Monday, May 7

Our weekend

...was filled with all kinds of fun. 
Much deserved after spending most of the day Friday cleaning up our spare room (Audrey's room) ...which really has been a catch all since she was born. She still co sleeps... and putting up money on a nursery was never a priority. I figured she would eventually make the room hers...and that seems to be slowly taking place...
(Kip referred to this cleaning as me taking part in some nesting)

Friday night... an Under the Sea inspired birthday party which included a jicama, pineapple and watermelon salad ....and tamales for mom. 

Saturday... we dropped Audrey off at grandmas. Kip, Jeremiah and I headed out to the show (a second time for the boys). After the movie the three of us went out for Mexican food. We came home to relax and somehow a little relaxation turned into a 3 hour nap for me! I woke up with just enough time to do some grocery shopping and watch Wayne's World with Kip and Jeremiah. 

Kip and I hadn't watched in years, it was Jeremiah's first time... watching inspired by rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to grandmas.  

Sunday... the boys headed out to watch the LA Kings hockey game. Audrey and I picked up some friends and went to Pregnancy Awareness Month's Celebrate Moms event here in LA. 

Lots of fun products, lots of learning, pampering, including massages, henna tattoos, natural makeup and fun crafts for Audrey. 

And her second face painting of the weekend....something she loves!

We ended our weekend going out for Lebanese food and enjoyed our very lovely dates for the day....

both Audrey and I came home tired and ready to cuddle in bed with daddy... a most perfect way to end a busy and fun weekend. 

What fun did you take part in this weekend?


Kenya G said...

It was fun thank you for inviting us.

prenni5 said...

What an awesome weekend--jealous! I LOVE naps too, whenever I can get them! Audrey looks beautiful. Love Wayne's World and haven't seen it in years. Will have to share with my boys too. xo


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