weekend!!
Love you.

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

This movie was so good! Not to mention it was filmed at a studio in my hometown! I hope you enjoyed it!


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